Wednesday, May 16, 2012

20 Days of...WoW Blogging Challenge - Day Four

Day Four - My fondest memory

I'm a bit strange when it comes to WoW memories. Unlike Fannon or Saga, I don't raid, so I don't have memories of taking down a particularly vexing boss. I get more of a sense of accomplishment from achievements that I earn solo, since it was ME ME, all ME that did it. One in particular was especially gratifying.

After killing my first rare in Northrend, and earning the first step towards Frostbitten, I started learning about the other rares in Northrend. I was especially intrigued by the Time-Lost Proto Drake in Storm Peaks, since just killing it would give you a bad-ass Drake mount. Unfortunately, it definitely lives up to its name. I would spend an hour at a time flying around SP, or just perched in the intersection point of the TLPD flight paths, but I....just...can't stay AFK in a game. I log in to play, not to do nothing. So, after a while, I gave up on it. I figured, "Hey, I already have the Red/Green/Bronze Drakes, that's enough for me."

I was flying out to Storm Peaks on my rogue Thrillkiller on 10/13/2011 to try to look for Dirkee, since I was knocking out Frostbitten on all toons. All of a sudden, my NPC_scan went off! I figured it was Vyragosa, which would have been great too, since she's on the endangered species list from all the TLPD hunters. But, it was the real deal this time. I quickly hard logged, deleted my creature cache, logged in on Bloodshrike, and headed over to the area where Thrillkiller was. I started scanning for the Drake, hoping and praying that nobody had gotten it in the few minutes I had lost. I finally located it, got its attention, and quickly downed it.

I had been trying to get that mount for at least a year, and finally obtained it. That was a great day! :)