Monday, June 1, 2009

Where’s MAH money?


I’ve been reading about a guy’s adventures in solo WoW, during downtime at work. He was talking about being proud of having 32 k gold again, after spending 21 k on the Kirin Tor ring and a motorcycle mount. I’m a recovering AH house addict, but I felt like helping him out with a few quick tips on making gold, especially since he had an Ally toon. So, I typed aboyandhisdeathrays into gooogle to go cut and copy some of my tips, and this was the first entry on the list
Website Worth: $273,750,000.00 Daily Pageviews: 125,000,000 Daily Ads Revenue: $375,000.00

So, where’s my money?!? I should have installed a pageview counter a while ago, but there’s been only 1 comment on the site, so I figured there wasn’t any interest in it. I tried BigBearButt’s site, and BigRedKitty’s, and both had less Daily Ads revenue coming in. Granted, both of those are their personal websites, so they don’t do advertising. But I tried, who is someone that BigBearButt links to, and also had low pageviews.
Website Worth: $2,842.62 Daily Pageviews: 1,298 Daily Ads Revenue: $3.89

I’m guessing those are real people though, who leave comments and have interaction with the author, which I’d much prefer. I also saw that further down the list one of my posts was cached on an Asian site, but it was a post about Fury Warriors, not gold making. Strange.


  1. someone owes you money.

    and if it's just comments you need to spark ad view worth - i can be bribed as well.

  2. many Recipe: Savory Deviate Delights do you want? :)

  3. Holy crap! How the hell do they come up with these numbers?

    Bloodshrike, I was reading a bit about your interests and I kinda share most of the same things with you: reading (I've been reading all my life, hundreds of books), knives (like 'em a lot but don't collect), fast cars (that an Evo you got? I'm hoping to get an Impreza WRX... sometime) and movies. Oh and WoW :P