Friday, December 24, 2010

And now for something completely different


Lovers Drugs - "Into the Light"

This is a video by Lovers Drugs, the 4th incarnation of a Bay Area group that I first saw while I was living up in Sacramento. They initially attracted me because I could actually hear them clearly in the club, whereas most live bands I've seen couldn't be heard coherently unless you were outside the club walls.

Over the years, I've gotten the chance to get to know them more personally, as my brother has helped them out by being their road manager, key grip and gaffer (whatever the F that means), and general go-to guy for any construction project they need.

We're from completely different worlds, yet the same type of passion that I have for WoW, they have for music. I took 6 years of piano while growing up, and it was a struggle every day for me to sit down to do my half hour of practice. These guys play and think about music constantly; it's what drives them and brings them happiness.

That's the same level of passion that got me theory-crafting in Diablo 2, to develop my crushplosive variant builds, or the barbarian singer build. When you really love your hobby, no amount of time spent on it seems to be too much.

So, if you have a couple of minutes, give them a listen. They're a well-polished group, have a catchy song, and they're really, genuinely nice people as well.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spring...I mean, Winter Cleaning


The Cataclysm has hit, and that brings changes for not only max level characters, but low level toons as well. Blizzard went through their quests with a fine-tooth comb, and marked oodles of them obsolete, and can't be obtained or completed. This is a very good thing, don't get me wrong.

However, hidden among the hundreds of "kill 10 rats, come back, turn it in, go back to the exact same spot and kill 10 Elder rats" type of quests were some quests that I had come to rely on at certain levels for fast XP and sometimes rep.

Wool (12), Silk (26), Mageweave (40), and Runecloth (50) turnins are gone. At those levels, my toons would make the rounds of the capitol cities, turning in 60 pieces of cloth to 5 different NPC's, and gaining a good chunk of rep and XP in the process. Those NPC's are now goooooone. Sell your stockpiles of cloth, use them in Tailoring or First Aid, but you can't use them for rep anymore.

Next up, we have a quest located in one of the busiest ganking spots on a PvP server, Stranglethorn Vale. It used to take 14 seperate pages to do all the quests needed for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn Vale, now it only takes 1 page. Sell any and all pages in your bank, even old page 14 won't work for the new quest.

Blasted Lands had about 5 quests with extremely low drop rate quest items, doable at level 45. It was a nice XP boost if you did it right at 45, bringing you almost to 46 if I remember correctly. Basilisk Brain, Blasted Boar Lung, Scorpok Pincer, Snickerfang Jowl, and Vulture Gizzard were all needed to finish the quests, in varying amounts. The Vulture Gizzard drops were particularly horrendous. Toss them, you can't sell them. Here's an example of how many I had saved up, on my baby Horde server Darrowmere.

And finally, Argent Dawn rep. I wanted rep with factions as soon as it was possible, and I wasn't high enough to solo instances yet, so I started collecting the quest items. Dark Iron Scraps, Bone Fragments, Crypt Fiend Parts, Core of Elements, Savage Frond.....I collected them all from the AH, when they had a low bid of a few silver for several. Sell them, you can't do anything with them.
Anyone wanna buy some Dark Iron Scraps?

Surprisingly, the Craftsman's Writ quests, even though marked in Wowhead as obsolete, CAN be still completed if you have the writ and items needed. My warrior Bullkathos did the Stonescale Eel one last night, and instead of being given the choice between Insignia of the Dawn or Insignia of the Crusade, he just got a straight 150 rep. Dump the Insignia's btw, you can't redeem them anymore.

Am I mad that Blizzard got rid of these quests, making the items useless? Hell no! I'm glad that we no longer have quests that require 12 raptor heads, and all the raptors you kill in the Barrens seem to be headless. Random Number Generator items should be on important stuff, like Rivendare's mount. It shouldn't take an hour to do one simple quest, and Blizzard finally recognized that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Congratulations to all Realm Firsts!


And I mean that sincerely. I had been hoping to snag at least one, but it wasn't in the cards. The snafu of the Cataclysm launch had me try logging out at about 12:05, and I wasn't able to get back in until 12:20. I quickly used my mats to powerlevel to 525 cooking, but someone already got realm first on that.

Unfazed, I immediately used my ring to teleport to Dalaran, determined to go for realm first in fishing, and hopefully fishing up a Rat that had been eluding me for so long. I ran into someone else down there with the same goal, and he was maintaining a 15 skill point lead on me for the hour I was down there, so I switched gears again.

Maybe, I could get Realm First Archaeology?
I picked up Archaeology, slung my surveying pick over my shoulder, and headed out. I was following Kaliope's guide/suggestions, so I made sure to wait until level 75 to start solving artifacts, but I probably should have waited longer.

I would really, REALLY recommend you do most of your Archaeology before 85, because at least you'll get some XP for digging up fragments, and that's about the most exciting thing that will happen to you during that time. It's basically a LOT of traveling, followed by a mini-game of Minesweeper when you get to the dig sites.
Like Kaliope says when surveying "The survey tool has an indicator light on it, which glows in one of three colors depending on your proximity to the artifact you are tracking. Red means you’re pretty far away, but the large end of the scope is pointing you in the direction of the object. Yellow means you’re getting closer, but probably at least 50 yards away. Green means the object is very close, within 40 yards of you."
My take on it was "Red-mount up and fly for about 3 seconds in the direction of where the telescope is pointing. Yellow- mount and bound forward for about a second of flight time. Green- start spamming the survey tool every 5 feet, while enjoying the 5 second cooldown that Blizzard has on it."

-Tips to not go mental while surveying. Kill stuff! There's a guild achievement for critters killed, so while you wait for the cooldown, kill those level 1 critters you see roaming around.

I think I got to about 225 Archaelogy in my first 12 hours of play, and that was pretty hardcore grinding too. After that, I had some prior engagements to take care of, so my time doing Archaeology was pretty spotty during the week. I had some free time today, and wasn't sure if anyone had gotten the Achievement yet, so I decided to go all out and try for it. I had gotten to 420 skill level, when all of a sudden, the Realm First message popped up. The annoying thing about it was that I had just seen that guy in Zul'Drak, and he had whispered to me, but Infinite Ignore had blocked it, which meant that he was a regular Trade Troll, which I normally ignore. If he was a normal player, I would have whispered congrats, but people that make a practice of being idiotic in trade chat I have no respect for.

At least I'm not self-pressured to only do Archaelogy now, I can play my other toons!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gathering in Cataclysm


As you get ready to head off to the new zones, you might want to bring along some secret weapons. The Gatherer enchant for gloves was introduced in WOTLK, but there are some other items that could help you as well.

Pattern: Herbalist's Gloves, sold to Allies only in Ashenvale, gives a passive +5 to herbalism. Add the Advanced Herbalism enchant to them, and you've got +10 to Herbalism to be able to pick herbs higher than your regular herbing level.

I haven't forgotten about Mining, either. Either put the Gatherer enchant on a pair of level 60 gloves, or Advanced Mining on a level 1 pair of gloves. But that's not all! If you happen to have engineering, and happened to go Goblin could make the Goblin Mining Helmet for an additional +5 mining.

Gatherer on gloves, and maybe make 1 or 2 trips to Blackrock Spire for your skinning knife of choice, depending on if you can dual wield or not. That's +15 or +25 skinning to add to your skinning level, so if you happened to come upon some higher level beast corpses that other players left behind.... it's all yours!

Of course, you wouldn't be using these tools all the time, but it's nice to be able to give yourself a little jump on the competition if you need to.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Realm First!


With Cataclysm around the corner, we have the opportunities for rare Feats of Strength; namely, Realm Firsts. Since I don't raid, I'm not going to worry about those. However, I would like to go for realm first on some professions.

Since I do have a lot of alts, doing the daily cooking quests in Orgrimmar or Stormwind nets me 1-2 Chef Awards per day, per alt, per server that I'm on. Now, on Demon Soul I'm going to try to have Bloodshrike get the Cooking and Fishing Achievements. Fishing I'm gonna try to get by fishing in the Dalaran Sewers, and hopefully I'll get the Rat while I'm doing that.

As for Cooking, with 9 other alts doing the cooking quests, and getting the crates of meat, that allows me to have access to a bunch of meat at the start of Cataclysm, which I'd probably not be able to get without leveling up to 81-83 first.

Now, I mentioned that I'm doing it on all my servers. Why? Two reasons. I've always been a sucker for Dailies, because I know where to go, and what to do. Especially when I have more than one alt doing them, I have my routine down to a science by the 4th toon. This allows for fast, easy XP and gold for all my toons.

The second reason is that if you're not going to use the meat, at the start of Cataclysm, I'm positive it will sell for ludicrous amounts of gold on the AH, to other people going for the Realm First, or just desperate to level up cooking for some reason. Since my highest toon on Daggerspine is 63, and on Darrowmere my highest is 52, I'll be selling the meat.

Save it until the day before Cataclysm drops, and post it late at night, so it's ready for people to buy buy buy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mission: Impossible Turkey


I was peacefully enjoying my friday night daily chores, when suddenly my Goblin iBrick beeped to tell me I had e-mail.

See, I'm a member of Wraith Flight, a super-secret Orgimmar organization, used only when missions are too dangerous for the Kor'kron Vanguard to handle. We're the best of the best, expected to get the job done, no matter what. It's not all bad though, we have access to all the best Goblin and Gnome engineering has to offer; the trick is to field-test extensively beforehand, so you don't rely on equipment that will explode every 5th time you use it.

The message read:
Shrike, I have a last-minute mission for you. Pilgrim's Bounty is almost over, and I need you to disarm some bombs we had inadvertently placed under Bountiful Tables in the enemy capitals. We'll provide you with a disarming device, but your butt needs to hit those chairs before tomorrow night, or we'll have another incident with the Alliance to deal with.

As always, should you or any of your WF force be caught or killed, the Overlord will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Shrike. This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds.


Shaking my head, I put the iBrick down on a handy table, and stepped away. A few seconds later, a puff of smoke hissed from the device, and it melted into a useless puddle of goo. Damn, I had just gotten all my contacts into that one!

I hopped on my favorite ride, and headed up to Felwood, since 2 of my targets lay in that direction. If ONLY I had gotten this message a week earlier, it would have been a lot easier. See, Darnassus has a table in the middle of the city, and Exodar has its table just within the city walls. A few days earlier, a massive tsunami had ravaged that coastline, destroying the the Auberdine port which serviced both cities. Since that time, they had been on high alert, and also called out the city watch, which meant that the guards would be a lot more vigilant than normal.

Along the way though, I stopped off to buy a souvenir. Hey, business trips don't mean you can't take time out to enjoy yourself!

I had bribed one of my Alliance contacts for info, so I was able to plan out my route beforehand. I left from Darkshore's highest north-western point, and used a potion to book it across the sea to Rut'theran Village. After spending a few minutes on the non-moving boat at the eastern dock, I checked my notes, and found that I needed the boat at the western dock to get to Exodar. After approaching the middle of the dock, I hopped on, and rode to Azuremyst Isle. I circled around to the north, plunked my butt down, and headed back to Darnassus. I got around to the back of the portal, got into the city, got killed, but rezzed at the graveyard in Teldrassil. After the bomb was disarmed, I hearthed back to Orgrimmar, and considered my options.

I could take the portal in Cleft of Shadows to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands, and then go to Stormwind. Or, if I had a teleport device, I could run from BRD to Searing Gorge, and go through the Stonewrought Pass tunnel to Loch Modan, which lets out into the Valley of Kings. From there it's an easy run to Ironforge. However, after checking our inventory, it seemed that one of other team members had the device, so I headed to Ironforge first.

Those city guards are buggers! I ran up the hill almost directly south of the gates, as there's a way up the hill that allows you to come out right where the tables are. However, the 2 guards there are intensely watchful, and it took at least 5 times to get the timing right to get into a chair.

Three down, one left. Hearthed back to Orgrimmar, then Blasted Lands, then rode to the gates of Stormwind. After all that, it was almost a letdown to see the tables unguarded, and easily accessible outside the city.

Man, the things I do for my faction.

TL-DR....check the comments on the last page for tips on how to do it. I had let it go until the last day, kinda QQ-ing Blizzard for having level 85 guards RIGHT on top of the tables, but figured I'd give it a shot. I was able to do it for some of my toons, but since I have things to do today, I won't get all of them done. Ehh, it's not part of the meta, so I can do it next year, when I've gotten them to 85.

And you Alliance only players can suck it! Orgrimmar - outside the gates. Thunderbluff - outside (apparently there's a great wall blocking Mulgore that you can ride around the right side of). Silvermoon - outside. UC might be the only place you might have problems. Check here for tips.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Shattered (Patch 4.0.3a)


The Shattering hit servers today, to a lot of mixed emotions. New content, yay! Portals in Shattrath and Dalaran gone, boo! I had known they were going to be gone, but theory and practice are two different things.

The portals being gone are something that makes being an altoholic really, REALLY hard. Getting one toon to traipse around the continents for a holiday event can be time-consuming, but imagine trying to do 30 of them. With the portals in Dalaran, if I needed to travel to or around different capitol cities, I'd go to one directly from Dalaran, then hearth back and log out. Do the next toon, repeat. It was a time-saving technique that I had gotten used too, since by the time I was done with the 10th toon, the 1st toon would have their hearth back up.

If you have daily quests that will be used by max level toons, who generally have their hearths set somewhere in Northrend, why oh why would you have those dailies take place in Orgrimmar? The cooking tokens from the Orgrimmar cooking dailies will be used to buy level 450 and UP cooking recipes, which lowbie toons won't be making use of for a long time. So, it's expected for 70-80 toons to come back to Orgrimmar to do those dailies, every day, then get back to where they want to be, which is in Northrend or Deepholme or whatever.


Whew, enough venting. I also wanted to recap where I am with some toons. Bloodshrike missed out on Loremaster by only 13 quests in Zul'Drak, and all of Grizzly Hills. I should have kept more in the loop, but I was kinda excited by being able to gear up my newer 80's with the elemental invasion bosses. He also missed out on getting his Shen'dralar rep to exalted, along with Zandalar. I had plenty of librams and Pristine black diamonds, I just had slacked off on getting the BOP Blood of Heroes/Skin of Shadow/Frayed Stitching. I should have just let one day of dailies with my other 80's pass, and concentrated on that rep grind. I turned in about 22 librams in Dire Maul about an hour before the servers were supposed to go down, then headed to Zul'Gurub to try to max out my Zanzibar rep. Got there with about 15 minutes to spare, but the instance portal wouldn't let me in, even though I was in a raid group with another 80. "Instance could not be found" my ass! The instance is right in front of me!

Ah well, C'est la vie. I'm not going to let it worry me, instead, it'll be nice to get those librams out of my guild bank(s).
I figure I might as well do a recap on my servers, since this is a fresh start to the world.

Demon Soul
Bloodshrike - lvl 80 Troll Hunter
Bullkathos - lvl 80 Tauren Warrior
Thrillkiller- lvl 80 Orc Rogue
Bonescourge - lvl 61 Undead Warlock
Banesidhe - lvl 80 Undead Mage
Kukoshakaku - lvl 58 Tauren Shaman
Clockworknyt- lvl 72 Blood Elf Paladin
Morticide - lvl 45 Tauren Druid
Burizadokyan- lvl 48 Blood Elf Priest
Pallormortis- lvl 80 Orc Death Knight

Clockwrkmage- lvl 63 Gnome Mage
Preyonyou - lvl 41 Draenai Priest
Tsuris - lvl 56 Draenai Shaman
Aosdanasaoi - lvl 54 Night Elf Rogue
Hangfire - lvl 48 Night Elf Druid
Panzergishi - lvl 55 Dwarf Warrior
Kishigishi - lvl 53 Human Paladin
Ryoushigishi- lvl 55 Dwarf Hunter
Gwiddonyn - lvl 53 Gnome Warlock
Doomslinger - lvl 42 Night Elf Hunter

Bloodshrike - lvl 53 Blood Elf Hunter
Clockwrkmage- lvl 39 Blood Elf Mage
Psilentkill - lvl 41 Blood Elf Rogue
Didactylos - lvl 32 Blood Elf Warlock
Gavelofpain - lvl 34 Orc Shaman
Wartraveler - lvl 35 Undead Warrior
Misericorde - lvl 35 Blood Elf Paladin
Ghostflame - lvl 30 Blood Elf Priest
Gimmershred - lvl 34 Tauren Druid
Annihilus - lvl 31 Undead Rogue

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Spirit of Sharing


While I've seen some people complaining about having the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday in the midst of the Cataclysm ramp-up; honestly, they're probably also the ones that started complaining about the event screwing up Orgrimmar by the second time it happened.

But think about this for a second. Not only are there easy dailies for your alts to accomplish, with mats you can pre-make to hand in, there's another bonus for us achievement hunters.

Sitting down at the Bountiful Table and eating each dish 5x will give you the Spirit of Sharing, which is a HUGE bonus on some lengthy rep grinds. I believe you need about 80 + librams of rapidity/protection/focus to get exalted with Shen'dralar, which is 80 x 500 =40,000 or more rep. With 10% bonus, at 40 turnins, you're already at 22,000 rep, instead of 20k, putting you 4 librams/mats ahead of the game. So, this could make the rep grind only around 70+ librams, instead of 80ish. And when you're hunting for Blood of Heroes or either of the other BOP mats for the could be your sanity on the line.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wintergrasp Alone


Though it's not mentioned in the patch notes here, Wintergrasp now has a new mechanic. Apparently, on some severely unbalanced servers *cough* Demon Soul *cough*, even a 20 stack of tenacity on Alliance players 24/7 is not enough to guarantee them a fair shot at getting VOA on a consistent basis. When they did manage to get it, it was usually very, very early in the morning.

Imagine my surprise when I decided to queue for an upcoming WG, I zoned in, and I was the ONLY person in the raid group for 20 minutes. I had a few fights with the apparently only Ally in the zone, a druid named Xime, and while his moonfire spamming killed me a couple times (me in my PvE gear at 29k health, him with 3 stacks of tenacity and 39k health), I did manage to get a few kills on him as well.

I had decided to stop trying to take the Broken Temple workshop and instead go for Sunken Temple, when it showed he was finally trying to attack Flamewatch Tower. Goodie for me! I had just gotten to lieutenant by doing a little npc kill farming, so I quickly rode back to Broken Temple, hopped in a siege engine, and putt-putted my way up to the south-west wall of the keep. Just then, another Horde joined the raid, and a matching Ally paladin named Jcr came over the wall and demolished my tank.

I tried taking a demolisher straight up from the Westspark workshop to the front gates, but with only about 2 minutes left when I got there, we didn't get the front wall taken down after dealing with the druid's patrolling siege engine.

It would have been epic, though!

So, Wintergrasp is now strictly enforced with balancing teams, as well as tenacity.
Ahh, I searched a little more, and found the source post.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No more portals


The portals to capitol cities in Shattrath and Dalaran will be disappearing in Cataclysm, which is a bummer. Back in vanilla WoW, for the month I played before BC came out, I HATED waiting around for boats or zeppelins to arrive, then waiting on board for the vehicle to start again, and finally arrive at their destination. As soon as I heard that I could set my hearth to Shattrath, I happily paid 5-10 gold apiece for all my toons to go there, just so I could quickly continent-hop at my convenience.

When WOTLK came out, it was even better! No longer did I have to run down from the Scryers tier to the portals, they were just around the corner from the inns.

I understand that it's an attempt to try to get more players to stay around the capitol cities, where they will be more likely to be available as crafters, teleporters, or general advice givers to new players. I just don't like it very much.

I'd like to see a continuation of the portal concept. What about being able to access a portal in capitol cities that allowed you to instantly warp to any inn that you had been to? Same concept as talking to flight masters, but due to the higher cost of magic or gnomish engineering mats, the cost would be greater than flying there. That way, new players could still get around at a decent rate, but richer, more experienced players didn't have to deal with a 10-15 minute flight to get to where they needed to turn in a quest.



As an altoholic and recipe hound, I have a lot of addons installed to make my life easier. CT-mod forms a great deal of my UI, Recount for my personal knowledge of how well I'm doing in groups, Omen threat meter to know when to back the fuck off on my DPS so the mob doesn't decide that I'm a tastier target than the tank.

However, Ackis Recipe List has recently made opening my profession books kinda....agonizing. With addons turned off, it's instant. With Ackis and ProfessionsBook turned on, it can take a few MINUTES to load my alchemy book when I'm trying to do my daily transmute.

I finally decided to find out what the problem was, and with a little googling, I determined that deleting my WTF and cache folders would probably be a good idea. I did it, and it made a world of difference.

So if you ever have a problem of lagging while checking your professions, try deleting the WTF and cache folders.

P.S. You might want to make a copy of the two folders on your desktop first, just in case.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sell, sell, sell!


Since it's now common knowledge that the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement and title will be becoming a Feat of Strength in Cataclysm, if you happen to have any diamonds or Focus, Protection, or Rapidity Librams, now's the time to sell.

On Daggerspine, I put up 11 diamonds at 500 gold each, and they sold out immediately. I had been carefully hoarding them, intending for at least one of my alts there to get the title, but since my highest toon is's not gonna happen. The only chance I'll have to do this would be on Demon Soul, with Bloodshrike, who is my achievement whore anyway. I figure if I can get my Zandalar rep and Bloodsail/Goblin rep locked down, I might have a chance of getting it done even after Cataclysm comes.

If you are going for the title, don't forget that those 3 libram quests reward you with Arcanums, which surprisingly aren't useless, since you can turn them in at Zanza in Zul'Gurub for Zandalar rep.

Some might say that it's price-gouging to charge so much for items, but really, people who are going for all these achievements usually have tons of gold already, and are bored and looking for something to do. You're just helping them circulate currency. hehehe.....

Edit: Apparently you will still be able to get this achievement in Cataclysm, due to the immense QQ-ing of players who didn't relish the rushed grind you would need to get it done before December 7th.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wrap-up to Hallow's End


Hallow's End came and went, and I now have 5 level 80's to pursue titles and achievements. How did I make out?

All 5 80's on Demon Soul now have "the Hallowed" title, even though it was a close call for some. Bullkathos barely completed Sinister Calling a couple days before the holiday ended, even though I did the daily and trick-or-treating probably 4-6 times a day with all 30 toons. I also slacked off on doing the candy bucket quests with Thrillkiller and Banesidhe, making me have to frantically fly around on Sunday to get that done.

However, I did manage to snag 5 sets of the super-duper flying Horse, with Bullkathos getting 2 sets, and Thrillkiller missing out.

Bloodshrike also luckily managed to get his sword and helm, yet my 2 plate wearers Bullkathos and Pallormortis missed getting the helm.

My non-80 toons also got a fair bit of leveling done during this time too. The 2 dailies you can do, "Stop the Fires" and "Smash the Pumpkin" can be completed for up to 10 alts at one time, with a little preparation. I had my Alliance toons head to Goldshire for the entirety of the holiday, and my lower level toons on Demon Soul and Darrowmere went to Falconwing Square.

First, go pick up the "Put out the fires quest" from the Matron for all your toons. Don't worry about the Headless Horseman until all of your toons have the quest picked up that day. For Allies, have them positioned in the doorway of the Goldshire Inn, ready to rush out and click on the pumpkin. For Horde, have them logged out where the pumpkin usually falls.

For these toons, I usually had all my addons turned off, as having all of them loaded slowed loading each toon to a crawl. However, be careful when switching between toons quickly, as the game might think you're still logged in, and kick you out to the login screen. I usually counted up to about 7, then logged in on the new toon.

Allies usually seem to be pretty good about doing this daily, so just check every so often with one of your ally toons while logging in to do trick-or-treating of the innkeeper, and then help out to save the town. Once that's done, click on the pumpkin to accept the quest, then immediately head back to the Inn. DO NOT pass go, do not turn in the quests. You don't have time if you're doing multiple toons. Quickly (but not too quickly), cycle through all your alts and go get the pumpkin quest. You also get credit for the fires being put out at the same time. Once you've got completed credit on all your toons, turn in both quests, and you've just done 20 dailies on 10 toons, in a short amount of time.

For Horde, I prefer Falconwing Square, as you can solo it if nobody else is around. I would usually use my druid in travel form for the fastest running speed, then head immediately to the far building when the Horseman sets them on fire. If you catch the fires quickly, they don't have time to spread, and you can put out the building easily. Just remember, contrary to common sense, these fires are affected by gravity, not by the usual tendency of fire to climb upwards. Take out the highest fires first, as they will drip fire downwards.

So, how did my toons fair?
Demon Soul - 7 levels gained
Bloodshrike -80
Bullkathos -80
Bonescourge -58 to 59
Banesidhe -80
Kukoshakaku -54 to 56
Clockworknyt-68 to 69
Morticide -41 to 43
Burizadokyan-45 to 46

Daggerspine - 15 levels gained
Clockwrkmage-62 to 63
Preyonyou -39 to 41
Tsuris -54 to 56
Aosdanasaoi -53 to 54
Hangfire -46 to 48
Panzergishi -53 to 55
Kishigishi -52 to 53
Ryoushigishi-53 to 55
Gwiddonyn -52 to 53
Doomslinger -41 to 42

Darrowmere -21 levels gained
Bloodshrike -51 to 52
Clockwrkmage-36 to 38
Psilentkill -38 to 40
Didactylos -29 to 32
Gavelofpain -32 to 34
Wartraveler -33 to 35
Misericorde -33 to 35
Ghostflame -27 to 29
Gimmershred -31 to 33
Annihilus -28 to 31

Update 11/16/2010 - My Flying Brooms finally expired, leaving me very sad. Those insta-cast mounts are awesome! For gathering toons, any time wasted is annoying, and having to wait to mount when you see someone heading towards the Titanium vein YOU spotted first is agonizing. I'm not sure why there is a casting time for them, as being in combat automatically prevents you from mounting anyway, so it's not implemented that way for PvP reasons. I dunno, but I wish all mounts were instant.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How do I love thee 4.0.1? Let me count the ways...


Despite the Cog of Doom bug, and the inevitable addon disruption, I really, really like the new patch.

For a player who doesn't raid, and only does heroics, it allows you to get high level gear in a relatively short amount of time. 95 Frost Badges for a piece of gear? That took me over a month and a half to earn at 2 badges per day. When Brewfest rolled around, my toons doubled their earning power to 4 Frosties per day. Wahoo!!

I haven't even run any heroics yet, the only instance I've set foot in since the patch is the daily to kill the Headless Horseman, but according to MMO-Champion, the average amount of Justice Points you'd get per heroic is either 23, or 39, if you're adding together the Heroic dungeon and Heroic boss. Not sure.

You get 24 Justice Points for killing HH each day, and say if you got 23 JP for each random dungeon.....1100/23 = 47.8 heroics to earn enough JP to buy my ilvl 264 chest piece, which, you guessed it, took me over 47 days to earn previously.

I'm probably a bit OCD in that, if I can only do something once per day, I MUST do something once a day. Remember the Arcanite transmutes, where you could only transmute every 48 hours? Yeah, I had about 90 of them saved up before they changed it.

So, for a casual player like me, the changes with the patch allow me to run heroics til my eyes bleed if I really want a piece of gear, then just let my toon do nothing, and be free to go play my other toons without worrying about "missing out" on opportunities to get better stuff on my main.

I have to say though, it's gonna make me lazy. With the previous Triumph and Frost badge division, I would run heroics for Triumphs to get me to the 232-245 level of gear, while waiting for enough Frosties to slowly, agonizingly slowly, replace piece by piece of gear.

Now? My mage Banesidhe is in Frostsavage Battlegear, with the BOA chest and shoulders. I'll replace my level 187 pieces with level 251-264 pieces, or if some level 200 pieces drop, I'll go for them in the meantime. With heroics being tuned for Wrath talent trees, we are way OP for heroics nowadays, so I doubt my lower dps will really even raise an eyebrow, or get me kicked.

I'm a patient person, and I just don't see the point of spending 591 JP for XXX, or 935 JP for YYY, when I could run a few more heroics and get ZZZ for 1100 JP.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update to Cog of Doom


Just wanted to share this. A very enterprising person posted this in the Bug Report Blizzard forums. Link

Deyneth made up scripts for 2 macros, the first of which you'd use whenever there might be a possibility of freezing the game. I'd recommend turning off the tooltips whenever going into a random dungeon, like when zoning into the Oculus, your mouse naturally lands right on the entrance portal, causing the freeze-up. Also, definitely do it when going for the Headless Horseman. The first script will still allow you to interact with objects, it just won't pop up a tool tip description when you hover over them.

And, when the danger has passed, like after you've killed the HH, use the second to turn tooltips back on.

I've taken the liberty of posting the scripts here as well. Copy & paste into macros for your toons, and you shouldn't have any problems. /cheers for Deyneth!

Turn Off Tooltips

/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Temphide);

Turn On Tooltips

/script GameTooltip:SetScript("OnShow", GameTooltip.Show);

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gold making with Hallow's End


Oh yeah, I had forgotten about this. The wands you need for the Hallow's End Achievement The Masquerade are not limited duration. I had saved mine from last year, so immediately when the event started this year I was able to post "Selling wand charges for the Masquerade, X,X,X,X for 20g each."

I probably have about 5-10 wands on most of my 30 toons, and I've probably sold about 400 gold worth of charges so far, just in the course of continent hopping thru Dalaran while doing Hallow's End quests.

I'm not gold hungry, otherwise I could just stay in Dalaran and constantly spam trade with it. If you wanted to do so, the first few days would be your best market, as the demand will definitely wane.

The Cog of Doom!!!!!! ...... Or, how a mouse-over throws a wrench in the works


Hallow's End is upon us, and I was looking forward to getting my Loot on with the Headless Horseman, especially since I only managed to do the event once with Bloodshrike last year.

Instead, I've only managed to become like Ichabod Crane, dumped unceremoniously from the instance when I zone in. When you get in the graveyard, directly in front of you is a pumpkin, which you almost are invariably already mousing over. Unfortunately......there seems to be a bug in the 4.01 patch, which will frequently cause WoW to freeze up when mousing over or clicking on almost anything that shows a cog. Mage tables, flags, anything of that sort can cause problems.

I had thought that some of my addons were causing the problem, as I noticed Deadly Boss Mods message load, then WoW immediately froze up. But after poking around the forums, it looks like it's on Blizz to fix it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lolcat nation

funny pictures-DISDAIN
see more Lolcats and funny pictures


Every generation strives to differentiate itself from the preceding, be it with dress, hairstyles, mannerisms, cuisine, or slang. The last one often causes the most problems, as you can look at someone and think they have a weird haircut, or dress funny, but as long as they use proper grammar in talking to you, you can still understand them.

Slang is the point where communication breaks down. It's almost reminiscent of cryptography, where 2 or more people have devised a system of substitution in messages, only comprehensible to another person possessing the means to turn the information back from code to intelligible words.

With slang on WoW, it seems to be split mainly along acronyms "LFM 4 VOA 25" and lolcat, which is basically a transposition cypher. It may look like the person can't spell to save his life, but there's a method to their madness. It's a mixture of baby-talk and deliberate misspelling of words, that, while annoying, still can convey a message.

However, the root word of lolcat is "lol", which I do have a problem with. When I was about 14, my family had a boarder. While she was a very nice lady, she had the nervous habit of laughing constantly while carrying on a conversation, even when it was a serious or boring subject. "So I went to the store (haha), and bought a bottle of water, and brought it to class with me (hahaha)."

LOL means "laughing out loud", and is used to show that the writer is talking about something funny, or literally laughing while writing the words. Unfortunately, it now seems to be overly used, much like our lady renter used to do. "Can I haz 2 gold pz lol" is not a funny message, nor is "we just raped allies in WG lol." It also seems that "lol" has replaced the period, as you will see it artificially tacked on to the ends of sentences, without any punctuation following it.

I'm nowhere near as introverted as Gevlon seems to be, with his list of rules for "The Pug." I congratulate someone who dings a new level during a dungeon run, as I am always happy when one of my toons gets to a new level, where they can equip new weapons and armor, and learn new skills. I also end every dungeon by saying "Good tanking and heals, thanks!" because after having played three tank classes (DK, warrior, paladin), I understand how hard tanking can be, especially when running with dps who overgear you by 1-2000 Gearscore, and have no concept of throttling their dps to allow you to maintain threat. I believe that a few well-deserved words can boost a persons spirit, and make the grinding of running dungeons a bit more enjoyable. My pally tank Clockwrknyt ran Shattered Halls at 68, and while the level 70 dps came and went, the healer stayed with me, congratulated me at the end, and said that they would really like to run Utgarde with me next.

I guess I'm just venting here because of boredom, while waiting for maintenance to end, so I can log in and check all the shiny new things we're getting with the patch.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Leave


Yes, Utgarde Pinnacle is not a hard heroic. But when you get that amount of rampant disrespect and ass-hattery, it's better to cut your loss, and just get out of there. I was just caught unaware by the sheer selfishness and laziness of that priest, so much that I wanted to get out of it asap. As a tank, you have to develop a thick skin, since you'll get blamed for a lot of things that aren't your fault.

DPS died because they pulled an extra pack of mobs to make the run go faster? Your fault. Everyone wipes because they don't know the fight? Your fault.

You don't have to put up with it though. There was a priest and druid in the group, and I was expecting Prayer of Fortitude or even individual buffs of the Fortitude and Mark of the Wild, if they were too lazy to pick up the ingredient to do a raid cast. Goodness knows, it's hard to click a button to buff people individually.

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been


Well, right around this time last year I was starting to get into the holiday achievements. After the fun of the Fire Festival, with 2 easy dailies that all my toons could do, I started doing the Brewfest dailies. Those are the actual opposite of fun, when doing them with a lot of alts. If you click on the brewfest label for this post, you can see how much time and effort I put into them last year.

This year? Meh. Gwyddion on Daggerspine racked up 200 tokens, and got the Brew of the Month membership. I didn't bother going to 350 tokens, because she already had the Disturbing the Peace achievement from last year. I had gotten to 350 tokens, got the clothes, gotten drunk, and was racing the clock back to Ironforge to turn the clothes in and get the membership. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.

But..........I was able to pick up a little something extra for my main Bloodshrike. I wasn't comfortable trying to get into the PUG groups to kill Coren last year, but with the LFD tool this year, it's supremely easy to kill him daily. That completed my last requirement for this achievement, and got me my 90th mount, the 310% speed Violet Proto-Drake.

I also was able to get Brewmaster for Pallormortis, Bullkathos, and my soon to be 80's Banesidhe and Thrillkiller.

Doing the dailies netted me 5 tankards, a teleporter for Bullkathos and Bloodshrike, a dagger for Bull/Thrill/Blood/Pallor, a Kodo for Bull, and a Ram for Bull/Pallor....and Pallor again.
No luck for Bloodshrike. Random number generator iz random....

So on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, ALL toons now have either the Brewmaster title, or need to be high enough level to use the food/drink and kill Coren, and they'll have the title then. On Darrowmere, I'm just gonna wait until they're close enough to 78 to be able to kill Coren and get the one-time 40 token quest, then go from there. There's only 7 toons that I would have to do that with, so I'm happy to put it off.

Here's hoping I'll have better luck at Hallow's End.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My love affair with Engineering - Part 4


Level 65-80 (376-450 engineering)
Bombs - Saronite Bombs, 'nuff said. You could use explosive rabbits, but you need to have the EMP device on your belt to set them off. Portable Nuke for Goblin engineers, but you'll want to use a shield spell/item with it to offset the damage. It does have the highest bomb damage in the game, though.

Goggles - You will want to make the Mechanized Snow Goggles at 65, which will automatically make the armor type you can wear (Cloth,leather,mail,plate). Enchant them with the 45 stamina Mind Control enchant, and replace them at 72 with your class type epic goggles, which are ilvl 200. These will last you until 80, and even will be useful until you've gotten all your other armor up to the 226-232 level.

Flying Mount - At level 70, you can build your own epic flying mount, but you have to go back to Shadowmoon Valley to learn the recipe.

Trinkets - Noise Machine and Sonic Booster can be very useful for a level 65 tank, as well as any other class. I've been playing around with having my paladin use 1 of each while going thru BC dungeons, and they seem to work out well. I'm not sure if I'd want to use the Noise Machine on a Warrior Tank, since it might interfere with rage generation. There's the Gnomish Lightning Generator trinket, and if you make 2, the crit will stack, but you can't activate them individually. Also, I've found that if you only equip 1, and have the other in your bank/bags, you can't fire the equipped one with a macro. Either make only 1, or never use them seperately.
BTW, Gnomes can equip any of the 3 trinkets at level 50, since they have a +15 racial engineering bonus, they can get up to 390 engineering.
Have a level 420+ engineer make 2 Noise Machines for your level 50 mage, equip your Xtreme Lite boots with Greater Fortitude, your belt, and your goggles of choice, and you'd have at least 173 spellpower and a buttload of stamina and other bonuses.

Self Portal - Wormhole Generator: Northrend is awesome. Not only is using the flight taxi expensive in Northrend, it takes forever to get from Dalaran to Borean Tundra to do the fishing daily there. Not with this, you drop from the sky right into the lake, and are easily able to complete the quest within minutes of accepting it.

Cloak Enchants - Melee and caster varieties, you probably won't even think of getting another enchant for your cloaks.

Glove enchants - Haste, armor, or long range attack to finish off a fleeing foe, your pick.

Do-it-yourself Rocket Boots - Nitro Boosts 24 critical strike rating and blazing speed, hell yes!

Mailbox on demand - MOLL-E If you ever think of going for the Insane in the Membrane achievement, you would kick yourself for not having engineering to be able to turn in multiple librams to the Shen'dralar. Also useful for mailing off stuff to an auction house alt when your bags get too full while farming.

Robot Butler - Jeeves is really nice while in a dungeon to sell your trash too on your 20th run thru Stratholme for the Baron's mount. Or, your tank threw a drama fit and left during a heroic? Pull out your tanking equipment from the bank, and show the rest of the PUG what you can do.

Resurrection - And so much more! The Army Knife is everything you need for your tradeskills, plus you can rez your healer if you survived a wipe.

Land Mount - It's a motorcycle, and it always makes you feel like you're going fast, especially when it shifts into second. C'mon!

I'm not going to discuss ammo, scopes, or ranged weapons, since they don't have very much of a profit margin now, and ammo will be going away with Cataclysm.

I hope that some will be inspired to look more closely at engineering, and not just at the few enchants, port, butler, mailbox, and mounts that are useful at level 80.

My love affair with Engineering - Part 3


Level 50-64 items of note. (level 300-375 engineering)

Bombs such as Fel Iron Bomb, Adamantite Grenade, and Cobalt Frag Bomb (which is made at 350 engineering, and already is a WOTLK recipe) will be made while leveling up, but once you've burned through those, and are heading into Outlands, you'll want Saronite Bombs. The Box of Bombs recipe is learned at 405 engineering, but you only need 350 engineering to use them! Look for them in the AH, and buy them when they're a good price, or pay a max level engineer to make some for you.

Goggles are also back in fashion. Now, you could go with Cogspinner Goggles, and hope you get some good stats on the helm. Or you could go for Power Amplification Goggles, which are decent for casters, with no hoping and praying needed. You could wait for level 62 to make and use your class specific helm, but you'll probably be replacing that at level 65 with your cloth/leather/mail/plate version of the Snow Goggles, which usually have pretty nice stats on their random enchants. It's pretty much of a waste of Khorium Bars to make the BC class goggles now, so I don't recommend it. What I DO recommend is the Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles, which, while cloth, have a mix of stats that will appeal to any class. Either do the Libram of Constitution quest for more health, or have a level 60 add a Heavy Knothide Armor Kit to your BOE goggles before you equip them. Hint, go for the heavy knothide!! The 10 stamina will multiply with Blessing of Kings, but 100 health won't.

Goblin Engineers will want at least 1 Rocket Launcher, 2 if they're tanks.
Gnomish Engineers would want the Poultryizer, 2 if they're tanks.

Self Portals - Area 52 Ripper for Goblins, Toshley's Teleporter for Gnomish.

Paladin/Warrior Tanks - When you step in Outland dungeons, a Force Reactive Disk on your arm can help you make sure that you stay on top of the threat list, even despite those newly minted DK's doing their best to wipe the run.
Mount - At level 60, you can learn and make your Flying Machine, one of the few profession created flying mounts.

Money Maker - Are you tired of constantly dumping gold into the engineering profession, with nothing to show for it other than being overpowered at your level? The Mote Extractor will start filling your pockets with gold once you hit Zangarmarsh and go thru the quest to learn it. Especially useful in Nagrand for the Windy Clouds, which drop Motes of Air, since Primal Air is usually the most expensive Primal. It continues being useful in Northrend too, with plenty of clouds in Sholozar, Wintergrasp, and other areas to give you free Crystallized elements.

Bubble Belt - Finally, an upgrade for your Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt. The Nigh Invulnerabilty Belt can be equipped at level 50, yet its ilevel is high enough that you could socket it with a belt buckle at level 70.

Xtremely Overpowered Boots - The Xtreme boots for melee toons, and the Xtreme Lite boots for casters. These are yet another engineering item that can accept enchants of a higher level, which would be WOTLK enchants like Icewalker and Greater Fortitude. I know for a fact that they'll take those 2, and they'll probably take Tuskarr's and Greater Assault.

My love affair with Engineering - Part 2


On to the level 35-49 range! (level 225-300 engineering)

Even more powerful bombs are available, though I only list the ones I usually use, since the others are to costly for my tastes. Dense Dynamite at level 250, and Fel Iron Bomb at 300. I never actually make Fel Iron bombs at this level though, since I hate not getting skill points. I usually just shuffle them from my level 50+ toons, since they make them to advance their engineering at that level.
Not much in the goggle department in this range, since you'll have started to get stats on your helm drops by now.
More class borrowing though.

Resurrection - Goblin Jumper Cables XL have a much higher chance of working. /yell "Live, dammit!" when you're gonna shock someone.

Underwater Breathing - Don't have a shaman/warlock with you? Don't feel like stocking breathing potions from an alchemist? Just pop on your Deepdive Helmet when you're running low on air, then switch back.

More Attack Pets - The chicken, walking bomb, and two dragonlings become available in this range, though you'll have to be level 40 and 50 for the dragonlings, goblin engineer for the bomb, and a gnomish engineer for the chicken. Also, unlike before, they've been severely nerfed. They used to scale in level with your engineering level, meaning that you could have a guardian pet that was a lot higher in level then you were. Plus, if you are a dedicated engineer, at level 50 you'll be crafting Burning Crusade trinkets, making the Arcanite Dragonling unnecessary.

Mind Control - Mind Control, not just for priests! Tricky to use though, the one time I tried it I couldn't get out of combat, and kept getting swarmed by mobs.

Death Ray - The signature attack of the new Cataclysm hero class, the Combat Engineer! Seriously though, if you use this during the 35-49 range, it will help a lot. You really need to couple it with the bubble belt/paladin bubble/Mana shield/Void Walker Sacrifice/Power Word: Shield to get the most use out of it though, since it will hurt you severely while charging otherwise. This is one of the reasons that all of my engineers go Gnomish except paladins, and even they go gnomish first to get this and the chicken, then go Goblin after. And this was when you had to drop engineering to switch specializations too. And go uphill to school, in the snow, both ways......

Self Portals - Before the portal in Dalaran was available to drop you in front of the Caverns of Time, you had a long flight from TB or Org to get to Tanaris, and an even longer one from Darnassus. The Gnomish Gadgetzan teleporter and the Goblin Everlook Ripper give level 260 engineers a time saving device that they can use every 4 hours. Just remember, keep fire extinguishers and healing spells handy when going to Winterspring, and keep your parachute on when going to Tanaris. Accidents can and will happen. Also, be prepared to /yell "You no take candle!!!" when tranformed into a kobold in the teleport chamber.

Other fun gadgets - High Powered Flashlight, Goblin Rocket Helmet, and the Gnomish World Enlarger.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My love affair with Engineering - Part 1


Ever since my warlock Bonescourge on Demon Soul picked up engineering, I have been in love with that profession. Why, do you ask?

The sheer versatility it grants you, of course! Let's face it, the other professions have a rising curve of items that you can use, so it's better to leave off leveling them until you are at the level of the items that you can equip.

In contrast, there's actually a decline on how useful engineering can be to a toon, which starts at each level cap that you can advance the profession. Level 5,10,20,35,50, each of these levels, you want to max out the profession in order to make the most use of the items you can get.

I'm not going to discuss the level 5-10 gap, since you probably wouldn't even visit a capitol city yet. However, at level 10, you can powerlevel engineering up to 150 which gives you access to three different goggles, the stats of which would normally not be gotten until the late 20's. You also have a limited time portable tank in the target dummy, which does what a tank is supposed to do, by attracting monsters and allowing you to dps without the mobs beating on you. You also have some AOE bombs, which probably do a lot more damage then you would be able to crank out at that level.

Moving on to level 20-34 (level 150-225 engineering). A few more goggles become available at this cap, though I've never made the Craftman's Monocle. Melee toons go with the Bright-Eye Goggles, casters go with Spellpower.

More AOE bombs, with Solid Dynamite and Goblin Land Mine being the top contenders.
And now, we start really getting into borrowing from other classes spells, with major cooldowns.

Resurrection - Goblin Jumper Cables

Combat pets (like hunter and warlock pets) - Reaper and Dragonling. Unfortunately, the Reaper does kinda suck, but every little bit of damage helps, and you can get most of the mats back when he self-destructs.

Vanish - Gnomish Cloaking Device. I've used this on my level 20 paladin to get past the elites in Winterspring Gorge, to get to the demon vendor who sells gromsblood and felcloth.

Paladin Bubble - If you've gotten a toon to level 30 and picked Gnomish Engineering, you could make the bubble belt for any class that can at least wear leather. Going up against an elite or doing some PvP? Extend your life by popping this when you get low on health.

Druid Root - Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector could be useful by rooting 1 elite in place while you beat on the other one. Again, have a Gnomish Engineer make it for you.

Dash/Sprint - 2 boots, the Gnomish and Goblin Rocket Boots. I highly advise using the Gnomish ones, since the Goblin ones can explode permanently.

Perception (human racial talent) - Keep getting ganked by an annoying rogue or druid? Catseye Goggles will boost your ability to see stealthed toons, cutting their advantage decisively. The only problem is the lack of stats on the goggles, meaning that you'll be killed at least once before you think to put them on.

Slow Fall/Levitate - Parachute Cloak is a must for any non mage/priest engineer. Since it's ilvl 45, it will accept the +12 agility to cloak enchant, unlike any other cloak under level 35. With 20 agility on my cloak, I usually end up keeping this equipped until level 65, when you can max out engineering to 450, and get the tinkering parachute enchant. For casters, you can just put +50 armor on it, and that's fine too.
This is the first item that is able to take higher level enchants, but it's certainly not the last.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The most useful pet in the game


Hey, only one month since my last post!
I've actually been mulling over a few topics, but one of them leapt to the front of my brain tonight.

The most useful pet you can get is.......a Death Knight of the opposite faction!
If you're stuck trying to get reputation from rarely visited areas like Hellfire Peninsula (Thrallmar/Honor Hold rep) or Nagrand (Mag'har or Kurenai rep), they can really help you out. Now, I realize that you can just grind rep by killing ogres, but if you want Halaa Battle Tokens, you're usually outta luck. And why would you want those Battle Tokens? The two Talbuks that you can buy, of course! If you're going for the Mountain o' Mounts achievement, every little bit helps. I'm currently at 89/100, and getting those plus the 8 Talbuks from exalted with the Mag'har would definitely come in handy. So, do the daily PvP quest in Nagrand, and after 17 days, you'd have 8500 rep extra, plus 170 tokens.

Here's the catch, though. You gotta be around the same level as the DK. They have to be at least green to you, so they give you honor for kills. No honor, no tokens. So, the only way I'd be able to get those mounts for my main Bloodshrike would be to get my friend to level up his DK to whatever level gets him to be green to an 80. I'm not sure that's gonna happen anytime soon.....
If you've blown past Outlands, you really have to kiss those mounts goodbye, because it's gonna be extremely hard to find a level 80 cruising around Nagrand, that's also landed around the outskirts of Halaa, and the chance of you killing them 170 times is slim to none.
You could still kill your pet DK to get the daily quest done, for an easy 500 rep with the Mag'har, but you won't get the tokens unless they're green to you.

In contrast, Thrallmar rep can still be earned fairly easily playing solo, in 2 ways. One, with the daily pvp quest. Two, you can solo Shattered Halls at 80 for the rep needed to level from honored to exalted, since rep from Ramparts and Blood Furnace stops at 5999/6000 Honored, and you can't earn any more from mobs until level 68, and have access to Shattered Halls. But guess what, at level 68 you can go to Northrend, and so nobody runs those dungeons anymore.

Here's where the rules get fuzzy. Any level player can kill a player of the opposing faction when in the three stadiums, and still recieve a Mark. Turn those marks in 5 at a time, and get a rep boost buff. Now, if you manage to get a rep run with other players, or do it solo, you're getting more reputation per mob than normal.

Getting those marks is also pretty sweet for a toon that just hit Outlands, too. My paladin Clockwrknyt was able to get her first Libram and a sweet trinket that should help her with tanking. Mana AND life back, without having to use judgements or seals!
She earned the marks with a combination of the daily PvP quest, which gives you 3 tokens, and also laying the smack down on my pet DK, one kill at a time.

The reason that this came to mind was because of an encounter I had while doing the daily pvp quest for the tokens and rep. My pet DK was standing outside one of the stadiums, waiting for Bloodshrike to fly over, whereupon he would go inside, tip the balance to neutral, and let Bloodshrike recapture it. A level 80 Blood Elf DK swoops down, and slaughters him. I whispered to him to please leave him alone, as I was using him to do the daily. Not only did he try to camp the DK's corpse, he also squatted on the stadium, pushing the balance all the way over to max Horde side. He also pretended to speak french when I asked him to stop it.

When I armoried him, I just had to laugh. Apparently, he liked the starting Relic and trinket so much, he kept using them. He also seems to be unsure of whether to PvP, tank, or DPS, based on his gear and gemming. I truly understand the term "faceroller" after dealing with this illustrious gentleman.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 months since my last post

....and I don't know why. I just really would rather play the game then talk about it, I guess. But, WoW is down for maintenance, and extended maintenance on Demon Soul, where all my mains are, for the entire day, so now's a good time.

I didn't post anything about the Midsummer Fire festival, kinda because I was bummed I didn't get the Frigid Frostling, even though I ran it every day of the festival.
Here's a quick recap of my toons leveling during the Festival. Keep in mind that most of the leveling was just off the 2 dailies, the Torch Tossing and Catching. Those reward basically the max xp of a quest at that toons level, which is generally enough for at least a bubble's worth on your xp bar. Only the toons that were around level 70 did the Ice Lord lieutenant killing, since it was easy to take a portal from Dalaran to Thunder Bluff, do the dailies and get the Striking Back quest, take the portal there to Blasted Lands, go thru the Dark Portal, kill the Glacial Templar, then hearth back to Dalaran.

6/21 Start of Midsummer Fire Festival.
Demon Soul
Bloodshrike - 80
Bullkathos - 73
Thrillkiller - 68
Bonescourge - 53
Banesidhe - 72 (and dinged 73 that day)
Kukoshakaku - 51
Clockwrknyt - 58
Burizadokyanon - 41
Morticide - 34
Pallormortis - 80

Clockwrkmage - 60
Preyonyou - 37
Tsuris - 52
Aosdanasaoi - 50
Hangfire - 42
Panzergishi - 49
Kishigishi - 49 (got 50 off dailies)
Ryoushigishi - 52
Gwiddonyn - 46
Doomslinger - 38 (dinged 39 on dailies)

Bloodshrike - 49
Clockwrkmage - 31
Psilentkill - 36 (dinged 37)
Didactylos - 27
Gavelofpain - 29
Wartraveler - 28
Misericorde - 30
Ghostflame - 25
Gimmershred - 29
Annihilus - 26

6/22 - (Darrowmere) Clockwrkmage->32, Gavelofpain->30, Misericorde->31
6/23 - (Daggerspine) Gwiddonyn->47
6/24 - (Demon Soul) Clockwrknyt->59
(Daggerspine) Preyonyou->38, Hangfire->43, Gwiddonyn->48
(Darrowmere) Wartraveler->29, Gimmershred->30
6/25 - (Demon Soul) Bonescourge->54, Morticide->35
6/26 - (Demon Soul) Thrillkiller->69
(Daggerspine) Tsuris->53, Kishigishi->51
(Darrowmere) Didactylos->28
6/27 - (Demon Soul) Kukoshakaku->52
(Daggerspine) Aosdanasaoi->51
6/28 - (Demon Soul) Thrillkiller->70, Burizadokyanon->43
(Daggerspine) Panzergishi->50
(Darrowmere) Ghostflame->26
6/29 - Nobody dinged
6/30 - (Daggerspine) Gwiddonyn->49, Doomslinger->40
(Darrowmere) Bloodshrike->50
7/1 - (Daggerspine) Ryoushigishi->53
(Darrowmere) Clockwrkmage->33, Psilentkill->38, Gavelofpain->31
7/2 - (Demon Soul) Morticide->36
(Daggerspine) Preyonyou->39
(Darrowmere) Bloodshrike->51, Misericorde->32
7/3 (Demon Soul) Bullkathos->75, Bonescourge->55, Clockwrknyt->60, Burizadokyan->44, Morticide->37-38-39 (yeah, he put out a lot of torches that day )
(Daggerspine) Clockwrkmage->62
7/4 (Demon Soul) Clockwrknyt->61

So, most of my toons got at least 1-2 levels during these 2 weeks of leveling, with the star being Morticide, bouncing up 5 levels. I could have done more if I had everyone do the torches in each zone, but that takes about 4-5 hours each, with all the flying and traveling you have to do. Since this was added to my daily regimen of Bloodshrike and Pallormortis' Frost Badge dungeons and Argent Tournament dailies, plus Bloodshrike/Pallor/Bane/Thrill/Bull doing the Dalaran Fishing and Cooking dailies.....I'm happy with what I did. The Midsummer Fire Festival is definitely my favorite holiday for leveling.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ur doeing it rong, lol!


Urrgghh....just seeing that on the screen makes you cringe, doesn't it? That means that someone is about to drop a pearl of wisdom on you, swiftly summarizing your playstyle as bad, because it's not done according to what they're used to.

I just finished doing heroic TOC for the 54th time, just gathering my daily 3 Champion Seals for the last mount I need from the Argent Tournament. The first tank dropped out after the first wipe, we kicked the healer after the second wipe since he wasn't really doing a great job of healing, and after the 3rd wipe and subsequent victory over Lady Paletress, the new tank commented that the dps was terrible. Then, he started blaming me! He said, "Oh, Beastmaster. You should go Survival, you'd do 4k dps easily. And your weapons are wrong too, even Marrowstrike (which had just dropped) would be better."
I currently have Blood Weeper and Nighttime equipped, with 65 AP on both of them. Here's my armory link.

But, excuse me? I was tops dps of the group! My pet gorilla was doing about the same dps as the rogue. Just because I had 5k GS, that means that I should carry the whole group? It seems that PUG's tend to rely on the fact that people with higher equipment are still forced to run heroics to get emblems or seals, so they feel comfortable showing up in sub-par gear, confident that they'll still get carried thru the instance.

As Beastmaster, with my pets damage added to mine (Diznizzia is my pet), I was doing about 3300 dps. Plus, I was using Misdirect as much as possible so that the tank could do their job without worrying about someone like me pulling aggro. The rogue was at 3300 GS, the DK was probably 4400. And yet I'm supposed to "know my roll?"

I might change my second spec from Marksman (since I've never used it) to Survival, but that's just because I want to try it out. I brought sufficient firepower to the instance to justify my being in it. The others should do the same.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Soviet Russia, mounts pay you!

Yakov Smirnoff

Unlike most rep grind mounts, the Argent Tournament Champion Seal mounts pay for themselves, many times over. I'm currently at about 81 mounts (I think), on my way to the 100 mount achievement, and only have the troll 100 seal mount left.

Let's look at what getting ALL the mounts entails.
Each capitol city faction quartermaster offers 2 mounts, one for 100 seals, the other for 5 seals and 500g. All of them (Horde and Alliance) also sell the Argent Hippogryph flying mount for 150 seals.
11 mounts for 2500 gold, 675 seals

Sunreaver or Silver Covenant - 1 land mount 100 seals, 1 flying mount 150 seals.
2 mounts for 250 seals.

Argent Quartermaster Dame Evniki Kapsalis sells the Argent Warhorse for 100 seals to any class, and the Argent Charger to paladins.
1 mount for 100 seals (100 seals more for a paladin)

Grand total: 2500 gold, 14 mounts (for most classes), and 675 + 250 + 100 = 1025 seals required.

Add the teleport Tabard, and if your toon isn't an engineer, you might want the mailbox/vendor/bank option that the Pony Bridle offers, for an extra 150 seals.
Tabard and bridle = 200 seals.
I've already bought the tabard, and since I already have Jeeves, I'm very doubtful I'll go for the bridle, even though it does give you an achievement. Why not? Urggghhh, I am very, very, verrrrry tired of doing those AT dailies. Yes, it's a nice amount of gold, but it's a time-sucker, when I want to be working on other toons.

Let's break down how long it takes to earn 1025 seals, using only the dailies, once you're exalted with Argent Tournament.

3 seals + 3x(13.23 gold)= 39.69 gold from Sunreavers or Silver Covenant tent NPC's.

7 seals from the Argent Tournament tent. 6 quests, but 7 seals since TFA gives 2 seals. These quests also reward 6x(13.23)= 78.78 gold + 40 gold from the grab bag = 118.78 gold, plus the chance of extra Champion seals dropping occasionally from the bag.

So, 9 Daily quests, 118.78 gold, 10 seals per day. Let's also toss in the Heroic Trial of the Champion for an extra 3 seals, bringing us up to about 13 seals per day, give or take. I usually specifically do heroic TOC first, while doing quests, then do my random for Frost badges after that. Sometimes, you get TOC as the random, so you could have 16 seals that day.

1025/13 = 79 days. Well, really, 1075/13= 83 days, since you're definitely going to want to get the tabard to minimize travel time to the tournament grounds as much as possible. This is assuming you do all the dailies plus TOC every day, 7 days a week. Assuming you do this, 83 days times 118.78 = 9,858.74 gold. That's a profit of almost 7,400 gold, even after you pay for the 500 gold mounts.

So if you ever see a level 80 whining about gold, tell them to go buy all the Argent Tournament mounts. They won't have to worry about gold for a long time after that.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Children's Week


Another meta achievement, with some more pets available. No daily quests that come from the holiday itself, so no easy XP for my multitude of alts.

However, Bloodshrike, Bullkathos, Thrillkiller, Banesidhe, and Pallormortis on Demon Soul are able to do the Shattrath Orphan questline, with Pallor able to do the Dalaran as well (perhaps Banesidhe too, if I level soon enough). Since Bloodshrike already did the Dalaran questline when he got to 70, no luck with picking up the Oracle orphan, unless Blizz fixes the code to allow it. Oooh...I just remembered that Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine is my first Alliance to hit 60, so she can do the Shattrath quests too!

You know what the kicker is? The only thing that could keep me from getting the title on 5 of my alts this year is food. Yup, while you only need to be level 68 to queue for Utgarde, you need to be level 75 to eat some of the foods listed in Bad Example. You don't even need to be that high to accomplish the dreaded School of Hard Knocks, since Eye of the Storm is available at level 61.

Edit: Utgarde Pinnacle is actually accessed starting at level 78, so Bloodshrike will be the only toon I really need to stress about this year.

The Most Valuable Item in the Game


What is the most desirable mat for recipes in the game now? Primordial Saronite? Abyss Crystals? Titansteel Bars? Frozen Orbs? Not likely. Prices for high level mats are falling fast, with Primordial Saronite, once up to 1.8k gold each, now down to about 800 gold on the servers I play on.

And, exactly how much profit margin can you make with high level recipes? My enchanter Banesidhe can barely get work, even after dropping my crafting price from 30 to 20 to 15 gold for any of the Wrath enchants (of course I don’t have Blade Ward or Blood Draining, since he’s only level 69). Even when I enchant scrolls with those recipes, I find that the Auction House already has Berserker/Massacre/Super Stats in there already, at….and get this…..less than mat cost. So, enchanters get mats together, pay for or make their own Armor/Weapon Vellum III’s, then put them in the AH at less of a cost than the mats would sell for. Ludicrous!

What is it about the fact that it’s a game that prevents people from considering making a decent profit? I always measure things against how much gold my level 80 Bloodshrike can make doing the Argent Tournament Dailies, which is 13g 23 silver per, plus 4 of the quests have the option to make an additional 10 gold and a chance at another Champion Seal. When someone wants me to craft something for them, and they want to party up and then spend time gathering the mats, and 5 minutes later are ready for me to start crafting, then I get a 5-10 gold tip…..It’s not worth it to me.

My Blacksmith Bullkathos had someone whisper him to come to Orgrimmar to make a Razorplate chestpiece for them. I said sure, but I wanted to discuss the crafting fee first. This guy, just because he had mats, thought that that entitled him to have me make it for him free. I’ve bought all the Ulduar and TOC recipes that I have off the AH, and I’d like to make a profit on them.

I’ve probably used this analogy before, but I think it’s a good one. When people get accustomed to you crafting for free or for tips, that’s like them showing up at a carpenter’s house with bunch of lumber, and asking the carpenter to build you a house. When the carpenter is done, he maybe gets a $20 tip. Having mats means nothing! You can have all the mats in the world, but unless someone on your server has the recipe you want, you aren’t getting the item you need.

Getting the recipes, which for the most valuable ones means going out and either grinding specific mobs or building up reputation with a faction, that’s what makes you stand out among the crowd of other crafters who “LFW [Profession] Your mats free, tips appreciated.” I refuse to lower my standards on pricing. I spent hella gold/time either searching for bargains on the Quest items tab in the Auction House, or by doing dailies or killing monsters to gain rep with factions for the recipes that I possess. And for someone to compare that to a Max level enchanter who doesn’t have any other recipes than what the trainer taught him, and want to tip me the same? Hell no.

/end rant

So, getting to the original point of the post. Large Brilliant Shards are the most valuable items in the game to me right now, offering 500-5000% return on the cost of buying them from the AH. They have a multitude of uses in enchants, for heirloom items as well as enchants for equipment slots that don’t have heirloom pieces. Crusader, 15 Agility to 1hand, 25 Agility to 2h, Spellpower, Healing Power, and various other enchants to gloves and chest pieces.

So stock up, enchant scrolls, use the Auction House, and save yourself the grief of dealing with customers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

.........and that ain't bad!

27 out of 30.
Yup, 27 out of my 30 toons either got, or are able to get the Noble title this year.

I can't camp eggs on my servers. Even on sunday, when it started, there wasn't much of a turnout for the holiday on Daggerspine. Demon Soul and Daggerspine are PvP servers, and while Darrowmere is now a PvE realm, it just recently switched from PvP, so there still isn't a big population.
So, when I'm getting eggs, I have no choice to but to hunt them down individually. I'm sure glad I move with the mouse, because if I was WASD moving, there's no chance I would have gotten as many eggs as I did. Tons of them are hidden in pots that you have to tilt the camera over your shoulder to see, or placed under a wagon, behind a wheel, with a noblegarden rabbit hiding in front of it going "bok bok bok" (just kidding about the last part).

For the most part, I was able to get all the items needed to complete the achievements as drops, with a few exceptions.
Hangfire and Doomslinger on Daggerspine had to buy both the rabbit and flowers, as they didn't drop while I was getting the 100 eggs that I needed to eat. 300 more eggs needed total. I'm sure there were others who needed to buy the flowers or the robe, but hey, what's 50 more eggs?

On Daggerspine (my Ally server) everyone except Ryoushigishi got the title already, and Ryo just needs to finish up Shake your Bunny-Maker and the Badlands part of Desert Rose, and he's got it.

Demon Soul has 7 Nobles, with Kukoshakaku, Clockworknyt, and Morticide needing the Badlands rose to be planted.

Darrowmere has Bloodshrike (number 2) who already got the title, and then all the other level 20-30's who still haven't gotten the Badlands flight point, as well as need to finish up the bunny-maker achievement. Here's where my 3 failures reside as well. Gavelofpain, my shaman, who had completed the Bunny-maker achievement LAST year, but I ran out of time this year to finish up getting eggs to eat, and didn't get the Spring Robes to drop, so that would have probably been another 50 eggs to collect. Misericorde and Ghostflame....I just couldn't stomach the time and concentration needed to get the eggs for them.

Not to mention, as low levels, none of my toons didn't have the Tanaris or Un'Goro flightpoints, and couldn't survive in those zones safely. My method of getting it? Take the portal from Dalaran to the Caverns of Time, mount up and ruuuun to Tanaris for the flight point, drop a flower, run north to 1k needles for the next flower drop, come back to Tanaris, and head west, dodging all those ??? skull monsters determined to take a chomp out of my toons. Once I reached the rim of Un'Goro crater, my obsession with engineering let me use my Parachute Cloaks to jump from the cliff to a safe point partway down the wall, then jump from there to a plateau on the east side of the mountains. Run down to the valley, grab any Thorium veins if they're miners (at level 20, you can still have up to 300 mining if you powerlevel by smelting ore), and hug the mountains going north, then west to Marshal's Refuge.

Here's where I deviated from the normal method. For low level alts, after you grab the Refuge flightpoint, run down, then keep heading west until you get to the path up to Sithilus. Go get the flight point there, drop your flower, then come back to Un'Goro. After running through the level 50+ monsters to get to the Golakka Hot Springs, you're going to want to hearth out of there when you're done. Get transformed into a bunny, lay an egg, hearth to Dalaran, take a portal to Thunder Bluff or Darnassus, and fly over to Desolace for the last flower drop needed on Kalimdor. Now I just need to get.....oh, 6 toons to run from the Arathi Highlands flightpoint thru Wetlands, up to Loch Modan, and into Badlands. Sounds fun, right?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I do not eat green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am."

I would not, could not, in a box.
I could not, would not, with a fox.
I will not eat them with a mouse.
I will not eat them in a house.
I will not eat them here or there.
I will not eat them anywhere.
I do not eat green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

I don't like eggs anymore............
It's hard to be an altoholic sometimes. The Noblegarden meta is upon us, and as an altoholic, I feel compelled to try to complete it with all my toons, especially since it's one that doesn't require you to go into Northrend dungeons, and it will be the first title that they can achieve. Theoretically, you could get this done at like level 1, not counting the XP you'd get for discovering areas.
You'd need at least 105 eggs collected (100 to eat, 5 to buy an egg for Noble Garden) , assuming you got the
Spring Rabbit, Spring Robes, and Blossoming Branch as drops. You can buy the pieces for the Blushing Bride off the AH, so don't worry about them. already has a write-up for normal folks that are concerned with only getting the title for their mains, but I thought I'd add a few ideas for the people who want it for more than a few alts.

1. Collect 100+ Eggs. You're going to need to eat 100 of these for the Chocoholic achievement, and if you're not lucky enough to have the Spring Rabbit drop while you're collecting them, you'll need to buy the rabbit for an ADDITIONAL 100 eggs. Oh yeah, if you're a mage, you'll need 100 MORE eggs for the Rabbit Morph book. My strategy has been to collect about 100 eggs, then start eating everything over that. If I haven't gotten the rabbit to drop by the time I get the 100 eggs eaten, then I just hand in my overstock 100 eggs for the rabbit, and never, EVER pick up an egg again if I can help it.

2. Get your Spring Rabbit ASAP. People will be doing the Spring Fling achievement only in the first few days of the week, and after that, it'll be a lot more difficult to get it done, especially if you need it for 10 alts in each town. I'll probably end up paying someone to come out to each town to romance my rabbit for a few of my alts.

3. Get Hard Boiled done quickly as well. Hopefully you can just ask people in the zone to help you get it done, since they'd be coming to do the same thing. However, after the first day, it's hard to find people doing it. If need be, just get all your alts but your highest to the Hot Springs, and have that one back in the capitol city spam trade chat for someone to come out with enough Blossoming Branches to be able to transform all your alts. I figure 5 gold for each one, times 9 or 10, should be a decent reward for someone's time.

4. Desert Rose is actually not something you have to worry about. It doesn't need to be done during the meta week, you can get it done anytime during the year. Banesidhe, my original mage, actually got this done the day before Noblegarden started.

5. Another achievement that can be accomplished during the year is Shake Your Bunny-Maker. Bloodshrike on Darrowmere was actually my first toon to ever get the title, and she got it on (I'll have to check the date when wow is done with maintenance). No time limit on this, probably because Blizz realized that some of the races are rarely represented on some servers.

I'm going to need at least 2100 eggs this year, to get this done for all my toons. Why not 3150? Well, I was dedicated enough last year to get the Spring Rabbits for all my toons on Darrowmere, before just giving up on the achievement. It might be a bit less than that, since I haven't checked what toons have the rabbit on Demon Soul, but none of my toons on Daggerspine have the rabbit, since I really didn't like the way any of the Alliance towns placed the eggs.

I've got the title already for Clockwrkmage and Tsuris on Daggerspine on Sunday, Bloodshrike on Darrowmere already had it, and I think I'm pretty close on most of Demon Soul. Wish me luck!