Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Midsummer Madness


I freakin’ love the Fire Festival! Not just because I’ll be getting some of my toons the Spirit of Summer pet, but because of the daily quests that all my toons can do. I’m running 30 toons on 3 servers, and I’m trying to level all of them. With the ability to log into each of them for 5 minutes, and get 2 bubbles of experience a day, it’s going to make leveling them a whole lot easier.

Preyonyou, my Draenai priestess, has been stuck at level 26 for……probably 6 months or more. I specced to Discipline on one of these Talent rollbacks, but she still doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage. But, she dinged 27 last night after I had her do the dailies in Darnassus! I can’t wait to get to 30, and after 2+ years of playing, finally get to (Levitate)! --- Edit, I looked at the training, and it's actually 34.

Bonescourge, my Demon Soul Undead Warlock, went from 44-47 over the weekend, just by exploring, honoring flames, and desecrating Ally flames. Well, he maybe have done a quest or two, but I’m not making it a habit, I swear! :P
I snuck over to the Draenai starting area, and desecrated both flames there. Bloodmyst Isle has WAY too many little areas to discover, and it’s annoying, because they aren’t listed on the map, and the fog of war on the map isn’t always helpful in finding what you haven’t discovered yet. Vindicator’s Rest, anyone?

I think this will also prompt me to take Bloodshrike and Pallormortis to Outlands, since there’s more fires to honor and desecrate out there, as well as some vendor-sold recipes and pets that I’ve been looking for.


  1. I did those juggling quests daily with my 3 level 80s. Good money for very little time spent.

  2. i do have one question.

    preface, i'm an altoholic too. and a completionist, pet collector, mount collector, achievement whore, and get-every-recipe for professions, too. but i only play "that way" on one server.

    all my 10 are on the same server that i play that way. i understand you branched servers to play with friends/co-workers. so now you have three servers.

    my question:
    how much mail/gold/items do you think you've lost due to the 30-day limit mail timeout? between 30 toons on three servers.

  3. Hey Hokie,
    I've actually lost very little. The only toons that have mail stacked up in their mailboxes are the ones I use for AH alts, so I see the remaining time every day.

    Also, if I do have stuff in the mail to one of the toons I don't play that often, I send it with an AH alt, so if the 30 days elapses, then it gets sent back to the AH alt, and I have another 30 days to decide what to do with it.