Friday, July 31, 2009

WWGD – What Would Gevlon Do?


I’ve been reading Gevlon’s blog for a bit now, and I’m wondering what Gevlon would have to comment on about getting recipes for professions other than Inscription. Would it be worthwhile to a goblin to pay gold for recipes, instead of farming them themselves? Also, would it be worth getting all recipes for that profession, no matter if they were moneymakers?

From a goblinish standpoint, the trick is to get rare, midlevel recipes that few other people on the server have, or make trainer taught items that require quite a few different mats. For example, the Helm of Fire will cost me about 15-20 gold in mats, but can be sold for 60-65 gold easily. It’s a great helm for its level, and even though it’s leather, I’m using it on a few of my paladins and warriors around that level, just because of the high agility (crit) and awesome fire burst damage every five minutes (great for a PvP server). Add to that all the rogues, hunters, druids, and enhancement shamans, and you have a wide market base. You just have to market it effectively, and don’t flood the auction house. Post one at a time.

Farm World Dragons, if you can. The recipes they drop are very rare, like the Lifelike Mechanical Toad and the Radiant Belt.

I also am a sucker for recipes. All of them. If it’s a dropped recipe, it’s a decent price, and I don’t have it…….sold. That means less time that I would have to spend bored out of my mind, mindlessly killing the same mobs over and over again, cursing Blizzard for making recipes have such a low drop rate. Case in point: Pattern: Stormshroud Armor. When I finally got Tsuris to level 35, and powerleveled LW to 300, I noticed this high crit/dodge armor set, perfect for feral druids or rogues. The pants recipe is vendor bought, and the gloves and shoulders are usually readily available on the AH, but the armor…….the armor……
I ground the Arkkoran Oracles in Azshara for 3+ hours on Daggerspine to get the recipe, and then decided to do the same on Demon Soul. Another 4 hours of grinding, an almost infinite amount of zesty clam meat from the clams they drop, and Kukoshakaku had his own recipe. And on Darrowmere, it dropped for me on the AH, for a mere 10 gold. Aaaarrrrggggh!!!

Since I've gotten to Outlands, and have started to replace my 50's blues and epics with Outland greens, I've come to this conclusion: Don't kill yourself. Unless the recipe is for stuff below level 59 that a twink could wear, don't spend a lot of time or gold trying to get the recipes (this applies to Blacksmithing/Tailoring/Leatherworking recipes). If it drops, or if it's cheap on the AH, get the recipe. But after having the Arcanite Champion recipe learned for for months, and finally getting my warrior Bullkathos high enough to use it, and spending 150+ gold on mats even after I had Bloodshrike make the Arcanite Bars..... then replacing it with Fel Iron Hatchets at level 61 with Fel Iron Greatsword right around the corner.....Priceless. Granted, I'll still use it when I'm just doing some grinding for quests, but as soon as I hit 63, that's going in the bank.

Finish – I’m not trolling for comments from Gevlon, or flaming him, or anything like that. I just came up with the headline, and had to write something to match it.