Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just having fun with the game

Hey all, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I tend to write posts when I have nothing to do at work, and since I've been busy, I haven't been writing.
But, since WoW is down for urgent maintenance, it was time to try to remember my password to Blogger, since I've gotten a new computer and the password wasn't saved. :)

I could write them at home, but.....I'm having too much fun with Burning Crusade content!
(Dude, BC came out like 2 years ago, what's so special about it?)
Well, I'm just getting into playing those areas. I've always been one to play a game to explore all areas of it, not just get to the end. I put 300 hours on Final Fantasy 7,8, and X each, and by the time I beat X, my levels were so high from doing the monster arena over and over, it would have been a 1-hit kill except there was a damage cap of 99,999.

(All areas of the game, that means character classes and professions, right?)
Yup, I'm on 3 servers, 2 Horde, 1 Alliance. Demon Soul is my only one with a Death Knight, but all the other classes are represented at least once on each of the servers.

(All Professions? What about dropped recipes for those professions?)
Each server has all professions covered, and I've bought/found most of the recipes I could. I'm not stressing on dungeon drop BOP recipes, as I don't like tying myself down to a toon for that long of a time. I like being able to hop around. Once I get high enough to solo the dungeons, maybe I'll go for the recipes then.

So, playing 30 toons at once tends to slow your leveling rate way down. Not to mention the time spent in the AH, looking for recipes that I want for the future.
But, I came to the realization that I.....pretty much got them all. I haven't learned a lot of the recipes, but I've collected most of the high level recipes for each profession, on each server, and am just waiting to get to the level caps to be able to powerlevel to the next cap of the profession. For example, Bullkathos finally hit level 50, and was able to advance to 375 blacksmithing. I leveled him to 372, and was able to learn all these recipes. 2-4k gold spent in a few minutes, and probably would have been worth 20k gold a few years ago.
Fel-Edged Battleaxe
Runic Hammer
Hammer of Righteous Might
Khorium Champion
Steelgrip Gauntlets
Blessed Bracers
Felfury Gauntlets
Felsteel Reaper
Eternium Runed Blade
Fel Hardened Maul
Storm Helm
Oathkeeper's Helm
Black Felsteel Bracers

These are the recipes I've collected over the years, and after Bloodshrike stepped onto the shores of Northrend, I've learned they're useless. Same with all the level 300 plans that Burning Crusade greens put to shame. I kinda wish they'd revamp them so they'd have slightly better stats then the low level greens you get when you first get into Hellfire. They did modify some existing recipes, like the Radiant set, to give it Hit rating and resilience, instead of whatever idiotic stats that it had before. Here's hoping.

But, on the plus side, I am enjoying how well quests are strung together in Outlands. No more go here, kill these mobs, come back to the quest giver, get given a quest for a zone across the ocean, and get a quest to come back to the original mobs for a different thing that they can drop! Instead, if you collect all the quests in a zone, you will only get a few travel quests, and those are usually just to introduce you to the next zone.

I've also decided to not attack players unless they're my level or above. A hunter combat engineer is just too overpowered for most players I come across, who usually have a few thousand health less then me, even if they're only 3 levels below.
I was killing ogres in the Burning Blade ruins in northern Nagrand, when I saw a level 68 warrior (I was 70, I believe). I'm at about 10k health, he's at maybe 7k. I had picked up the daily PvP quest to kill 10 enemy players in Halaa, and thought that this would be a start on that total. Well, you don't get credit unless the kill is in Halaa, I found out. But, I found out that I can utterly annihilate any player around my level. Between my gnomish lightning generator bolts, the rockets from my gloves, and my bullets, he was downed quickly.

I continued killing ogres, and he respawned, and must have asked for help, because the next thing I knew I was being attacked by him, with a level 64 boomkin helping/healing him. I went down after a fight, almost taking the druid with me.
I ran back up from the Spirit Healer, and after rezzing and flying off to heal and buff up a bit, I came back. My gorilladin took on the warrior, with occasional Concussive shots and Immolation traps help from me, while I kept up Serpent Sting on the druid and kept bringing down his health thru his constant self-healing. Booya! 2 down. After that, I got almost 1-shotted by a level 80 hunter that they asked for help. :)