Saturday, February 27, 2010

My First Fail PUG


Well, not really. We still finished the run, we never wiped, but it wasn't a very fun run. I've started running Heroics (surprise, surprise), and generally have had a very good time. I've wiped once or twice, but the groups are pretty fun. However, doing Heroic Azjol-Nerub, I fell behind the group when my pet got killed, and had to resurrect him. By the time I wound my way down the spiderwebs, I couldn't see anyone, and it took me a bit of time to find the hole to fall down.

They started the fight when I was on the ramp, and the Dungeon Guide Pally Tank didn't see fit to tell me that the circle closes up when the fight with Anub'Arak starts. So, I spent the entire fight outside, twiddling my thumbs and feigning death. After the fight, I apologized again, and while the DPS and healer were cool, the tank said "You guys suck," and left after Needing on the Frozen Orb.

BTW, what's up with that? I've found that most tanks need on the Orb nowadays. I know that it'll become valuable to trade in during the next patch, but is it cool for anyone to need on it? Or is it just considered a perk of tanking?

It was embarrassing, but at least that Heroic got me the Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement, so I presumably now have knowledge of all the dungeons. No more mistakes!!

I have also discovered that instead of endlessly grinding quests for the Argent Tournament, I can just use Emblem of Triumphs that drop like rain from these heroics, and trade them down to get any BOA heirloom items that I might want for my alts. Just like my Argent Tournament rep, I did it back-assward.

I currently only need the Elders in the Sunken Temple, Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Depths, and the Nexus to get my Elder title for the Lunar Festival. Wow, that achievement takes a LOT of time to get, just because it requires so much flying from zone to zone in Azeroth. Now, imagine doing that 30x. Yeah.....

I'll do what I can for my alts, but I'm NOT even going to try to get all of them to do the Eastern and Kalimdor Elders. They'll fly down, and get the easily accessible ones, but the ones in enemy territory will get a miss until next year perhaps.