Monday, August 31, 2009

How many Professions have you gone through?

At level 72, I finally decided to level Bloodshrike the rest of the way from 420ish Alchemy all the way to 450. One of the easiest and cheapest professions to max, I only had to do some Earthsiege and Skyflare transmutes, and badda-boom, I'm 450. Along the way I noticed some very nice bonuses that Alchemists have - Flask of the North, Endless Mana Potion, and Endless Health Potion are 3 potions that an Alchemist can use, and will not be consumed on use. Think about that, people! While the health from the potion isn't much for someone with 10k health already, it's nice to top off after a fight. Same with the mana potion. Before, I would have to switch to Aspect of the Viper after every 5 mobs or so, to regen my 5k mana. Now, I make it a game to see how low I can get my mana before chugging the mana pot. With only a 1 minute cooldown, I literally would never have to switch to AotV again while questing.

And with a proper macro, it can be made to be easily used.

/cast [nomodifier] superduper high level healing potion, for use in combat
/cast [modifier:alt] Endless Mana Potion
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Endless Healing Potion

Demon Soul is my first server, and as such, I made some mistakes or choices that I rethought with my other 2 servers. On Daggerspine, I have a warlock as my alchemist, and on Darrowmere, my priest is my alchemist/inscriptionist. But, it's nice to know that it's not a wasted profession slot that one of my other toons could have done for me.

I even had my Rogue on Demon Soul going for Weaponsmithing for a while, before I made him into a miner, and then when my DK blew past him in Mining/Skinning, had him take up Skinning for when the DK would drop Skinning for Engineering at level 60.

Anyone else have any stories about changing professions midgame?


  1. I started out as a skinner and herbalist to make some gold along the way. At 80 I ended up dropping skinning for enchanting since I was spending so much time in dungeons. No regrets about that, the gold I make from enchanting is pretty good, and you also get to enchant your rings among other things.

    The herbalism heal is still very useful to me, and (as you said) it’s a perfect gathering profession for any druid :).

  2. I actually started my warlock as an herbalism and alchemist and maxed them both (in BC days) to 375. I then discovered I could get much better gear and such with other professions, so switched, first dropping herbalism for tailoring and then dropping alchemy for enchanting. Both have been good, and have good usefulness for my altoholism (bags and enchants all around!)

  3. i don't have a 3 server army, merely a single server army. read: have toons on multiple servers, but for an "army" to rival yours, they're all on one server.

    like you, i'm all about maxxing them ASAP and getting every recipe possible. like, i leveled them all to 65 pre-WOTLK to ensure i could max them to 450. even recently, i had to level two of them to 68. one to get my second spec in alchemy for procs, the other so she can fly in northrend to do her cloth CD's.

    between them, i have all professions maxxed, including two alchemists [elixir and xmute spec'd]

    to answer your main storyline question - they were all preset and predisposed of their professions from the onset. the "mains" that is. all other alts are double gatherer, always.

    i have JC/eng, miner/BS, herb/alch, tailor/enchant, skin/LW, alch/scribe - as my "mains". the only change was dropping the second alch's herbing for inscription when it came out.

    and my final point, sorry for the wall of text. i'm nearing gold cap. and i know you have plenty of cash laying around on your servers. at what point do we stop even faking like we have gatherers? i haven't hit a node or picked an herb in months. i farm the AH.

  4. @Nepenthe - Yeah, I can't wait for flying at....60!! to be able to go to flight form. The great thing about Druids and Shaman's forms is that you can gather so much faster than with any other class.

    @David - Yup, any clothie can benefit from Tailor/Enchant combo. Unfortunately, I'm much too impatient to wait for bags, so I usually end up buying them from the AH long before I would be able to craft that slot level of bag.

    @Hokie - I remember you had said that you had leveled your alts to 65 so they could do dailies, but the only Daily my DK can do is Cooking. He has 350 fishing, but I think you have to have level 70 for all the other dailies to become available.

    Actually, I'm approaching endgame from the opposite way. I LIKE gathering, I just used to hate grinding out levels, so I'd buy whatever I needed on the AH to level my professions. But now my level 67 DK has leveled to 425 Mining, and has stacks of Adamantite and Fel Iron and Cobalt in the bank, I don't need to rely on the AH as much. It's really fun flying in Nagrand, spotting Windy Clouds and nodes on the map, and being able to gather both.

    But since my druid on Demon Soul is like level 28, I imagine I'll be buying herbs for a long time. Gogo camping the Darkmoon Fair for cheap herbs! :)

  5. yep. cooking is the daily i was speaking of for my alts. all of them parked in dalaran. they get ~8k-11k per day exp, in 22 seconds of work. and +150 rep with kirin tor, should i ever decide to play them endgame they'll be one rep closer already to enchants/librams/armor/recipes.

    if i said dail(ies) plural before sorry to confuse. i guess it's plural to the point of multiple alts, not multiple quests per toon. i just have plenty of chilled meat, northern stew, and rhino on each toon. log to them to do my normal routine of tailoring, enchanting, LW, etc.

    hit their cooking daily, then port them to IF to do their AH'ing. hearth back to dala, log over.

  6. I've changed professions on 5 of my toons on my original server several of them maxed or nearly maxed out. Sometimes you just want something different on them.

  7. @Mister K -
    I wouldn't mind changing professions at max level, except I'm a collector, so whatever profession a toon takes up, that toon tries to get ALL the recipes available to them.

    If I powerleveled blacksmithing to 450, and didn't buy dropped recipes on the AH, or find BOP recipes from monsters.......sure, it wouldn't faze me.