Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Leave


Yes, Utgarde Pinnacle is not a hard heroic. But when you get that amount of rampant disrespect and ass-hattery, it's better to cut your loss, and just get out of there. I was just caught unaware by the sheer selfishness and laziness of that priest, so much that I wanted to get out of it asap. As a tank, you have to develop a thick skin, since you'll get blamed for a lot of things that aren't your fault.

DPS died because they pulled an extra pack of mobs to make the run go faster? Your fault. Everyone wipes because they don't know the fight? Your fault.

You don't have to put up with it though. There was a priest and druid in the group, and I was expecting Prayer of Fortitude or even individual buffs of the Fortitude and Mark of the Wild, if they were too lazy to pick up the ingredient to do a raid cast. Goodness knows, it's hard to click a button to buff people individually.

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