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Friday, January 7, 2011

Where the HELL are my bombs?!!!


Ever since my main Bloodshrike on Demon Soul started out, I have been in love with engineering. I dabbled a little bit with mining, skinning, herbalism as secondary professions to his Alchemy, but once I realized the true power of engineering, I made almost every toon after that have Engineering as one of their professions.

Engineering does 2 things.
One, it gives you limited access to abilities other professions have, if only for a limited amount of time, with a cooldown.
Two, it gives you explosives! I had been seduced to WoW from Diablo 2, where I had developed a build for characters to give any class Zeal, which was a multi-hit or AOE (crap, I can't even remember what AOE stands for anymore, whatevers, it hits any monster standing close to you) build.
I figured out that bombs would shave off at least 10% of a monsters hit points in one blast, more if you powerleveled engineering to the max whenever you hit the level caps to advance the profession.

Of course I'm not going to rage-quit over this, but it does seem like they neglected a major portion of both specialities of engineering. Goblin engineering is about bombs, they go boom! Gnomish engineering is about trinkets, they go snap-fizzle-zap-aaaaargh aaargh it burns!

Basically, we got a modified mote extractor in the Electrostatic Condenser, but it only works for gatherer/engineers, not just any engineer.

The Dragonling is a generic trinket that any class can use since it adds mastery, and the combat pet bonus aspect of it is pretty nice.

The Bolt Gun is a useful interupt and damage dealer, but it's single target only and requires 1 Handful of Obsidium Bolts each time it's fired.

The belt upgrades are awesome,you might want to put them on different belts to keep in your inventory. Target Dummy, Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, and the Gnomish Cloaking Device.

The glove enchants are ehhhh, again being ideas from Wrath. Armor, Runic Healing Injector, Runic Mana Injector, moar Intellect/spellpower, and a combo of the Gnomish Lightning Generator Trinket/Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket in the Tazik Shocker. I'm not much of a fan of tying up a glove enchant on an average of 50% more healing/mana from potions though.

The Loot-a-rang is awesome, being an original idea that could definitely be useful if you kill an enemy that's fleeing, or on a hillside. I love the fun items in engineering.

Bigger Bags - Toolbox and Tacklebox. Really? There's people out there that go fishing enough to warrant needing a 36 slot bag for it? I just hate being forced to make 3-4 of these to level up engineering, because all other engineers have to make 3-4 of these as well, making them useless to sell on the AH. I only usually need 1 engineering bag with me, and maybe 1 in the bank to use for extra mats or bombs.

Scopes - Hit rating and Haste. Heh, just glanced at the Safety Catch buyout price in Wowhead, which said it was about 2 gold. That's 100 gold or so worth of mats that you're just giving away. I hate being MADE to make stuff that I'll never use. I probably won't be able to use all the scopes I've made on my hunter, not to mention my Rogue/Warrior/Paladin/Death Knight that soon will be maxing engineering as well. Granted, I should probably be just selling the mats right now, and wait until prices come down before maxing professions, I'm just kinda bitter that you're forced into making extra stuff for no benefit. Remember the Gnomish Army Knife? An awesome item that should have sold well, but made worthless by making it the most economical way of skilling up engineering.

Guns and Crossbows - Throat Needler and Volatile Thunderstick. Sell them at a loss, yay!

Pets - Actually, I might take back what I said about the toolboxes and guns. If you make sure to visit your appropriate specialization trainer at 475, the 2 new pets might actually give you a profit (it looks like they stop giving skillups by 500 though). From Gnomish trainers - the mechanical rabbit. From Goblin trainers - the Fel REAVER!!

Food and lures - Even though Kaliopes guide says to do the lures from 510-521, I'm looking at the guild achievement of putting out 5,000 feasts or whatever, and thinking that the BBQ might be a better option.

edit - Oh yeah, remembered later that AOE means Area of Effect.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My love affair with Engineering - Part 4


Level 65-80 (376-450 engineering)
Bombs - Saronite Bombs, 'nuff said. You could use explosive rabbits, but you need to have the EMP device on your belt to set them off. Portable Nuke for Goblin engineers, but you'll want to use a shield spell/item with it to offset the damage. It does have the highest bomb damage in the game, though.

Goggles - You will want to make the Mechanized Snow Goggles at 65, which will automatically make the armor type you can wear (Cloth,leather,mail,plate). Enchant them with the 45 stamina Mind Control enchant, and replace them at 72 with your class type epic goggles, which are ilvl 200. These will last you until 80, and even will be useful until you've gotten all your other armor up to the 226-232 level.

Flying Mount - At level 70, you can build your own epic flying mount, but you have to go back to Shadowmoon Valley to learn the recipe.

Trinkets - Noise Machine and Sonic Booster can be very useful for a level 65 tank, as well as any other class. I've been playing around with having my paladin use 1 of each while going thru BC dungeons, and they seem to work out well. I'm not sure if I'd want to use the Noise Machine on a Warrior Tank, since it might interfere with rage generation. There's the Gnomish Lightning Generator trinket, and if you make 2, the crit will stack, but you can't activate them individually. Also, I've found that if you only equip 1, and have the other in your bank/bags, you can't fire the equipped one with a macro. Either make only 1, or never use them seperately.
BTW, Gnomes can equip any of the 3 trinkets at level 50, since they have a +15 racial engineering bonus, they can get up to 390 engineering.
Have a level 420+ engineer make 2 Noise Machines for your level 50 mage, equip your Xtreme Lite boots with Greater Fortitude, your belt, and your goggles of choice, and you'd have at least 173 spellpower and a buttload of stamina and other bonuses.

Self Portal - Wormhole Generator: Northrend is awesome. Not only is using the flight taxi expensive in Northrend, it takes forever to get from Dalaran to Borean Tundra to do the fishing daily there. Not with this, you drop from the sky right into the lake, and are easily able to complete the quest within minutes of accepting it.

Cloak Enchants - Melee and caster varieties, you probably won't even think of getting another enchant for your cloaks.

Glove enchants - Haste, armor, or long range attack to finish off a fleeing foe, your pick.

Do-it-yourself Rocket Boots - Nitro Boosts 24 critical strike rating and blazing speed, hell yes!

Mailbox on demand - MOLL-E If you ever think of going for the Insane in the Membrane achievement, you would kick yourself for not having engineering to be able to turn in multiple librams to the Shen'dralar. Also useful for mailing off stuff to an auction house alt when your bags get too full while farming.

Robot Butler - Jeeves is really nice while in a dungeon to sell your trash too on your 20th run thru Stratholme for the Baron's mount. Or, your tank threw a drama fit and left during a heroic? Pull out your tanking equipment from the bank, and show the rest of the PUG what you can do.

Resurrection - And so much more! The Army Knife is everything you need for your tradeskills, plus you can rez your healer if you survived a wipe.

Land Mount - It's a motorcycle, and it always makes you feel like you're going fast, especially when it shifts into second. C'mon!

I'm not going to discuss ammo, scopes, or ranged weapons, since they don't have very much of a profit margin now, and ammo will be going away with Cataclysm.

I hope that some will be inspired to look more closely at engineering, and not just at the few enchants, port, butler, mailbox, and mounts that are useful at level 80.

My love affair with Engineering - Part 3


Level 50-64 items of note. (level 300-375 engineering)

Bombs such as Fel Iron Bomb, Adamantite Grenade, and Cobalt Frag Bomb (which is made at 350 engineering, and already is a WOTLK recipe) will be made while leveling up, but once you've burned through those, and are heading into Outlands, you'll want Saronite Bombs. The Box of Bombs recipe is learned at 405 engineering, but you only need 350 engineering to use them! Look for them in the AH, and buy them when they're a good price, or pay a max level engineer to make some for you.

Goggles are also back in fashion. Now, you could go with Cogspinner Goggles, and hope you get some good stats on the helm. Or you could go for Power Amplification Goggles, which are decent for casters, with no hoping and praying needed. You could wait for level 62 to make and use your class specific helm, but you'll probably be replacing that at level 65 with your cloth/leather/mail/plate version of the Snow Goggles, which usually have pretty nice stats on their random enchants. It's pretty much of a waste of Khorium Bars to make the BC class goggles now, so I don't recommend it. What I DO recommend is the Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles, which, while cloth, have a mix of stats that will appeal to any class. Either do the Libram of Constitution quest for more health, or have a level 60 add a Heavy Knothide Armor Kit to your BOE goggles before you equip them. Hint, go for the heavy knothide!! The 10 stamina will multiply with Blessing of Kings, but 100 health won't.

Goblin Engineers will want at least 1 Rocket Launcher, 2 if they're tanks.
Gnomish Engineers would want the Poultryizer, 2 if they're tanks.

Self Portals - Area 52 Ripper for Goblins, Toshley's Teleporter for Gnomish.

Paladin/Warrior Tanks - When you step in Outland dungeons, a Force Reactive Disk on your arm can help you make sure that you stay on top of the threat list, even despite those newly minted DK's doing their best to wipe the run.
Mount - At level 60, you can learn and make your Flying Machine, one of the few profession created flying mounts.

Money Maker - Are you tired of constantly dumping gold into the engineering profession, with nothing to show for it other than being overpowered at your level? The Mote Extractor will start filling your pockets with gold once you hit Zangarmarsh and go thru the quest to learn it. Especially useful in Nagrand for the Windy Clouds, which drop Motes of Air, since Primal Air is usually the most expensive Primal. It continues being useful in Northrend too, with plenty of clouds in Sholozar, Wintergrasp, and other areas to give you free Crystallized elements.

Bubble Belt - Finally, an upgrade for your Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt. The Nigh Invulnerabilty Belt can be equipped at level 50, yet its ilevel is high enough that you could socket it with a belt buckle at level 70.

Xtremely Overpowered Boots - The Xtreme boots for melee toons, and the Xtreme Lite boots for casters. These are yet another engineering item that can accept enchants of a higher level, which would be WOTLK enchants like Icewalker and Greater Fortitude. I know for a fact that they'll take those 2, and they'll probably take Tuskarr's and Greater Assault.

My love affair with Engineering - Part 2


On to the level 35-49 range! (level 225-300 engineering)

Even more powerful bombs are available, though I only list the ones I usually use, since the others are to costly for my tastes. Dense Dynamite at level 250, and Fel Iron Bomb at 300. I never actually make Fel Iron bombs at this level though, since I hate not getting skill points. I usually just shuffle them from my level 50+ toons, since they make them to advance their engineering at that level.
Not much in the goggle department in this range, since you'll have started to get stats on your helm drops by now.
More class borrowing though.

Resurrection - Goblin Jumper Cables XL have a much higher chance of working. /yell "Live, dammit!" when you're gonna shock someone.

Underwater Breathing - Don't have a shaman/warlock with you? Don't feel like stocking breathing potions from an alchemist? Just pop on your Deepdive Helmet when you're running low on air, then switch back.

More Attack Pets - The chicken, walking bomb, and two dragonlings become available in this range, though you'll have to be level 40 and 50 for the dragonlings, goblin engineer for the bomb, and a gnomish engineer for the chicken. Also, unlike before, they've been severely nerfed. They used to scale in level with your engineering level, meaning that you could have a guardian pet that was a lot higher in level then you were. Plus, if you are a dedicated engineer, at level 50 you'll be crafting Burning Crusade trinkets, making the Arcanite Dragonling unnecessary.

Mind Control - Mind Control, not just for priests! Tricky to use though, the one time I tried it I couldn't get out of combat, and kept getting swarmed by mobs.

Death Ray - The signature attack of the new Cataclysm hero class, the Combat Engineer! Seriously though, if you use this during the 35-49 range, it will help a lot. You really need to couple it with the bubble belt/paladin bubble/Mana shield/Void Walker Sacrifice/Power Word: Shield to get the most use out of it though, since it will hurt you severely while charging otherwise. This is one of the reasons that all of my engineers go Gnomish except paladins, and even they go gnomish first to get this and the chicken, then go Goblin after. And this was when you had to drop engineering to switch specializations too. And go uphill to school, in the snow, both ways......

Self Portals - Before the portal in Dalaran was available to drop you in front of the Caverns of Time, you had a long flight from TB or Org to get to Tanaris, and an even longer one from Darnassus. The Gnomish Gadgetzan teleporter and the Goblin Everlook Ripper give level 260 engineers a time saving device that they can use every 4 hours. Just remember, keep fire extinguishers and healing spells handy when going to Winterspring, and keep your parachute on when going to Tanaris. Accidents can and will happen. Also, be prepared to /yell "You no take candle!!!" when tranformed into a kobold in the teleport chamber.

Other fun gadgets - High Powered Flashlight, Goblin Rocket Helmet, and the Gnomish World Enlarger.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My love affair with Engineering - Part 1


Ever since my warlock Bonescourge on Demon Soul picked up engineering, I have been in love with that profession. Why, do you ask?

The sheer versatility it grants you, of course! Let's face it, the other professions have a rising curve of items that you can use, so it's better to leave off leveling them until you are at the level of the items that you can equip.

In contrast, there's actually a decline on how useful engineering can be to a toon, which starts at each level cap that you can advance the profession. Level 5,10,20,35,50, each of these levels, you want to max out the profession in order to make the most use of the items you can get.

I'm not going to discuss the level 5-10 gap, since you probably wouldn't even visit a capitol city yet. However, at level 10, you can powerlevel engineering up to 150 which gives you access to three different goggles, the stats of which would normally not be gotten until the late 20's. You also have a limited time portable tank in the target dummy, which does what a tank is supposed to do, by attracting monsters and allowing you to dps without the mobs beating on you. You also have some AOE bombs, which probably do a lot more damage then you would be able to crank out at that level.

Moving on to level 20-34 (level 150-225 engineering). A few more goggles become available at this cap, though I've never made the Craftman's Monocle. Melee toons go with the Bright-Eye Goggles, casters go with Spellpower.

More AOE bombs, with Solid Dynamite and Goblin Land Mine being the top contenders.
And now, we start really getting into borrowing from other classes spells, with major cooldowns.

Resurrection - Goblin Jumper Cables

Combat pets (like hunter and warlock pets) - Reaper and Dragonling. Unfortunately, the Reaper does kinda suck, but every little bit of damage helps, and you can get most of the mats back when he self-destructs.

Vanish - Gnomish Cloaking Device. I've used this on my level 20 paladin to get past the elites in Winterspring Gorge, to get to the demon vendor who sells gromsblood and felcloth.

Paladin Bubble - If you've gotten a toon to level 30 and picked Gnomish Engineering, you could make the bubble belt for any class that can at least wear leather. Going up against an elite or doing some PvP? Extend your life by popping this when you get low on health.

Druid Root - Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector could be useful by rooting 1 elite in place while you beat on the other one. Again, have a Gnomish Engineer make it for you.

Dash/Sprint - 2 boots, the Gnomish and Goblin Rocket Boots. I highly advise using the Gnomish ones, since the Goblin ones can explode permanently.

Perception (human racial talent) - Keep getting ganked by an annoying rogue or druid? Catseye Goggles will boost your ability to see stealthed toons, cutting their advantage decisively. The only problem is the lack of stats on the goggles, meaning that you'll be killed at least once before you think to put them on.

Slow Fall/Levitate - Parachute Cloak is a must for any non mage/priest engineer. Since it's ilvl 45, it will accept the +12 agility to cloak enchant, unlike any other cloak under level 35. With 20 agility on my cloak, I usually end up keeping this equipped until level 65, when you can max out engineering to 450, and get the tinkering parachute enchant. For casters, you can just put +50 armor on it, and that's fine too.
This is the first item that is able to take higher level enchants, but it's certainly not the last.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bringing the Lightning, bringing the Pain


Patch 3.2 hit today, while I'm at work....cough cough. Hmmm, maybe I should go home? :)

Well, since I can't talk about the new patch yet, I'll talk about powerleveling engineering. Being a gnome rox for engineering, recipes give skillups longer, and your crafting max limit is +15 of the normal cap, allowing you a taste of the level above you.

I made 9 Arcanite Dragonlings while skilling up, as Clockwrkmage was the first toon on Daggerspine to hit 50, and able to advance engineering past 300. I never make an item without getting a skillpoint for it, if I can help it, and this recipe got me from 330ish to about 340 (I think).

Remember that warrior that attacked me in Felwood? I think he had around 2500 health, way over my 1900 health. Well, I'd do a heck of a lot better in a fight against him now, being able to have my Stamina Trinket, 4K bubble shield, and my new stamina/crit/SP goggles. From 1900 HP to 3k HP, in three easy steps!!!! (and a few hundred hard steps, and a few K gold, but who's counting?)

I could have made this for my goggles, but I don't care about the spirit that much, and I had already made my goggles of choice for right now.

Oooh, I wants! Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite. And, requiring 420 engineering to make, but only 390 to use......Noise Machine. 375 engineering + 15 racial max skill cap = 390 engineering. Gnomes get the coolest toys.

Well, since I don't have my two favorite burst damage items (Gnomish Lightning Generator and Hand-Pyro Mounted Pyro Rockets, I shall have to make do with an old favorite of mine. Gnomish Death Ray. One of the main reasons I took up engineering, and my favorite trinket for any newly minted level 35ish alt. Cloth wearers don't get to use the Harm Prevention belt, but they can use the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt.

However, if you open up the comments on the Death Ray, the consensus is that you actually DO want to take damage while charging it. I usually would use the Harm Prevention Belt to absorb the damage, but I noticed I wasn't getting more than 900 damage or so when doing so, so I had stopped using the Death Ray. I think my new strategy will be to use the Death Ray, THEN pop the Nigh-Invulnerability belt to deal with the incoming damage from the mob/player I'm fighting.

Monday, June 8, 2009

How are you doing?


I finally, finally got around to leveling Bloodshrike on Demon Soul from 445-450 engineering. I was dreading it, because my chief method of skilling up was making Heartseeker Scopes, as I had this crazy idea of, y'know, actually making SOME gold while leveling a profession. But, when I was buying Twilight Opals at 20 gold each, and the recipe takes 2, plus 10 Saronite bars, and other people were posting them at 34 gold buyout......I said screw it, and started making more Gnomish Army Knives.

Granted, I'm a big fan of the Army knife. Almost all of my toons have one, except for my first mage, who's a Tailor/Enchanter. But Engineering forces you to almost oversaturate the market with just one person skilling up engineering up to 450. You learn the recipe for the Knives at 435, and even though I tried skilling up with the Heartseeker recipe to 445, I still ended up with at least 15 knives for one of my bank toons to sell off.

When I finally hit 450, and went back into the engineering shop in Dalaran to learn the 2 gun recipes, the engineering supplies vendor had the nerve to ask "How are you doing?" I'm freakin' pissed, that's how I'm doing!

If it required me to make a consumable to level engineering, I wouldn't care. A 20-stack Big Box O' Titanium-cored Titan bombs would be awesome, dealing 2500-3000 each bomb. Make the mats 1 Titansteel bar and 5 Saronite bars, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Instead, the highest level regular bomb you get is:
Saronite Bomb
Requires Engineering (350)
1150 to 1500 Fire damage to targets in a 5 yard radius. This explosive is powerful enough to cause moderate siege damage

It's sad when Target Dummies exceed bombs in damage.....
Explosive Decoy
Requires Engineering (350)
Use: Summons a decoy that explodes when attacked, shredding enemies for 1440 to 2160 Physical damage. Lasts for 3 min or until it explodes. (2 Min Cooldown)

And, yes, there is one more bomb, available for Goblin Engineers to make AND use. But, my only Goblin engineers are Paladins, as you might have picked up.

Global Thermal Sapper Charge
Requires Engineering (400)
Requires Goblin Engineer
Use: Explodes when triggered, dealing 2188 to 2812 Fire damage to all enemies nearby and 2188 to 2812 damage to you. Also causes major siege damage. (5 Min Cooldown)

I haven't tested it yet, but this will probably be negated by the Nigh-invulnerability Belt, so Pally's wouldn't have to expend a bubble or a Blessing of Protection to soak up the damage.

I'll test it when I have my DK pick up engineering and go Goblin, since Pallor is 61, and Clockworknyt is only level 44.

Or perhaps they could make depleted-uranium Titansteel Bullets or Arrows..... but as of right now, it's not worth leveling to 450 for any of my other engineers. Level to 440 for the BOP helm, then stop. The 2 guns and the motorcycle can be bought off any other engineer, since they're BOE.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm counting my rocks.....

Chris Rock -
No one cares when you get outta school-
"I just got outta school! Got my masters!"
"So what- dont come around here with all that readin and shit- see I can count too 1,2,4,9 So- what! You be countin these rcks byotch!"
"but I got my masters!"
"So what you my master now???"


Whew, Mastery of professions is expensive! I finally got around to leveling Bloodshrike on Demon Soul in his professions, since he’s 55. Alchemy probably took 200 gold to powerlevel, and it would have been higher, but I had a ton of herbs saved up from Morticide camping the Darkmoon Faire for herbs and motes. I haven’t picked Potion or Transmute as a specialty yet, and I haven’t researched where/when to do that. You probably have to be level 60 or something, but I’m an impatient little sod, and want to powerlevel professions as soon as I can.

Bloodshrike’s Engineering is probably around 330 right now. I’m torn between making Arcanite Dragonlings, since I had Bloodshrike learn it, and it turned yellow at around 320 engineering, or making Health Potion Injectors, since he made a ton of Super Health Potions while leveling up Alchemy. Or, I could make Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robots, since I learned that at 325, and those should sell for a good price. Aaaaugh, too many choices!
Arcanite Dragonlings are super expensive to make. 1 Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, 8 Delicate Arcanite transformers, 6 Thorium Widgets, 10 Enchanted Thorium Bars, 6 Enchanted Leather….. I could probably sell one for 500-600 gold, and come out about even on mats. Since I’m making 9 of them for my toons, it’s cost efficient for me to make them first, and worry about selling them later. If I do sell enough of them, it won’t be a problem to come back and make more of them for myself.

Tsuris is now level 34 1/2, waiting for me to come back and finally get him to level 35, and be able to finally powerlevel my first toon past 225 leatherworking. I think I’ll probably go Dragonscale LW, since he’s Enhancement spec, and I like doing DPS rather than healing.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


Since the Feast of Winter Veil began, it’s given me the kick in the butt needed to level up some of my toons, so I could do the “You’re a mean one, Mr. Greench” and “Save Metzen the Reindeer” quests before the event ends. On Daggerspine, I leveled up a bunch of my toons by doing the Greench quest in Alterac mountains, along with all the other quests from Southshore. Ryo went from 37 to 39, Gwidd got to 39 as well, Aos got to 43, Kishi got to 44, and Panzer finally dinged 40 (woot, plate mail time!).

Hangfire is level 35 though, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can take down the Greench. But, with a Mechanical Dragonling and Shrink Ray to help, along with a Big One bomb and a Target Dummy, not to mention the Lifebloom buff from Herbalism, I think he’ll be able to get it done.

I’m doing the same thing on Demon Soul too, having my toons get all the quests from Tarren Mill before heading up to Alterac. For most of the toons that can do the quests, they’re level 40+ already, so it’s not that hard for them, but the Metzen quest might be a bit tough, since he’s surrounded by level 40 something pirates, and they keep on adding to the fight, since they run and get help. Granted, this was my experience with my level 55 hunter, and I wasn’t really worried about pulling in singles, I just wanted to nuke everything as fast as possible.

Oooh, oooooh! Tsuris finally hit level 30 last night. For some reason, my Shaman/leatherworkers, Druid/herbalists, and Priests don’t get a lot of play from me. I’ve never gotten a leatherworker above 225, because all 3 of them are still in their 20’s. Well, until last night. I decided to clear out some of Tsuris’s quests, one thing led to another, I laid a trail of slaughter all the way through Duskwood….y’know, the usual. I was doing the Wolves on our Heels/8-legged Menaces/Lean wolf flank quests in the northwest part of Duskwood, and I got bored waiting for the meat to drop, so I was starting to see how many wolves I could collect before AOE’ing them with Solid Dynamite, then cutting them down with my shiny axe buffed with Windfury. Granted, those were only level 20ish wolves, and I’m level 30, but enough low level enemies can still hurt.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I took engineering to its low level limits. At level 29, I picked up the quest to kill 12 Darkrunner Worgen. There’s a group of them directly west of Darkshire, near the mountain in the middle of Duskwood. I had been picking off a few Darkrunners here and there, but when I saw the village, I decided to do a full-on attack, and wipe it all out. I buffed up with a scroll of stamina, cooking for +8 stamina and spirit, got my electrical orbs spinning, and used my Mechanical Dragonling as I was running to attack. I quickly swapped it out for the Cloaking Device, since I hadn’t entered combat yet, and wanted the option to bug out if it looked like I was going to lose. I jumped into the village, tossed down a Stoneskin totem, started swinging at the nearest Worgen, and quickly let off a Big One bomb (400-500 damage). Following that, I threw down a Target dummy, to hopefully distract them for a second or two. At level 10, they’d keep hitting the Target dummy until it blew up, but at level 25+, you put out too much aggro, and the monsters see you as more of a threat than some paper figurine waving back and forth. It was a bit iffy for a second, but I got through through the fight with some judicious use of my Flame Shock spell and Magma? totem for additional damage, not too mention my dragonling chewing on them from the side. After the fight is done, I’m at 10% health, but still alive, and he runs off and starts attacking another Worgen! I used a Mageweave bandage, and went to help the dragonling, since I knew he’d be despawning soon anyway. But hey, at least he bought me some time to bandage…..which I would have had anyway, if he wasn’t such a bloodthirsty little beast…..ehh, whaddya gonna do.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd like an 11th character slot


Well, I haven’t done anything with Bloodshrike on Demon Soul, mainly because I know he’ll be doing green quests, and not getting much xp for them. I’m also hoping against hope that they’ll open up an 11th slot for Death Knights, not out of any affection for Sansetsukon, but I do really like my twinks Doomslinger (Daggerspine) and Annihilus (Darrowmere). It would be nice to have a Death Knight on those servers as well, but it’s taken a long time to get where I am, so I don’t really want to give any of the toons up……..well, maybe my priests could be axed, but nobody else, really.

I’m much more of the “Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!” type of player, rather than doing the healing thing.

Speaking of Doomslinger, I took her out for a BG over the weekend. Only 1 BG, but apparently the Horde were honor farming, as they took a while to finally get the last flag. I racked up 49 kills in that game, coming in 3rd, and that was because I played defense most of the time. I would occasionally foray out onto the middle, burn down a few Hordies, and make a run for the flag, before getting hit from all sides and taken down.

I realized that I might have made a better showing if I actually had weapon skill in 2-handed axes, as I had about 5/95 when I went into the BG. I also got +9 stamina to bracers from Clock, and changed out a few pieces of equipment, so hopefully I’ll be even tougher next time.

Gwiddonyn is now level 34 1/2, just aching to get to 35 to powerlevel Alchemy and Engineering. Once I get to 275 Alchemy, she’ll have about 160 Arcanite Transmutes to do, so I think that’ll bring her up to 300 easily. Since she’s a Gnome, and has the passive +15 to engineering, I think I’ll have her do Mithril Mechanical Dragonlings from 250 onwards, to build up a stockpile for when I start making Arcanite Dragonlings. Now I just need to get a toon to 50 on Daggerspine....

Engineering: The great Equalizer


I have 2 stories, both similar in type. I was taking Bonescourge my level 41 Undead Warlock over to Arathi Highlands to finish up some quests there, and to help a friend do some quests as well. As I’m waiting for the zeppelin by Orgrimmar, a level 52 Orc hunter challenges me to a duel, because he was “board.” I offered some nails, and he laughed. After some consideration, I accepted the challenge. The countdown ended, and I immediately hit my /petattack /shadowbolt macro, followed up by Corruption and my other DOT spell. After a few seconds, he calls his pet BACK to help him out, since my Voidwalker is evidently doing more damage than he expected. I really wasn’t taking the duel seriously, or else I would have pulled out one of my dragonlings or my chicken. I didn’t think I’d win. Well, I didn’t, and that was my fault. At the end, he had about 5% health left, and had started concentrating fire on me, with his pet attacking me. I started casting a Fel Iron Bomb, but it was too late. But hey! Level 41 against a level 52, not too bad!

My friend Francois was helping his wife Darla level in Hillsbrad last night, and has a story with a better end. He’s a level 46 Troll hunter, and she’s a level 28 BE rogue. They were running around doing quests, and occasionally getting nuked by bored 70’s with nothing better to do. Not much you can do, just do a /bored or /violin at them while they’re attacking you, so they don’t get the satisfaction of watching you run.

Anyway, they were running along the south side of the main road in Hillsbrad, when they see a level 52 druid checking them out. They stop, /wave, and see what he’s going to do. He waits a bit, and then starts casting Wrath. Francois really didn’t want to get into it, so he decides to take the hit and see if the guy will quit. It hits him, the guy gets another one off, and Francois said “Enough.” He tells his pet to attack, Humar takes off out of Prowl, and starts hitting the druid. Francois starts running towards the druid, firing as he runs, and between his shots and his pet, they get the druid down to about 2/3’s health, same as Francois. When he gets near enough, he hits his Mithril Mechanical Dragonling. The druid sees it, and freakin’ bolts for Southshore. Too late! A couple of hits from Humar and the dragonling, and the druid is toast. Chalk one up to Engineering!

Heh, I just thought of a great macro to use.
/Cast Arcanite Dragonling
/Cast Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
/Cast Mechanical Dragonling
/call pet
/cast Crimson Whelpling (or whatever non-attack pet whelpling you have, maybe even a dragonhawk from the Ghostlands)

So from an opponent’s point of view, he sees a hunter run up on him, and suddenly he’s faced with 3 dragons AND a hunter. Granted, the non-attack pet won’t do anything, but from an intimidation standpoint, that would be quite scary to see all of them surrounding the hunter. You’d have to have a Windserpent, and as a Horde hunter, you’d want Arikara, since he’s the only pet in the game to appear in a puff of smoke and explosive noise. The rundown of the engineering dragonlings would make sure that it would switch to your highest available Dragonling, which you should have equipped anyway. If not, it would equip it if you were out of combat, and then you’d have to wait 30 seconds for the cooldown, which would spoil the effect somewhat.

On a closing note, I bought a Phantom Blade for Clockworknyt on Demon Soul for 100g. Why did I buy it, when I have Bullkathos, who’s level 300 Blacksmithing? It would cost me more for the mats, with the high prices of Breath of Wind and gems on that server. Anyway, I’m finally starting to get into doing high level enchanting recipes with Banesidhe, since he has Crusader, Lifesteal, Fiery, Icy Chill, Unholy….might as well start using them, now that the money is rolling in from the Lifelike Mechanical Toads that Bonescourge makes, and the minor Inscriptions that ….Bonescourge inscribes. Hmmm, didn’t think about it, but he’s jumped up from about 200 gold, to about 1800 gold in just about a week or so. I had a 500 gold day yesterday, as in opened my mailbox, walked away, and came back to being 500 gold richer. Pretty sweet for level 42.

But I digress. I decided to get the Phantom Blade, and put Lifesteal on it for Clockworknyt, my BE paladin. I had started leveling my new BE paladin on Darrowmere, and was astonished at how well the Seals and Judgement system worked. I figure, with the health from the Judgement of Life, PLUS Lifesteal, I’ll be pretty hard to beat in encounters with Allies on Demon Soul. I also like the bonuses on the weapon Phantom Blade, as it gives a Sunder like ability, as well as stealth prevention when you’re fighting rogues. The violet glow that Lifesteal gives the sword is nice, but I prefer my crossed Fiery and Icy Phantom Blades that Bullkathos wears on his back.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lifelike Mechanical Toad = $$$$$$$$


Wanna make some gold? Powerlevel engineering to 265, and get the Lifelike Mechanical Toad recipe. I had been bidding on Thorium widgets for a while now, picking them up when I could get 10 for 3.3 gold, and now there’s a definite use for them. They may have some use for level 300+ recipes, but the Toad recipe uses 4 at a time, making me very glad that I saved up a ton of them. I was able to powerlevel engineering on both Hangfire (NE druid on Daggerspine) and Bonescourge (Undead warlock on Demonsoul) by using that recipe, and it will bring me a ton of gold in return. Since the recipe has such a low drop, it’s pretty easy to get control of the market.

Oh yeah, I also got Hangfire to level 35 last weekend, and this weekend I got Bonescourge to 35, and for some reason I kept going to 40. I had a lot of warlock quests that were mainly “go here, get a few of these items,” and since Bone is my first warlock, I was curious as to what abilities would be unlocked. Doing the prerequisites for those quests in Desolace, I was able to take out Lord Azzeroc for the Corrupter quest line at level 37, and he was a level 40 Elite. I used my Mechanical Dragonling and Death Ray on him, which in retrospect might have been a bad idea. The Death Ray can hurt you pretty badly, so unless you have some way of negating that damage (bubble shield, Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, Mage shield, Power Word: Shield, or sacrificing your Void walker), it’s not wise to give up a lot of health, especially for a clothie. I suppose I could have let the dragonling start hitting him, sacrificed the VW, hit him with the Death Ray, used my summoning cooldown to summon the VW faster with 50% less mana loss, and had the VW keep tanking.

It’s funny, I still haven’t gotten my Felpuppy (Felhound), but I already defeated the Fel Hunter by Tabetha’s hut in Dustwallow Marsh.
I still haven’t gotten all the way up to Hillsbrad for the Moldy Tome, and then I’ll continue to Arathi for the fire elemental part of the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe questline (though it’ll probably be useless to me when I get it). Oh well, live and learn. I’m getting used to balancing my health and mana with Life Tap, which is great because Warlocks are mana hungry all the time. Even if I use Life Tap and then a couple of Drain Life’s on the target, I’ll still be lower in health than mana. Oh well, that’s what I have bandages for.

I have gotten more enthused about the patch though, now that I’ve gotten more playtime with it. I love Inscription, with the minor Glyphs, it allows a lot of the recipes to not need reagents anymore. It also freakin’ rules because of the weapon and armor vellums, which allow a powerleveling enchanter to store all their enchants for later use, or to put on the AH. I hated trying to find customers for my enchants, so I’d either waste them (early on), or put them on items for my toons to wear later, which took up a lot of bag space.

With Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine, since she recently got up to level 35 (40 now), she was able to unlock Enchanting from 225-300. I had gotten it up to 265, so I could learn the Fiery Weapon recipe, and I was planning on being a whore by advertising the enchant free with the customers mats, or even providing the Essence of Fire as an inducement. Now, I don’t have to. I am currently around 290 Enchanting, just waiting for items to DE for Illusion dust, so I can get the rest of the way to 300 with the 100 health to chest enchant, which will be put on Armor Vellums so any toon can use them if needed.

Put on your chute BEFORE jumping off Thunder Bluff, not the reverse


Zed: Edwards. Let's put it on.
Edwards: Put what on?
Zed: The last suit you'll ever wear.

The above is a nod to BRK, who always has a funny image relating to his post.
Gimmershred AND Ghostflame were both leveled to 20 this weekend, with Ghostflame coming from level 15, meaning that I had to *gasp* level without well-rested XP! I hate grinding levels, but I needed to get her up to level 20, so I could unlock 150-225 Alchemy. BTW, that was fun. Once I got back to TB, and unlocked the next level of alchemy, it only took 3 recipes to get me to 225. I made 40 Elixir of Defense for Gavelofpain, so he could make Toughened Leather Gloves with them. Then I made 40 Greater Healing Potions, and ended with 40 Mighty Troll’s Blood Potions. Easiest powerlevel of a profession I ever performed.

Gimmershred finally got to 20, which means he could equip his Parachute Cloak with +12 Agility enchanted on it, giving him 20 Agility in total. The last Cloak any melee class or hunter will need for at least the next 20 levels, which is a rare thing. Usually I upgrade my equipment every 2-4 levels, but I leave that one alone, since it’s so useful to leave it on, and not have to equip it and wait for the cooldown. The total of 20 Agility is just a bonus. HOW is it useful? Any zone you’re in, you’re going to have hills and/or mountains, and this allows you to jump down them without taking damage. I love jumping down from Ethel Rethor in Desolace (by the Argent Dawn quest giver) by going up the hill from him, and jumping towards the pickup quest on the shoreline. It’s also very useful for jumping off of Thunder bluff towards the Darkmoon Faire, or jumping down from the flight point to the bank.

Clockwrkmage needs a mount


Well, over the weekend I brought most of the stuff I’ve been getting on Ally side over to Horde side for Demon Soul and Darrowmere. The friend that has been helping me on the opposite faction got fired from my company, so I don’t know how long he’s going to keep paying for WOW. You know you have too much stuff when you have your OWN guild bank, with 3 tabs, most of your 10 toons have all their bank bag slots purchased, and you STILL have a problem with having too many items. I have probably about 300+ Essence of Air on each of my toons, mainly because it was pretty cheap to bid/buy. I think it’s used in high level blacksmithing recipes, but I’ve got way too many of them. I just made 5 Goblin Jumper Cables XL with Kishigishi, and that barely used up any of the mats I have on her. I need to stop buying, and need to start questing.

So, in that light, I did. Granted, I still took some time to log into the toons camping the Darkmoon Faire on each of my servers, but I concentrated on Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine last night, and got her from 28 to level 30. I was spurred on to do that because I tried to kill Mor’Ladim by Raven Hill, and just barely lost. I led off with Frost Bolt, immediately followed by Fire Ball, and then the instant cast fire blast. After that, I used a Big One, followed up with a fire blast, then frost nova and arcane missiles. I tried tossing up a Target Dummy and bandaging myself while he was distracted, but that healing overrode what little aggro the dummy was putting out, and he turned back to me. I was able to get off a second Big One, hoping it would finish him off, but no such luck. I had no health left, and he had no health, but he was able to get off one last attack, and that was enough to finish me off, and waste all the bombs I put into the fight. I hate being defeated, so I continued on to finish off my other quests, vowing to come back at level 30, when I would have a Mechanical Dragonling to help me out on my fights.

Also, I gotta go back and take care of Gahz’rogg and Blaze in Redridge Mountains. The main quests I did to get from 28 to 30 were the Legend of Stalvan, Worgen in the woods, and the Embalmer quest lines. While killing skeletons for the Night Watch quest line, I ran across Mor’Ladim, and got kilt. I finished my quests, did some of my turn-ins, went to Stormwind for the Defias Docket questline, and hit level 30. It’s mount time!!!!!!............well, kinda. Surprisingly, for an engineering freak, I’m not a fan of the Mechanostrider. I find it too noisy for my tastes. However, I’m already at Revered with Stormwind, so maybe Clock will find herself a nice horse to ride in the near future.

The Third Auctioneer

Wow, I wasted a bunch of time yesterday. I had added the name of the toon that jacked my stuff to my Ally alt, so I could track if he was still camping the neutral AH in Booty Bay. Well, Jijucali, a level 6 Night Elf Priest, was still online and in Booty Bay when I logged on. I didn’t feel like losing anymore items, so I figured I’d ask Francois to take his level 37 troll Hunter over there, and see if he could bring some “pointed” arguments to leave my stuff alone. He gets over there, and /targets Jiju. According to the “See target of target” UI, he was targeting some auctioneer I had never heard of. I was used to Auctioneer O’Reely by the mailbox/bank/Gbank, and Auctioneer Graves over by the Engineering supplies vendor, but I wasn’t aware there was a 3rd one. Well, there is! As you go down the ramp towards Old Man Heming (fishing supplies vendor), turn left, and go into the building. There’s an auctioneer, with about 3 Booty Bay guards surrounding him. Jijucali was /sleeping behind him, in a little hollow created by a bookshelf on the right, and a bunch of boxes to the left. In that position, you are so out of sight, your name actually doesn’t show up in the room. It actually projects thru the wall, and shows up outside the building. Not all races can get into that position though. The troll hunter was too tall, and couldn’t walk down into the hollow, but I had no problem with my human paladin alt.

So, I actually have to thank Jiju for teaching me something. It cost me a 20 stack of Truesilver Bars, 10 Essences of Fire, and 1 or maybe 2 Large Seaforium Charge recipes (the same thing had happened to me a while back while transferring stuff, and it may have been Jiju). Bonero /bowed to him for showing me the hiding spot, then told his pet to stay, ran and jumped off the dock, and told his pet to attack. Apparently he wasn’t far enough out that the guards couldn’t get to him, so he got slaughtered. But, Jiju was dead, and stayed dead for a while.

I didn’t want to start transferring yet, fearing he would come back and make my transfer complicated, so Francois took the hunter up to Grom’Grol, and went over to the engineering supplies vendor to the south of the Mosh’Ogg Ogre mound. He picked up the Mechanical Dragonling and Deadly Scope schematics, then flew back down to BB and started some engineering powerleveling. Bonero had gotten to 240 before coming over to BB, so he was able to train the Sniper Scope recipe. He made about 10, before realizing that he wanted to make Dense Blasting Powder at 250-260, since that’s the only stretch where you actually get points for making it. He made about 50+ of them, since it goes green at around 55, to finally get to 260 engineering.

After that I checked to see if Jiju had popped up again. He had, so Francois killed him again, then started my transferring. I’m 99% sure he’s a bot, because a real player would probably pop up again soon after I killed them. Not too mention, he snapped up my auctions within seconds of posting them, and I had my other computer ready to hit refresh with the name of the item typed out already. Some script kiddy or gold farmer running a bot designed to scan the neutral AH for low or ridiculously low bargains, then buying them hyperquickly. Oh well, live and learn, and now I know the best place to bring my toons for transferring, so I consider it money well spent.

I brought over about 6 sets of Ally cooking recipes for his AH alt to sell at 10-12 gold, so we’ll see how that goes. He’s currently at about 1800 gold, with another 400 on my Ally account that I could change into Void Crystals and bring over, so that’s a nice little nest egg for him to have.

Finally, I was able to play MY characters. I decided to run Bloodshrike (Darrowmere Belf Hunter) up to Darkshore to get my Ghostsaber. No problems, didn’t see a single soul out adventuring. After making laps around the main valley, and collecting 7 cat statues, one finally spawned a level 19 Ghost Saber. I had already tossed down a freezing trap before opening the statue, so I quickly abandoned my trusty level 19 Dragonhawk, and set about taming my new friend. I got him, hearthed back to Thunder Bluff, renamed him DarkGhostnss, and logged out.

An Addict's checklist


I’m getting burned out on the whole making money on the AH thing. With 3 of my own servers to check, each with 1-2 people that sell stuff on the AH, and have a whole laundry list of things to check for cheap prices on, it gets really time consuming. For example, I have Bullkathos & Kukoshakaku on Demonsoul as my main sellers. Kukoshakaku is my LW, who will check for cheap prices on Shadowcat hide, spider’s silk, Large Fang, Heavy Hide, and Heavy Leather. He also puts up 1 Arcanite rod at 75-90 gold, and a Sniper scope at 25-30 gold, to provide a high price for Bullkathos to price multiples of the same item and undercut Kuko’s prices. Bullkathos will check gobl (anything goblin), gnom (anything gnomish), mech (for the mechbuilder’s overalls and mechanical toad recipe), and dragonl (to see if the Arcanite dragonling recipe is being posted, or if the actual trinket is posted). He also scans parts, items, and explosives under the trade goods section, to see if there’s anything posted at a cheap price. Then I type elemental (for fire/air/water/earth), essence of (fire/air/water/earth/undeath), Core of Earth, Heart of Fire, Living essence (for my next engineer who hits lvl 35, so they can powerlevel using the mechanical toad recipe). I also look up simple gems, since that’s all I’m using at the current time, paying particular attention to the Star Ruby and Arcane Crystal prices, since I make most of my gold from Sniper Scopes and Arcanite Rods/Bars.

Same thing with Clockwrkmage and Tsuris on Daggerspine, and Clockwrkmage on Darrowmere is my only seller. I open all my mail from the previous day, repost stuff that didn’t sell, and make stuff if I have the mats assembled. Then, I go to the opposite factions AH, using Kevin’s account, and do pretty much the same thing. I can get home at 5, and maybe finish up with checking the AH by 8 pm. It’s no kind of life, especially since I don’t really need gold much anymore. I’ve got packed guild banks to draw upon (3 tabs on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, 2 on Darrowmere), I’ve bought most of the 1-300 level recipes for ALL my toons, and yet it’s still hard to stop checking for bargains. I originally started this because I wanted to have enough to buy mounts at level 40 for all my toons on Demon Soul. Well, now that they’ve lowered the price to 35 gold for training, and about 8 g for the mount, I’ve got about 15x25=375 mounts (G15,000).

It HAS worked out for me getting recipes that weren’t posted on my own factions AH, like the Steel Weapon Chain BS recipe. I’ve gotten that for both Daggerspine and Darrowmere from the opposing factions AH, because it’s never offered on my own. I still want the Thorium Shield Spike recipe for those 2 servers though, because it’s so cheap to make, and makes it very easy and cheap to level from 285 to 300 Blacksmithing. Not to mention it’s almost as damaging as the Felsteel spike, and way….way…way cheaper to make.

Onto giving updates on my toons. I’ve gotten 2 level 44’s on Demon Soul, and 2 lvl 42’s on Daggerspine. I also went down the list and got all of my toons to at least lvl 11 on Darrowmere, having them each run to TB when they hit level 10, so they could get all the weapon masters and waypoints along the way, do the quest for the Kodo hide bag recipe, and then fly to Ratchett to powerlevel engineering to 150.

I have it down to a science now. Do about 40 rough stones to get to about 30+ engineering, then do about 80 copper bars to make 80 copper bolts (needed to make target dummies). Make enough copper tubes (usually about 5 or so) to level up enough to make copper modulators, and make them until you get to 75 engineering. At that point you have a choice. You can either make 20 Coarse stones into 20 Coarse Blasting powder, or continue making copper modulators. Either way, continue until you can make Target dummies, then start cranking them out. I usually end up with about 20 target dummies at level 105 engineering. I usually make some bronze tubes or EZ-throw dynamite (for my priest) or small seaforium charges at this point, in order to level up to 125.

At 125 you can make Heavy Blasting powder, and then turn around and use it in making Heavy Dynamite. That pretty much takes you up to 150, where I’m able to equip my Green-Eye Goggles (the ones that give +8 stamina and spirit), which provides a big boost to any level 10 character, no matter the class.

Smuggling stories


Clockworknyt just dinged 40 last night! This is my usual stopping place for my toons, once I get a mount, so it forces me to work on other toons. I did have some fun along the way, dealing with Allies with my mixture of Goblin and Gnomish trinkets. Pally’s are perfectly designed for the Gnomish Death Ray and Goblin Flamethrower, both of which have 5 minute cooldowns, which matches the cooldown on their Divine Protection bubble shield. At level 37, I attacked a level 36 Ally mage, and a level 45 Draenai shaman who were killing spiders outside my favorite spider cave in Dustwallow Marsh. I suppose I could have waited for them to go away, or gone to the cave, but my guess is that they would have attacked me anyway. I used the death ray to get the shaman down to half health in the first fight, but got sheeped and beaten down. The second time, I hid behind a tree and equipped my Gnomish Mind Control Cap, and waited for the cooldown to elapse. That didn’t work so well, malfunctioning and making me the pet of the Shamanan (my original plan was for the shaman to become controlled by me, and beat down the mage.

Another memorable encounter was in Desolace, doing the Corrupter questline. I had just gotten over to the Satyr area, and was peacefully mining some Iron ore, when all of a sudden I was charged by a level 36 Warrior (I just, just turned 40). He was accompanied by a ??? Druid, but I figured I was gonna get clobbered, so I might as well do some damage. I hit him once, then bubbled up and let loose some Death ray damage in the amount of 2299. What the ??? It used to only crit at about 1900 damage, but I guess they upped the damage level. Anyway, the Warrior crumpled, but the druid killed me in 2 hits.

Kukoshakaku has now dabbled in PvP as well. I took a couple hours, and got him from 26-28, doing quests in Ashenvale. After I did the “kill water elementals and discover the gazebo” quest, a level 25 Warlock attacked me as I came out of the water. He DoT’d me, and Feared me, but it didn’t FAZE me! I had hit him a couple of times, and set up my fire totem, and hit him with my DoT fire spell before he feared me, so after I came out of running out of control, I hit my only trinket that I had equipped. Gnomish Cloaking Device…..awww yeah. As I had expected, it took me out of combat, and I was able to run around to behind where the warlock was standing, and once I came back from the ghost world view, I quickly beat the warlock down. “Is it a rogue? Is it a paladin?” Nope, it’s an engineer, baby!

I am now a smuggler…of sorts. For Demon Soul and Darrowmere, I am the only supplier of 15 Ally only cooking recipes. 12 of them are from Ally cooking quests (don’t bother getting Curiously Tasty Omelet, Horde can buy from their own vendors), and can be purchased from the recipe vendor in Old town, above the basement where the Cooking trainer is. Loch Frenzy Delight is bought by the fishing trainer in Loch Modan (A little east of Thelsamar), and Clam Chowder and Fillet of Frenzy can both be bought in Darkshore. Fillet is bought at the Inn, and Clam chowder is bought down the coast, from the fishing supplies vendor there. Why bother with all this smuggling of enemy recipes?

Well, Burizadokyanon went from about 300 gold to 1500 gold, mainly from selling the 12 cooking recipes for about 6-7 gold each. On Darrowmere, Misericorde went from about 3 gold to about 500 gold, doing the same thing. One player even went so far as to write me a letter thanking me for putting the recipes on the AH, and asking if I could get him the Moongraze quest recipe from the Draenai starting area, the Kaldorei Spider kabob quest recipe from the Night Elf starting area, and Tasty Lion Steak from a level 34 quest. He wasn’t stingy either, offering 20 gold each for the quest recipes.

Rethinking my bags


Clockworknyt just hit level 36 last night! Ever since I respecced to Goblin, I’ve had a lot more fun with her. I’ve started making my toons have their second bag from the left be a Engineering bag, so they can hold all their trinket, helms, bombs, Compact Reaper kits, telescope, seaforium charges, parachute cloak, Gnomish Harm Prevention belt (when it’s on cooldown), and anything else engineering related. I realized I spent way too much gold buying bank slots, when I should have only had about 2 tabs in a guild bank. It costs way less to do that, and makes it a lot easier to have mats available to all toons, at all times.

Now you see me (poof), now you don't


I’m having Thrillkiller and Aosdanasaoi camp the spider cave in Dustwallow Marsh, on their respective realms. I need Mithril Bars on both accounts, especially since Panzergishi is about to get to level 35, and I’ll need to powerlevel both Engineering and Blacksmithing for him. I have to say, I have a new appreciation for some of the engineering items. The Goblin Death Ray one-shotted a level 37 spider in the cave, doing 1799 damage, which is impressive considering Aosdanasaoi only does about 100 damage per Sinister Strike normally.

Also, while leveling Clockworknyt to 240 Gnome engineering, before respeccing to Goblin, I made about 8 Goblin Cloaking Devices. At level 24, Morticide put one on before doing the dreaded corpse jump run to the demon merchant Vi’el in Winterspring, and had surprising success. I hit it right before the Elite demons noticed me at the outskirts of the canyon, and even without Dash, was able to get to the cave entrance before it wore off and I got killed. I ran back, resurrected, and was able to start camping Vi’el again. The reason it works so well is because it grants TRUE invisibility, not just stealth, like a rogue/druid has. Stealth is level dependent, so if the enemy is higher than you, he’ll most likely see you pretty easily. Invisibility works on any level mob (afaik). It only lasts for 10 seconds, and has a 1 hour cooldown, but it can be worth it in certain situations. That saved me about 2 additional corpse jumps, as well as a savings in armor repair. I need to level Morticide to 26, to get Dash, and see if I can run all the way to the cave before it wears off.

Also, I need to test to see if it works in combat situations, like a Rogue’s Flash Powder, to disengage from combat. It doesn’t say that it can’t be used in combat, so……. watch out for the amazing stealthing Tauren Warrior, coming soon to your neighborhood! You could use it to run up the ramp in Warsong Gulch, grab the flag, hit your Gnomish Harm Prevention belt, and then use Swiftness Potion/Rocket boots to run off the cliff in front. Hit your Parachute Cloak, and you’ll be way ahead of any pursuit.

I suppose I should start leveling in Tanaris, since that’s where Thorium veins spawn. The price of Thorium Bars on the servers have doubled, no doubt in keeping with the massive influx of monies that players are getting from doing their daily quests. Well, I don’t have a 70, and probably won’t have one for a long time. I earn my gold, a bit at a time, just by being good at spotting bargains, and knowing what crafteable items sell for big bucks. Heck, I don’t even use Bottomscanner, since I find my bargains by bidding/buying on stuff for my own characters.

Mote Extractor? We don't need no stinkin' mote extractor!


Good morrow, gentle readers! I just discovered something very cool on I’ve always advocated camping the Darkmoon Faire for Motes of XXX, as well as the mid to high level herbs. Well, you can do that all the time now! I was looking at Mote of Fire, and it said that Dealer Najeeb, Dealer Tariq both sold Motes at 16 silver, in limited supplies. Adamantite frame was sold at 4 gold, Elemental Blasting Powder at 20 silver, Felsteel Stabilizer at 4.8 gold….. I smell a profit potential here. Not only that, I hate making mats and wasting the raw material if it doesn’t give me a skill point. I’d rather buy the item at a lower price, and sell the metal on the AH.