Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the Air waypoints - Horde


Just a quick post about my method of getting the most out of the Valentine's Day holiday for tons of alts.
BTW, this applies to someone who gets tons of Charm Bracelets, either by grinding for them, or by buying them from people.
I usually start in Orgrimmar, do the daily chocolate or cologne giveaway, pick up the Crushing the Crown quest appropriate for my level, take the quest to turn in the Charm Bracelets to Thrall, then hearth to Dalaran.

Depending on if I have a level 60+ toon or a 70+ toon, I go kill the Crown agents by Dalaran or Shattrath.

From there, I go thru the portal to Silvermoon City, go to the Bazaar in west SMC to pick up the quest for the bracelet, go all the way back to Lor'themar , turn it in, go thru the portal to the courtyard of Undercity, pick up the quest for Sylvanas right before the elevators, go down the elevators to the Apothecarium, and go down the middle corridor to turn the quest in to Sylvanas.

Log out, repeat the process with another toon, and come back to the first to hearth back to Dalaran, then go to Thunder Bluff, pick up the bracelet quest by the bottom entrance to the flight master, turn it in to Cairne, then take a flight back to Orgrimmar to turn in the Crown quest.

Granted, the above is for my toons that are 60+. For all the rest, I log in, do the daily cologne/candy quest, maybe turn in a bracelet to Thrall if I have any extras, and I'm done. Since I'm no longer able to get the Lovely Charms from doing mass destruction dailies, I'm not going to worry about the low levels. Plus, 10 toons on each account doing a 2 minute daily equals 50 EZ Love Tokens per day, which they can turn in and share the rewards equally (except the Peddlefeet pet, which they can earn themselves in only 8 days).
Yup, the Box of Chocolates chocolates can be shared among your toons if they have a common guild bank, as well as Rose Petals, and I believe Love Fools. You can't mail items that have a limited duration, but you can put them in your guild bank. Candy Hearts CAN be mailed between toons, but you're better off saving the Love tokens, since they're usually really cheap on the AH.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dropping Bombs - a Love Story


Hey, just wanted to throw up a quick post about the Lovely Charm Bracelets that people are so eager to get for the meta achievement. As Markco pointed out, you can farm for them in Ulduar. However, what if you've never been to Ulduar, or don't want to go? I think it requires a raid group to do it as well...

Well, since I just recently spent a LOT of time in Icecrown for Loremaster, I immediately thought of 2 quests that I did a few times. Riding the Wavelength, and Total Ohmage. Since you don't have to loot the mobs to get the Lovely Charms for the Bracelet, ANY quest or action that you do that allows you to kill mobs near your level in a quick fashion will suffice. And dropping bombs on all those mobs in the Bombardment netted me about 40 charms in 3-4 minutes.

This is especially helpful if you're looking to get those dailies done for lower level alts, and don't have the time to go out and kill with each of them.