Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers


As we’ve already established, I’m an altoholic. I’m also a bit of a recluse. Most of the time I prefer doing my own thing, and don’t like having to deal with people on a regular basis. When I first started WoW, I joined the first guild that invited me. I left after a little while, because the conversation scrolling by on guild chat was about as interesting as trade chat, and I didn’t want to double my punishment (yeah, I know you can turn trade chat off, I just keep it up because very occasionally there’s some topic that’s interesting, or a good deal comes up on it).

Nowadays, I play WoW like I used to play Diablo II online; I kind of view people as my gatherers. I don’t have the patience or time to grind for dropped recipes on 3 different servers, but if it happens to drop for someone, and they happen to put it on the AH, and I don’t have the recipe, I’ll probably grab it, no matter the price. It’s not that I’m shy around people, and I don’t talk about WoW ALL the time - though Steve or Francois might beg to differ.

Anyway, I had started toons on both Draka (PvE)(Horde side) and Gurubashi (PvP)(Ally side) to help out Kevin and Francois, respectively. They both ended up transferring those toons from those servers, and I was left with a few more toons on my account, bringing me closer to the 50 toon limit set by Blizzard. I decided to get rid of the temptation of playing those toons, and went ahead with it this evening. I logged into Gurubashi, and discovered that I still had a bunch of engineering stuff that hadn’t been moved to Horde side before Francois’ toon got transferred. I didn’t want to waste the recipes/mats/gold that I had collected, so I decided to host a giveaway. I posted on trade “Looking for dedicated low level engineer. I don’t want advice, pst link to engineering for a reward.”

People are naturally suspicious of strange posts, so I didn’t get many replies at first. So, I decided to make my message a bit less cryptic. “I’m deleting this toon, and I want to give my stuff to a low level engineer that shows worthiness. You won’t be disappointed.” The criteria I was looking for was someone who took the time and effort to actually acquire dropped recipes, either by buying them on the AH, or by grinding for them by themselves. The Johnny-come-latelies to engineering that powerlevel it at 80 are usually the ones that sneer at the low level trinkets and bombs, and refuse to admit how useful they could be. I didn’t want to reward them, so I was looking for someone a bit like me, who powereleveled engineering to 225 at level 20ish, and would appreciate the gift I was giving them.

Well, a couple of high levels posted me, wanting to know what I was up to. One level 72 said he had 360 engineering (I think, fuzzy on the numbers). That didn’t sound like my type of player, so I kept looking. Another level 80 had a whopping 99 out of 150 engineering. No, sorry. The level 72 was persistent, though. He asked, “What about a level 19 with 165 engineering?” I said he could log him in, and I’d check him out. He posted his engineering list, and while he was definitely a twink, he didn’t just do it for the goggles. He had the Goblin Jumper Cable recipe, and the Minor Recombobulator and Gnomish Universal Remote trinkets equipped. I thought he deserved a reward.

So, Endeavour of Gurubashi, I salute you. You showed perserverance in talking to me, and dedication in engineering by getting all the recipes you could for your twink. You deserved the 462 gold, the Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling, the Schematic: Sniper Scope, and the rest of the stuff in my bank that I gave you. Oh yeah, I also gave him 3x
Recipe: Tasty Lion Steak, and explained how much it could sell for on the neutral AH.

One toon deleted. On to Draka. Pretty much the same story, a disbelieving audience, a couple of high level engineers were the only ones to post. One, a level 70 Tauren Hunter named GSMoomoo, posted his Goblin recipe book. 315 out of 375, not bad, and he had learned the Goblin Jumper Cables XL, the Mechanical Yeti recipe from Winterspring, and the Snake Burst Firework recipe from Feralas. He deserved it, in my opinion.
On Draka, I had most of my stuff transferred to Kevin, so all I had to give him were 45 Truesilver Bars, 57 Thorium Ore, 4 x Pattern: Bright Yellow Shirt, 4 x Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth, 4 x Recipe: Discolored Healing Potion, 5 x Formula: Enchant Chest - Lesser Mana, and also 152 gold. I asked if I could give him some advice, and he said yes, so I told him what to sell in the Horde AH, and what to sell in Booty Bay AH. He said he wished that we could play together, which would have been cool, but the whole reason for the giveaway was so I could delete some toons. I gave him my blog address in case he ever wanted some advice, I /saluted him, logged, and deleted the toon.

That was pretty fun, actually! I’m thinking of perhaps doing this weekly on Demon Soul/Daggerspine/Darrowmere, seeking out a deserving engineer to give a a Lifelike Mechanical Toad or 50 gold, or give them the choice to post it on the AH while I price higher, so they could double their money. Hehehe, I’ll hook them on the AH before they know what hit them.

I might even do it on the opposite faction of those servers, seeking out a worthy Alchemist to give a Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth to, since I usually have a backlog of those recipes on Ally side. They just don’t sell as quickly as the Savory Deviate Delight recipe.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gold? I got a guy for that.


Well, I’m helping out another friend at work with gold. My dispatcher Steve is a fellow player, but like most normal people, doesn’t worry overly much about making gold. He just hit 64 with his main Mage, and noticed he was starting to have a tough time taking down mobs. I told him to start buying armor and weapons on the AH, and he said he couldn’t. He only had 40 gold at level 64……….

That’s a bit of a shock to me. My level 20 characters are regularly raking in at least 100 gold a day, after only 5 minutes of reposting items. I couldn’t let that situation continue, so I offered to help him out. I started 2 Orcs, ran one to Booty Bay and the other one to Orgrimmar (well, I flew from Ratchett, after making some coin), and logged out. His level 3 warlock ghost ran down to Booty Bay from Elwynn, and then his main bought 12 Fillet of Frenzy and 12 Clam Chowders (since he was by Auberdine), then he did about 5 flips of the Recipe: Kaldorei Spider Kabob. He sent them to the warlock in BB, my Orc bought the recipes, and sent them to the Orc in Orgrimmar. I posted 2 each of the Frenzy and Chowder recipes for 16-18 gold each, and the Kaldorei recipe for 90-99 gold.

I checked back an hour later, and they were all sold out. I put up more of the Frenzy and Chowder, and another Kaldorei for 99-110 gold. It sold almost immediately, as I was checking for enchanting bags on the AH (Steve has 240 enchanting at level 64, which is pretty decent, but his entire bank was full of enchanting mats, with only one bag slot bought, and no bag in it.)

After another recipe sold, I had enough for a 32-slot Mysterious Bag (enchanting bag). I checked back later, and I had enough to buy a Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight at 150 gold. We did the swap at Booty Bay, and after selling the Savory recipe on Ally side for 399 gold, he now has about 430 gold, plus ALL of his mats in one bag, and a lot of empty space in his bank.

On a side note, I took yesterday off sick since there wasn’t any service calls, and as I was finishing up transfers from Ally to Horde side on Demon Soul, a level 80 hunter asks Thrillkiller, my level 44 Rogue, if I wanted a free run of Zul’Farrak. I was like “sure, let me clear my bags and get the quests, and I’m ready.” Well, it took a bit of time to get it organized, since we were waiting for other people, but once it started, it was pretty fun. We knocked out most of the ZF quests you can get in Gadgetzan (along with Gahz’rilla from Shimmering Flats), and only when I logged into Bloodshrike later did I discover that there’s a couple more quests that Thrillkiller hadn’t picked up. Oh well, I don’t really mind. I just want to do dungeons once, or maybe do them solo at 80 for the achievements.

After we had run ZF a few times, the level 80 said we were going to go to Blackrock Depths. Wow, that’s a huge instance. The biggest one I’ve seen so far has been Wailing Caverns, but BRD is WAYYY bigger. Pretty cool, even though I died multiple times because I was trying to help the hunter’s gorilladin on DPS, and ended up grabbing aggro. I’m sorry, I just can’t put myself on follow, and sit on my ass doing nothing, like the hunter/mage/druid that the level 80 hunter was rushing. The hunter was getting knocked down to 10% of his health on a lot of these encounters, and so I’d run in with a Fel Iron Bomb and an Advanced Target Dummy to distract some of the mobs, and hurt them a lot. Since the druid was with us, it wasn’t annoying to get killed, since I wouldn’t have to run back from the Spirit Healer outside. He got killed, but luckily my Goblin Jumper Cables XL worked, and we were able to continue on. In the ZF runs, a couple of the other guys got killed, and I tried the jumper cables, but there was no reaction. I think it was because they had already released their spirit to the Spirit Healer. When the druid died, I immediately said “Don’t release!” and when I selected him and hit the cables, the channeled Defibrillate showed up on my screen, and it rezzed him. Gogo engineering!!

After an hour or so of running around BRD, we had had enough, so they ported back to UC, and I teleported back to Gadgetzan. Level 47 3/4ths, after only 4 hours. Pretty cool, though now I’m out of well-rested XP.

"Yum, those Spider Kabobs are tasty! What's your secret?"

This is/will be posted on Markco’s site, when he has a slot open for it, but I figured I might as well post it here as well.

Here’s another quick thing to keep in mind for making gold if you’re Ally side on a PvP server, or if you’re whatever on a PvE server. Quest:Recipe_of_the_Kaldorei
is a low level quest available to Ally only characters. How low level? Well, actually, level 1 ONE one (1). So, if you happen to scan your auction house, and find 5 full stacks of 10 Small Spider Legs for 10 silver a stack, you’d have all you needed to make a TON of gold.

Step 1: Make a bunch of Night elf toons. I usually name them Kaldorone, Kaldortwo….

Step 2: Log on to your toon with the spider legs and at least some money. Send 7 small spider legs AND 95 copper to each of these throwaway toons.

Step 3: Zone in to the starting area, and immediately run to Dolanaar. Pick up your copper and legs from the mailbox, make a hard left towards the lake, and talk to Zarrin to learn the cooking skill for 95 copper. Ding! The quest appears immediately over Zarrin’s head, and you accept it and immediately turn it in. Sell off the extra Kaldorei Spider Kabob and your starting food, and you end up with 1 silver, 19 copper. Run back to the mailbox, send it to whoever, along with the 89 copper (leaving you broke), and delete the toon. Rinse and repeat for as many times as you can stand. While the entire process only takes about 2-3 minutes, it is extremely boring, especially if you have mods (CT mods always cover my screen when logging in a new toon. I guess I could turn them off, duh!)

Step 4: Collect your recipes, and go to the neutral Auction House in Booty Bay/Tanaris/Winterspring. I prefer Winterspring, since it’s not that popular, because if you’re high enough for it, you’re high enough for Outlands. Posting with an alt on a PvP server at Booty Bay is extremely frustrating, since you can get ganked a lot, or even accidentally ganked by a high level going for the Bloodsail achievement, and his AoE spells kill you.
Now, if you only have access to one account on a PvP server, here’s where it stops. I’d say experiment with posting at 60-100 gold, and keep increasing until sales drop off. You can even have another alt Post at 200-300 gold, to get people wondering why these recipes are so expensive. They look it up, they see it’s Ally only, they buy it. Cha-ching!
By the way, Horde toons can do the same thing by buying the Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth and Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight recipes from the Horde AH, and reposting at a large profit on the Neutral AH.

Extra Credit Step 5: If you have access to a second account, or another person you know plays WOW and isn’t on your server, ask them to help you get it to Horde (If you’re on a PvE server, you could get a guildy to make a Horde toon to help you out.). You post the Kaldorei recipe for 1 copper bid/1 copper buyout, and they immediately buy it out. They or you post it on the Horde Auction house for 80-100-130 gold, and wait for the money to roll in. Now, if you use Auctioneer to make money on the margin, this long of a process won’t appeal to you. But, considering that you could get 8 of these recipes in under 20 minutes if you had the 8x7=56 Small Spider Legs and 8 silver, that translates to over 800 gold on Horde side. You (or your friend) can use that to buy mats for your professions, or buy the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight at wholesale, or just buy Abyss Crystals to bring back over to Ally side and sell off.

Hope you liked it,

To make inordinate amounts of gold or not to make inordinate amounts of gold, that is the question;


Bloodshrike1 hit 61 last night, still in Azeroth. I’m trying to get thru the quests in my log, even though a lot of them are grey, just because I’m stubborn. I think I’ve gotten all the Zul’Farakk quests for Tanaris assembled, as well as the Sunken Temple quests (since there’s a Hunter quest that’s in ST). Now I have to see if I’ll be able to solo them at 61, with my AOE gorilla keeping all the aggro on him.

I’ve definitely slacked off on my gold frenzy, letting a couple of days lapse between logins of my AH toons. It just takes too much time out of my day to try and keep up, leaving very little time for actual questing. I can log in at 5 pm, and still be posting stuff at 7 or 8 pm. There’s just a lot of work involved in posting. With Scribes, you open up all your mail, accept the 100+ gold from the glyphs that sold (my usual average), make additional glyphs to get you back up to 3-4 of each minor glyph that they know makes a profit, and then go to the AH. Click on each glyph to see what other people are selling them for, then undercut them. Then, select Trade Goods and type Ink or Pigm, to see if I can pick up any that are low priced. Since I’m in Trade goods anyway, I usually select Jewelcrafting/Parts/Devices/Explosives to see if there’s any bargains. If the Scribe is the only one who’s going to log in on that server that day, I’ll usually check recipes for BS/Engineering/Tailoring/Enchanting to see if AckisRecipeList sees anything that my toons can learn.

But, I am making about 5k gold per month with Demon Soul AND Daggerspine, since they both have Enchanters/Blacksmiths that are 300, and can provide Arcanite Rods and high level enchants for the AH. And on my Horde accounts, they usually have the Ally cooking recipes to sell on the AH, providing 10-15 gold each. Multiply that by 5-12 per day, every day, and it comes up to a lot of gold. Demon Soul now has over 56k (even after buying my level 60 land mount and training for Bloodshrike), Daggerspine has about 49k, and Darrowmere is probably around 21k.

Patch 3.08 Death Knigget Explosion


Patch 3.08 should be hitting the servers this morning, so it’ll be time to make a new Death Knight this afternoon. I’ve been wanting to play with Francois and his wife on Lightbringer, but really, really, haven’t wanted to level up any toons. This will allow me to have a 55 toon on that server, and since they haven’t gotten their DK’s past 60, we can all level together.

I think I’ll go with a Night Elf female. I like gnomes because of their passive +15 engineering racial ability, but at 55, a DK has the opportunity to have up to 375 engineering automatically, if you powerleveled them. Besides, this is a care-bear server (PvE), so I won’t need engineering to help prevent being ganked. I figure I’ll go Mining and Skinning up until 60+, then drop skinning for engineering once I get to Outlands. Same plan as Pallormortis on Demon Soul, just less pressure, since I only have to worry about mobs killing me. So for that reason, I’ll go with Night Elf, since Shadowmeld will have uses throughout the game, whereas the +15 engineering won’t.

In other news, Tsuris is now level 38 ½!!! I spent a bunch of time leveling him over the weekend, and now he’s going to be my highest level Leatherworker. Along the way of leveling, I dinged Exalted with Stormwind, since I had done so much questing there, plus a lot of quests give rep with them anyway. I had originally started both Tsuris and Preyonyou with the idea of grinding rep with Darnassus, to get the Nightsaber mounts, but this happened along the way. I did most of my questing in Dustwallow, and didn’t bother going back to Exodar for my level 30 Totem of Air quest until level 37, since I wanted to get Exalted with SW and get my horsies. Yup, Horsies, plural. I bought all four of the Stormwind mounts, and later on, I bought all three Darnassus cats. I also made a macro to randomly select what mount I’ll use, so it’ll keep it interesting.

/castrandom Pinto, Black Warhorse, Spotted Nightsaber….
You get the idea. Not sure if I named the mounts correctly, since I’m doing this off the top of my head while at work.

I also looked up upcoming profession quests for Tsuris. Of course, I know about the engineering spec quest, but the leatherworking ones will be new to me. Apparently, there’s two. Wild Leather, available around level 30, and your actual specialization quest, available at 40. Wild leather is like the blacksmithing quests, where you have to make a bunch of items and turn them in to receive additional recipes. A good amount of Thick Leather is needed, and TONS of Turtle Scales (considering I only have 7 in my bank). It looks like Ryoushigishi will have to brush the dust off his gun, and get to killing turtles in Tanaris. He’s level 37 I believe, and the turtles are around 40, so that should be good XP as well as turtle meat and turtle scales for Tsuris.

Also for Tsuris, I’m going to be doing the opposite of what I do with paladins. Since I want the Pet Bombling minipet on a least ONE toon on each server, I’ve decided to have my Shamans go Goblin first, get the Goblin Dragon Gun and minipet (not the Goblin Mortar, since he won’t be able to reload it), and respec to Gnomish. Yeah, it’s kinda a pain, and expensive, but……what else do I need to do with my gold? I’ve gotten a bunch of epics off the AH, I’ve gotten most if not all all recipes I’ll need in the foreseeable future, and….I got the gold and the time.

Surprisingly, my Ally account on Daggerspine has the most toons over level 35 now. Only Doomslinger (19 twink) and Preyonyou (26 Priest) are under that level. On Demon Soul, Burizadokyan (27 Priest), Morticide (26 druid), and Kukoshakaku (28 Shaman) still need to be leveled.

Recap on Gold: Demon Soul is about 50.3 K, Daggerspine is about 42K, and my baby account on Darrowmere is just over 16K. I attribute most of the gold to level 300 enchanting recipe scrolls on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, as well as my ruthless manipulation of the Glyph market on all servers. People have a natural tendency to try to sell items at any price, and usually end up driving the market down. For the people who rely on the AH for materials, rather than grinding for them, that’s a good thing. For the sellers, it’s a bad thing. So, for example, if I see some of the glyphs that I normally sell for at least 20+ gold being sold at 5-8 gold, I’ll price my regular 4 glyphs (since I only make 4 at one time, since it’s not wise to flood the market) at a high price, like 30-35 gold. By the next day, the lower priced glyphs have been sold off, and people are undercutting my high priced glyphs, leaving me free to undercut them, still at a nice profit.

I'm counting my rocks.....

Chris Rock -
No one cares when you get outta school-
"I just got outta school! Got my masters!"
"So what- dont come around here with all that readin and shit- see I can count too 1,2,4,9 So- what! You be countin these rcks byotch!"
"but I got my masters!"
"So what you my master now???"


Whew, Mastery of professions is expensive! I finally got around to leveling Bloodshrike on Demon Soul in his professions, since he’s 55. Alchemy probably took 200 gold to powerlevel, and it would have been higher, but I had a ton of herbs saved up from Morticide camping the Darkmoon Faire for herbs and motes. I haven’t picked Potion or Transmute as a specialty yet, and I haven’t researched where/when to do that. You probably have to be level 60 or something, but I’m an impatient little sod, and want to powerlevel professions as soon as I can.

Bloodshrike’s Engineering is probably around 330 right now. I’m torn between making Arcanite Dragonlings, since I had Bloodshrike learn it, and it turned yellow at around 320 engineering, or making Health Potion Injectors, since he made a ton of Super Health Potions while leveling up Alchemy. Or, I could make Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robots, since I learned that at 325, and those should sell for a good price. Aaaaugh, too many choices!
Arcanite Dragonlings are super expensive to make. 1 Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, 8 Delicate Arcanite transformers, 6 Thorium Widgets, 10 Enchanted Thorium Bars, 6 Enchanted Leather….. I could probably sell one for 500-600 gold, and come out about even on mats. Since I’m making 9 of them for my toons, it’s cost efficient for me to make them first, and worry about selling them later. If I do sell enough of them, it won’t be a problem to come back and make more of them for myself.

Tsuris is now level 34 1/2, waiting for me to come back and finally get him to level 35, and be able to finally powerlevel my first toon past 225 leatherworking. I think I’ll probably go Dragonscale LW, since he’s Enhancement spec, and I like doing DPS rather than healing.

Of Tabby Cats and Faires

What have my toons been up to lately? Morticide on Demon Soul had been camping the Dalaran Spellscribe in Silverpine Forest, hoping for the Black Tabby Cat to drop. The cat is usually sold for at least 200-800 gold on Ally side, since Allies can’t kill the Spellscribe, and he’s the one mob that usually drops it. It only dropped once before the Darkmoon Faire started, and since my druids are usually the ones that have herbalism/engineering, they usually don’t have a lot of stuff in their bags, since all herbs go directly to the alchemist or scribe on that server.

So he’s camping the Faire, getting all the herbs and motes he can. I’m also getting the Wood frog and Tree frog non-attack pets from Flik, though it’s annoying to have to chase him down. I’ll try to start collecting Dark Iron Ale mugs from the AH, since that’s the only way for someone to get Jub Jub, the other non-attack pet available there. They were about 25 gold each on the AH though, so I’ll wait until the faire goes away, and the price will probably drop.

But with Abyss Crystals, Francois can buy them, sell them to me, and I can just sell them directly, no need to craft anything with them. At 130-200 gold a pop, that’s easy money!

Gimmershred is doing the same thing on Darrowmere, but I have Misericorde still camped in Silverpine, killing the Spellscribe. I’ve probably had about 5 of the cats drop for me so far, though I’m waiting for Francois’s toons to actually have a sale of one on Alliance side. 300-400 gold isn’t that much, rite rite? :p

I’m glad of another thing with the Wrath expansion. Abyss crystals!! For a while, Void Crystals were my main way of moving gold from Horde to Ally side, or vice versa. But after a while, the price dropped from about 40 gold each to about 2-4 gold each. Not worth Francois stocking up on, and not worth me taking the time to sell. Luckily, on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, I’ve gotten both my mages up to 300 enchanting, so they can do Crusader, Lifesteal, Fiery, Icey, Unholy, and Major Health (100) to chest. Those sell very nicely on the AH after I’ve put them on vellums, and it’s easy for Francois to get the mats for them and have me buy them on the Neutral AH for 1 copper a stack of Greater Eternal Essence, Illusion Dust, Large and Small Radiant/Brilliant shards, and other things. Francois’ toons try to get a bargain on them, but it doesn’t really matter that much, since the gold they’ve made on the opposide side of the server cost me a few silver or gold, and it all gets sold for 100 or 1000 times its original price.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


Since the Feast of Winter Veil began, it’s given me the kick in the butt needed to level up some of my toons, so I could do the “You’re a mean one, Mr. Greench” and “Save Metzen the Reindeer” quests before the event ends. On Daggerspine, I leveled up a bunch of my toons by doing the Greench quest in Alterac mountains, along with all the other quests from Southshore. Ryo went from 37 to 39, Gwidd got to 39 as well, Aos got to 43, Kishi got to 44, and Panzer finally dinged 40 (woot, plate mail time!).

Hangfire is level 35 though, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can take down the Greench. But, with a Mechanical Dragonling and Shrink Ray to help, along with a Big One bomb and a Target Dummy, not to mention the Lifebloom buff from Herbalism, I think he’ll be able to get it done.

I’m doing the same thing on Demon Soul too, having my toons get all the quests from Tarren Mill before heading up to Alterac. For most of the toons that can do the quests, they’re level 40+ already, so it’s not that hard for them, but the Metzen quest might be a bit tough, since he’s surrounded by level 40 something pirates, and they keep on adding to the fight, since they run and get help. Granted, this was my experience with my level 55 hunter, and I wasn’t really worried about pulling in singles, I just wanted to nuke everything as fast as possible.

Oooh, oooooh! Tsuris finally hit level 30 last night. For some reason, my Shaman/leatherworkers, Druid/herbalists, and Priests don’t get a lot of play from me. I’ve never gotten a leatherworker above 225, because all 3 of them are still in their 20’s. Well, until last night. I decided to clear out some of Tsuris’s quests, one thing led to another, I laid a trail of slaughter all the way through Duskwood….y’know, the usual. I was doing the Wolves on our Heels/8-legged Menaces/Lean wolf flank quests in the northwest part of Duskwood, and I got bored waiting for the meat to drop, so I was starting to see how many wolves I could collect before AOE’ing them with Solid Dynamite, then cutting them down with my shiny axe buffed with Windfury. Granted, those were only level 20ish wolves, and I’m level 30, but enough low level enemies can still hurt.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I took engineering to its low level limits. At level 29, I picked up the quest to kill 12 Darkrunner Worgen. There’s a group of them directly west of Darkshire, near the mountain in the middle of Duskwood. I had been picking off a few Darkrunners here and there, but when I saw the village, I decided to do a full-on attack, and wipe it all out. I buffed up with a scroll of stamina, cooking for +8 stamina and spirit, got my electrical orbs spinning, and used my Mechanical Dragonling as I was running to attack. I quickly swapped it out for the Cloaking Device, since I hadn’t entered combat yet, and wanted the option to bug out if it looked like I was going to lose. I jumped into the village, tossed down a Stoneskin totem, started swinging at the nearest Worgen, and quickly let off a Big One bomb (400-500 damage). Following that, I threw down a Target dummy, to hopefully distract them for a second or two. At level 10, they’d keep hitting the Target dummy until it blew up, but at level 25+, you put out too much aggro, and the monsters see you as more of a threat than some paper figurine waving back and forth. It was a bit iffy for a second, but I got through through the fight with some judicious use of my Flame Shock spell and Magma? totem for additional damage, not too mention my dragonling chewing on them from the side. After the fight is done, I’m at 10% health, but still alive, and he runs off and starts attacking another Worgen! I used a Mageweave bandage, and went to help the dragonling, since I knew he’d be despawning soon anyway. But hey, at least he bought me some time to bandage…..which I would have had anyway, if he wasn’t such a bloodthirsty little beast…..ehh, whaddya gonna do.