Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sell, sell, sell!


Since it's now common knowledge that the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement and title will be becoming a Feat of Strength in Cataclysm, if you happen to have any diamonds or Focus, Protection, or Rapidity Librams, now's the time to sell.

On Daggerspine, I put up 11 diamonds at 500 gold each, and they sold out immediately. I had been carefully hoarding them, intending for at least one of my alts there to get the title, but since my highest toon is 63.....it's not gonna happen. The only chance I'll have to do this would be on Demon Soul, with Bloodshrike, who is my achievement whore anyway. I figure if I can get my Zandalar rep and Bloodsail/Goblin rep locked down, I might have a chance of getting it done even after Cataclysm comes.

If you are going for the title, don't forget that those 3 libram quests reward you with Arcanums, which surprisingly aren't useless, since you can turn them in at Zanza in Zul'Gurub for Zandalar rep.

Some might say that it's price-gouging to charge so much for items, but really, people who are going for all these achievements usually have tons of gold already, and are bored and looking for something to do. You're just helping them circulate currency. hehehe.....

Edit: Apparently you will still be able to get this achievement in Cataclysm, due to the immense QQ-ing of players who didn't relish the rushed grind you would need to get it done before December 7th.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wrap-up to Hallow's End


Hallow's End came and went, and I now have 5 level 80's to pursue titles and achievements. How did I make out?

All 5 80's on Demon Soul now have "the Hallowed" title, even though it was a close call for some. Bullkathos barely completed Sinister Calling a couple days before the holiday ended, even though I did the daily and trick-or-treating probably 4-6 times a day with all 30 toons. I also slacked off on doing the candy bucket quests with Thrillkiller and Banesidhe, making me have to frantically fly around on Sunday to get that done.

However, I did manage to snag 5 sets of the super-duper flying Horse, with Bullkathos getting 2 sets, and Thrillkiller missing out.

Bloodshrike also luckily managed to get his sword and helm, yet my 2 plate wearers Bullkathos and Pallormortis missed getting the helm.

My non-80 toons also got a fair bit of leveling done during this time too. The 2 dailies you can do, "Stop the Fires" and "Smash the Pumpkin" can be completed for up to 10 alts at one time, with a little preparation. I had my Alliance toons head to Goldshire for the entirety of the holiday, and my lower level toons on Demon Soul and Darrowmere went to Falconwing Square.

First, go pick up the "Put out the fires quest" from the Matron for all your toons. Don't worry about the Headless Horseman until all of your toons have the quest picked up that day. For Allies, have them positioned in the doorway of the Goldshire Inn, ready to rush out and click on the pumpkin. For Horde, have them logged out where the pumpkin usually falls.

For these toons, I usually had all my addons turned off, as having all of them loaded slowed loading each toon to a crawl. However, be careful when switching between toons quickly, as the game might think you're still logged in, and kick you out to the login screen. I usually counted up to about 7, then logged in on the new toon.

Allies usually seem to be pretty good about doing this daily, so just check every so often with one of your ally toons while logging in to do trick-or-treating of the innkeeper, and then help out to save the town. Once that's done, click on the pumpkin to accept the quest, then immediately head back to the Inn. DO NOT pass go, do not turn in the quests. You don't have time if you're doing multiple toons. Quickly (but not too quickly), cycle through all your alts and go get the pumpkin quest. You also get credit for the fires being put out at the same time. Once you've got completed credit on all your toons, turn in both quests, and you've just done 20 dailies on 10 toons, in a short amount of time.

For Horde, I prefer Falconwing Square, as you can solo it if nobody else is around. I would usually use my druid in travel form for the fastest running speed, then head immediately to the far building when the Horseman sets them on fire. If you catch the fires quickly, they don't have time to spread, and you can put out the building easily. Just remember, contrary to common sense, these fires are affected by gravity, not by the usual tendency of fire to climb upwards. Take out the highest fires first, as they will drip fire downwards.

So, how did my toons fair?
Demon Soul - 7 levels gained
Bloodshrike -80
Bullkathos -80
Bonescourge -58 to 59
Banesidhe -80
Kukoshakaku -54 to 56
Clockworknyt-68 to 69
Morticide -41 to 43
Burizadokyan-45 to 46

Daggerspine - 15 levels gained
Clockwrkmage-62 to 63
Preyonyou -39 to 41
Tsuris -54 to 56
Aosdanasaoi -53 to 54
Hangfire -46 to 48
Panzergishi -53 to 55
Kishigishi -52 to 53
Ryoushigishi-53 to 55
Gwiddonyn -52 to 53
Doomslinger -41 to 42

Darrowmere -21 levels gained
Bloodshrike -51 to 52
Clockwrkmage-36 to 38
Psilentkill -38 to 40
Didactylos -29 to 32
Gavelofpain -32 to 34
Wartraveler -33 to 35
Misericorde -33 to 35
Ghostflame -27 to 29
Gimmershred -31 to 33
Annihilus -28 to 31

Update 11/16/2010 - My Flying Brooms finally expired, leaving me very sad. Those insta-cast mounts are awesome! For gathering toons, any time wasted is annoying, and having to wait to mount when you see someone heading towards the Titanium vein YOU spotted first is agonizing. I'm not sure why there is a casting time for them, as being in combat automatically prevents you from mounting anyway, so it's not implemented that way for PvP reasons. I dunno, but I wish all mounts were instant.