Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Diplomat


Continuing with my plan to escape the AH, and get out to leveling, Bloodshrike (Demon Soul) dinged exalted with Orgrimmar and Undercity, and maybe Thunder Bluff as well. I can't remember, but I know I got to 1000 achievement points, and the Armory is only showing 960 right now. With Tsuris on Daggerspine, I purchased all the low level SW and Darnassus mounts when I hit Exalted with those cities, but I'm going to hold off on that for right now, until the patch hits. Why?
With the new patch, mounts and training will be SO much cheaper.

Apprentice Riding (Skill 75)

60% land mount speed
Requires level 20
Cost: 4 gold
Mount cost: 1 gold
Mail will be sent to players at level 20 guiding them to the riding trainer
Journeyman Riding (Skill 150)

100% land mount speed
Requires level 40
Cost: 50 gold
Mount cost: 10 gold
Mail will be sent to players at level 40 guiding them back to the riding trainer

Expert Riding (Skill 225)

150% flying mount speed; 60% land mount speed
Requires level 60
Cost: 600 gold (faction discounts now apply)
Mount Cost: 50 gold
Can now be learned in Honor Hold (Alliance) or Thrallmar (Horde)

Artisan Riding (Skill 300)

280% flying mount speed; 100% land mount speed
Requires level 70
Cost: 5,000 gold (faction discounts now apply)
Mount Cost: 100 gold

You might as well show them off, too. Here's a handy little macro I just spotted on Wowmacros.com, that selects an appropriate mount for your location.

/run if IsMounted()then return end local t if GetRealZoneText()=="Dalaran"and GetSubZoneText()~="Krasus' Landing"or GetZoneText()=="Wintergrasp"or not IsFlyableArea()then t={1,12,16}else t={6,7,15}end CallCompanion("MOUNT",t[random(#t)])

Here's another one of their macros I've been using for a while, to randomly select a pet companion.
/run CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER")))

I've also started Bullkathos on farming rep with the Timbermaw, as they have recipes for Blacksmithing that he wants. It doesn't hurt that he's actually in the level range for grinding on them, since I've been doing gray and green quests recently, trying to get Exalted with Undercity with him too. I think I'll try for Exalted with the Timbermaw, so I can add to my trinket collection, and have a pocket healer Furlbog. I'm going for Revered anyway, as the belt recipe is available to a Honored, and the boots at Revered.
Of course, there's no recipes for Engineering. As usual.