Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poof! Whaddaya need?


It's the day after patch 3.1, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (qq'ing for those of the younger generation) by twinks as their beloved leg armors and other twinkish stuff were removed by the evilness of Blizzard. :p

For me, it don't really matta. Doomslinger hasn't fired a shot in anger in a looooong time. It's probably time for her to go kill something, and get the last bit of XP needed to tip her over to 20.

But what I really, really don't like about the patch is that Arikara's summoning puff of smoke and sound effect no longer exist. It was very cool having one of the rarest pets that an Ally hunter can get, and now there's now difference between her and a Rogue Vale Screecher from Feralas.

Ehh....just another thing in my list of general apathy about the game currently. I've severely curtailed my selling on the AH, and haven't even been looking for mats much anymore either. I'm not logging in every hour to gallop around Stormwind looking for Lil Timmy, but I do log in every few hours to try to kill the Dalaran Spellscribe.

I want to play all my characters, which leads to me playing none of my characters, because I'm always thinking "Oh, Ryo needs to do this" or "I forgot to get this item for Kuko off the AH." I haven't even finished leveling Bloodshrike to 450 in engineering, and he's already level 61. I usually powerlevel my toons to the max they can get whenever they hit the appropriate milestone. I know it's a game, but....I hate wasting my mats on making stuff, and then having to sell it for pennies on the dollar. Or, making stuff for other people, and paying them for every skillup.

On the other hand, I have had a lot of fun leveling my DK. Since he's a dual gatherer, and I haven't really played in the Outlands yet (except for going there to talk to the mining trainer), Pallor had a blast in Un'goro, Sithilus, Burning Steppes, and all the zones earlier than that which helped me to level up my skinning and mining skills. Since I'm only limited by my skill level in skinning, I'm free to move to the next zone as soon as mob skill level x 5 = or <>160, that only takes 5 kills. But...... Pallor will have to drop skinning. I gotta drop one profession so I can take up engineering when I hit Outlands, and now, he's my highest miner. With the level 300 mining skills of being able to break apart Primal Earth and Fire, that lets me consolidate the hundred's of Mote of Fire and Earth I've saved up for when you need to make Elemental Blasting Powder from level 300-310. It takes a lot, and I hate being unprepared, and having to get ripped on the AH because of it.

Besides, I think Thrillkiller would benefit from dropping mining to take up skinning. Critical strike chance benefits rogue's and hunters (who are my usual skinners) way more than it would help out a Death Knight at 60.

Demonsoul has 67k gold, Daggerspine has 59k, Darrowmere has 31k, Lightbringer has about 8k, and I've made about 6.5k gold for Steve on Bladefist. I'm not bragging, it's just a thing so I can track how much I made over the last few months or so, and how much more I'm making than when I started out.

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