Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weapon Skills


Hey, just a quick little thought for those interested in achievements. One easy way of leveling weapons skills is to always switch up your weapons while leveling. .

Every 4 levels or so, peruse the auction house for a weapon that you have the lowest skill in, and start using that one. Buy a rare one if you can, so the weapon skill AP modifier won't be as apparent.


  1. two posts in a day! to what do we owe this???

    glad to see you back, in general [may-june]. i have a similar play style to you [although only thorough completionist on one toon per server] and enjoy reading your posts.

    i was doing the spider kabobs via throwaway NElf for a little while [on my server where i'm horde "main"] but frankly grew to hate it like farming, which i don't do. but, for someone who just needs a quick jolt of cash into their account, the spider kabobs are, well, priceless.

  2. and.....that comment belonged on the previous post re: recipes.

    /fail hjb

    my comment for this post was going to say that you can always google the flavor of the month immune mob [that blizz hasn't fixed yet] to level weapons skills. there's usually 2-3 mobs in game somewhere that are glitched immune, or are immune until you hit them with XYZ quest item to make them not immune. before it was fixed, i leveled about 10 toons, all available weapons skills, on immune quest mobs in shadowmoon valley [were immune until you kill their totems, which you just ignored for this purpose]. you could literally auto-attack and go afk for a half hour [or in my case 2 box to other account and do something else], switch weapons, auto-attack for a half hour, rinse repeat.

  3. Funny that you're mentioning this. My Prot Pally just picked up a Teldrassil Protector and his 1H Axe skill is 1/400. Oh boy...

  4. @HokieJayBee -
    Thank you for the compliment!

    hehe, I usually write my posts while I'm at a job site, and get around to posting them later. You should look back at my 2008 posts. I actually wrote most of them earlier that year, and posted all of them in December. :)

    I know I can't get every achievement for every character, but I do what I can. Like with the pets, I'll only have one toon per server with all the whelplings, because I can't justify spending 4k g for each toon. But any pet that isn't too expensive, I get for all my toons.

    I know what you mean about farming the spider kabob quests. I try to switch it up though, and run one toon to the town, and have the next run outside the starting area to pick a fight with an owl, so he'll be resurected right by the town. But I can only handle doing maybe 4 at a time before it becomes too annoying.

    I like switching weapons though, it makes the game more entertaining. You get to see the different weapon attack animations, which break up the monotony.

    @Darth Solo
    Shame on you! :)
    Wait til the new patch, when rogues get the 1-hand axe skill. All those immune mobs that Hokie mentioned will be swarmed! lol