Monday, April 12, 2010

.........and that ain't bad!

27 out of 30.
Yup, 27 out of my 30 toons either got, or are able to get the Noble title this year.

I can't camp eggs on my servers. Even on sunday, when it started, there wasn't much of a turnout for the holiday on Daggerspine. Demon Soul and Daggerspine are PvP servers, and while Darrowmere is now a PvE realm, it just recently switched from PvP, so there still isn't a big population.
So, when I'm getting eggs, I have no choice to but to hunt them down individually. I'm sure glad I move with the mouse, because if I was WASD moving, there's no chance I would have gotten as many eggs as I did. Tons of them are hidden in pots that you have to tilt the camera over your shoulder to see, or placed under a wagon, behind a wheel, with a noblegarden rabbit hiding in front of it going "bok bok bok" (just kidding about the last part).

For the most part, I was able to get all the items needed to complete the achievements as drops, with a few exceptions.
Hangfire and Doomslinger on Daggerspine had to buy both the rabbit and flowers, as they didn't drop while I was getting the 100 eggs that I needed to eat. 300 more eggs needed total. I'm sure there were others who needed to buy the flowers or the robe, but hey, what's 50 more eggs?

On Daggerspine (my Ally server) everyone except Ryoushigishi got the title already, and Ryo just needs to finish up Shake your Bunny-Maker and the Badlands part of Desert Rose, and he's got it.

Demon Soul has 7 Nobles, with Kukoshakaku, Clockworknyt, and Morticide needing the Badlands rose to be planted.

Darrowmere has Bloodshrike (number 2) who already got the title, and then all the other level 20-30's who still haven't gotten the Badlands flight point, as well as need to finish up the bunny-maker achievement. Here's where my 3 failures reside as well. Gavelofpain, my shaman, who had completed the Bunny-maker achievement LAST year, but I ran out of time this year to finish up getting eggs to eat, and didn't get the Spring Robes to drop, so that would have probably been another 50 eggs to collect. Misericorde and Ghostflame....I just couldn't stomach the time and concentration needed to get the eggs for them.

Not to mention, as low levels, none of my toons didn't have the Tanaris or Un'Goro flightpoints, and couldn't survive in those zones safely. My method of getting it? Take the portal from Dalaran to the Caverns of Time, mount up and ruuuun to Tanaris for the flight point, drop a flower, run north to 1k needles for the next flower drop, come back to Tanaris, and head west, dodging all those ??? skull monsters determined to take a chomp out of my toons. Once I reached the rim of Un'Goro crater, my obsession with engineering let me use my Parachute Cloaks to jump from the cliff to a safe point partway down the wall, then jump from there to a plateau on the east side of the mountains. Run down to the valley, grab any Thorium veins if they're miners (at level 20, you can still have up to 300 mining if you powerlevel by smelting ore), and hug the mountains going north, then west to Marshal's Refuge.

Here's where I deviated from the normal method. For low level alts, after you grab the Refuge flightpoint, run down, then keep heading west until you get to the path up to Sithilus. Go get the flight point there, drop your flower, then come back to Un'Goro. After running through the level 50+ monsters to get to the Golakka Hot Springs, you're going to want to hearth out of there when you're done. Get transformed into a bunny, lay an egg, hearth to Dalaran, take a portal to Thunder Bluff or Darnassus, and fly over to Desolace for the last flower drop needed on Kalimdor. Now I just need to get.....oh, 6 toons to run from the Arathi Highlands flightpoint thru Wetlands, up to Loch Modan, and into Badlands. Sounds fun, right?