Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ah crap, not another holiday event!

It's time for Halloween.....strike that, it's Hallow's End in WoW. Despite the title of the post, I actually don't have a problem with any of the quests/achievements in this holiday.

Visiting candy buckets in Azeroth and Outlands, and getting XP for each one? Check, gotta love it. This allows me to give some levels to some of my alts that I haven't played in a long time (clothies and druids, mainly), as well as perhaps getting some exploring and flight points unlocked.

So, I'll have all my toons parked at either Razor Hill or Goldshire, be able to Trick or Treat the Innkeepers every hour on the hour if I remembered to do it, and be able to cash in on one of the toons helping out with the daily, then having all the rest come in to pick up the pumpkin head.

This holiday, like the Midsummer Fire Festival, actually rewards altoholics with XP for trying to complete the achievements. Brewfest......not so much. Spending 2-4 hours ram riding, with no "Ding" of leveling, kinda made me not want to log on. With the candy bucket achievements, I've already gotten some toons to their next level, just by flying around. Much, much more fun.

Also, the pet available during this event isn't something I have to save up tickets for, it's completely random, and I can probably get it by just doing trick or treating enough. Sinister Squashling

Wish me luck, and have fun with Hallow's End.


  1. Lets assume you have a 50% chance to get a bag while doing trick or treat.

    The bag has about a 1.5% chance to contain a mask or a pet.

    So, every hour you have a 0.75% chance for the pet. Or a 99.25% chance to not get the pet. Same for the mask.

    0.9925^92 = 0.5002

    You would have to do the trick or treat 92 times to get a 50% chance at the pet and the hat. And that would result in only a 25% chance to complete the achievement, because you need both items.

    The event spans 13 days, so that's doing trick or treats every day 7 times.

    Which means you have to log in for at least 6 hours every f***ing day while this event lasts to get a 25% chance to complete the meta.

    There's no way in hell you can complete this meta without a huge amount of luck or without the horseman, which is level 80. Unless they upped the droprate in the bags.

    This achievement is probably the hardest one left for the drake.

    Besides that, I only got 12k XP for my 75 warrior. And the summer festival had your fires and the opposite faction fire for double XP. Expect way less XP during this festival.

    It looks like they fixed the southshore quest for alliance which is good, because waiting 2 hours for a horde to appear to do his quest and hoping no alliance kills him before he dropps his bombs... wasn't fun. There seem to be stink bombs even when no hords attack which makes the quest for alliance considerable easier than the horde one, this year.

  2. Numbers make Bloodshrike sad......

    Ehh, if I get it, I get it.

    Speaking of making quests easier, Horde side has the HH attack on towns SUPER easy. In Brill, when he lights the town on fire, it's only the right half of the town hall that gets lit. You can probably have five people do it easily.

  3. Of course you can increase the chance by doing the horseman. Often only 2-3 people need the pet or mask. So chances get better every year. Unfortunately, you need to be level 80 to find a group.

    Yeah, I wonder how long we will be able to do the horseman attack quest. People get less and less interested in such stuff and because it can be triggered people don't wait till 7 o'clock to do it together like we did for the dwarfs.