Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 months since my last post

....and I don't know why. I just really would rather play the game then talk about it, I guess. But, WoW is down for maintenance, and extended maintenance on Demon Soul, where all my mains are, for the entire day, so now's a good time.

I didn't post anything about the Midsummer Fire festival, kinda because I was bummed I didn't get the Frigid Frostling, even though I ran it every day of the festival.
Here's a quick recap of my toons leveling during the Festival. Keep in mind that most of the leveling was just off the 2 dailies, the Torch Tossing and Catching. Those reward basically the max xp of a quest at that toons level, which is generally enough for at least a bubble's worth on your xp bar. Only the toons that were around level 70 did the Ice Lord lieutenant killing, since it was easy to take a portal from Dalaran to Thunder Bluff, do the dailies and get the Striking Back quest, take the portal there to Blasted Lands, go thru the Dark Portal, kill the Glacial Templar, then hearth back to Dalaran.

6/21 Start of Midsummer Fire Festival.
Demon Soul
Bloodshrike - 80
Bullkathos - 73
Thrillkiller - 68
Bonescourge - 53
Banesidhe - 72 (and dinged 73 that day)
Kukoshakaku - 51
Clockwrknyt - 58
Burizadokyanon - 41
Morticide - 34
Pallormortis - 80

Clockwrkmage - 60
Preyonyou - 37
Tsuris - 52
Aosdanasaoi - 50
Hangfire - 42
Panzergishi - 49
Kishigishi - 49 (got 50 off dailies)
Ryoushigishi - 52
Gwiddonyn - 46
Doomslinger - 38 (dinged 39 on dailies)

Bloodshrike - 49
Clockwrkmage - 31
Psilentkill - 36 (dinged 37)
Didactylos - 27
Gavelofpain - 29
Wartraveler - 28
Misericorde - 30
Ghostflame - 25
Gimmershred - 29
Annihilus - 26

6/22 - (Darrowmere) Clockwrkmage->32, Gavelofpain->30, Misericorde->31
6/23 - (Daggerspine) Gwiddonyn->47
6/24 - (Demon Soul) Clockwrknyt->59
(Daggerspine) Preyonyou->38, Hangfire->43, Gwiddonyn->48
(Darrowmere) Wartraveler->29, Gimmershred->30
6/25 - (Demon Soul) Bonescourge->54, Morticide->35
6/26 - (Demon Soul) Thrillkiller->69
(Daggerspine) Tsuris->53, Kishigishi->51
(Darrowmere) Didactylos->28
6/27 - (Demon Soul) Kukoshakaku->52
(Daggerspine) Aosdanasaoi->51
6/28 - (Demon Soul) Thrillkiller->70, Burizadokyanon->43
(Daggerspine) Panzergishi->50
(Darrowmere) Ghostflame->26
6/29 - Nobody dinged
6/30 - (Daggerspine) Gwiddonyn->49, Doomslinger->40
(Darrowmere) Bloodshrike->50
7/1 - (Daggerspine) Ryoushigishi->53
(Darrowmere) Clockwrkmage->33, Psilentkill->38, Gavelofpain->31
7/2 - (Demon Soul) Morticide->36
(Daggerspine) Preyonyou->39
(Darrowmere) Bloodshrike->51, Misericorde->32
7/3 (Demon Soul) Bullkathos->75, Bonescourge->55, Clockwrknyt->60, Burizadokyan->44, Morticide->37-38-39 (yeah, he put out a lot of torches that day )
(Daggerspine) Clockwrkmage->62
7/4 (Demon Soul) Clockwrknyt->61

So, most of my toons got at least 1-2 levels during these 2 weeks of leveling, with the star being Morticide, bouncing up 5 levels. I could have done more if I had everyone do the torches in each zone, but that takes about 4-5 hours each, with all the flying and traveling you have to do. Since this was added to my daily regimen of Bloodshrike and Pallormortis' Frost Badge dungeons and Argent Tournament dailies, plus Bloodshrike/Pallor/Bane/Thrill/Bull doing the Dalaran Fishing and Cooking dailies.....I'm happy with what I did. The Midsummer Fire Festival is definitely my favorite holiday for leveling.

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