Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Children's Week


Another meta achievement, with some more pets available. No daily quests that come from the holiday itself, so no easy XP for my multitude of alts.

However, Bloodshrike, Bullkathos, Thrillkiller, Banesidhe, and Pallormortis on Demon Soul are able to do the Shattrath Orphan questline, with Pallor able to do the Dalaran as well (perhaps Banesidhe too, if I level soon enough). Since Bloodshrike already did the Dalaran questline when he got to 70, no luck with picking up the Oracle orphan, unless Blizz fixes the code to allow it. Oooh...I just remembered that Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine is my first Alliance to hit 60, so she can do the Shattrath quests too!

You know what the kicker is? The only thing that could keep me from getting the title on 5 of my alts this year is food. Yup, while you only need to be level 68 to queue for Utgarde, you need to be level 75 to eat some of the foods listed in Bad Example. You don't even need to be that high to accomplish the dreaded School of Hard Knocks, since Eye of the Storm is available at level 61.

Edit: Utgarde Pinnacle is actually accessed starting at level 78, so Bloodshrike will be the only toon I really need to stress about this year.

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