Monday, June 8, 2009

How are you doing?


I finally, finally got around to leveling Bloodshrike on Demon Soul from 445-450 engineering. I was dreading it, because my chief method of skilling up was making Heartseeker Scopes, as I had this crazy idea of, y'know, actually making SOME gold while leveling a profession. But, when I was buying Twilight Opals at 20 gold each, and the recipe takes 2, plus 10 Saronite bars, and other people were posting them at 34 gold buyout......I said screw it, and started making more Gnomish Army Knives.

Granted, I'm a big fan of the Army knife. Almost all of my toons have one, except for my first mage, who's a Tailor/Enchanter. But Engineering forces you to almost oversaturate the market with just one person skilling up engineering up to 450. You learn the recipe for the Knives at 435, and even though I tried skilling up with the Heartseeker recipe to 445, I still ended up with at least 15 knives for one of my bank toons to sell off.

When I finally hit 450, and went back into the engineering shop in Dalaran to learn the 2 gun recipes, the engineering supplies vendor had the nerve to ask "How are you doing?" I'm freakin' pissed, that's how I'm doing!

If it required me to make a consumable to level engineering, I wouldn't care. A 20-stack Big Box O' Titanium-cored Titan bombs would be awesome, dealing 2500-3000 each bomb. Make the mats 1 Titansteel bar and 5 Saronite bars, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

Instead, the highest level regular bomb you get is:
Saronite Bomb
Requires Engineering (350)
1150 to 1500 Fire damage to targets in a 5 yard radius. This explosive is powerful enough to cause moderate siege damage

It's sad when Target Dummies exceed bombs in damage.....
Explosive Decoy
Requires Engineering (350)
Use: Summons a decoy that explodes when attacked, shredding enemies for 1440 to 2160 Physical damage. Lasts for 3 min or until it explodes. (2 Min Cooldown)

And, yes, there is one more bomb, available for Goblin Engineers to make AND use. But, my only Goblin engineers are Paladins, as you might have picked up.

Global Thermal Sapper Charge
Requires Engineering (400)
Requires Goblin Engineer
Use: Explodes when triggered, dealing 2188 to 2812 Fire damage to all enemies nearby and 2188 to 2812 damage to you. Also causes major siege damage. (5 Min Cooldown)

I haven't tested it yet, but this will probably be negated by the Nigh-invulnerability Belt, so Pally's wouldn't have to expend a bubble or a Blessing of Protection to soak up the damage.

I'll test it when I have my DK pick up engineering and go Goblin, since Pallor is 61, and Clockworknyt is only level 44.

Or perhaps they could make depleted-uranium Titansteel Bullets or Arrows..... but as of right now, it's not worth leveling to 450 for any of my other engineers. Level to 440 for the BOP helm, then stop. The 2 guns and the motorcycle can be bought off any other engineer, since they're BOE.