Monday, April 25, 2011

Noblegarden Slacker


I did a write-up for altoholics doing Noblegarden last year, so I'll just link that post.

Even though I had a whole year to do Desert Rose on 6 toons on Darrowmere, I only recently got Clockwrkmage and Psilentkill the titles. I guess I just haven't cared to run them around to the different zones.

But if you want a title for your characters, this is THE 2nd easiest one to get, other than "The Patient." Be glad to get it while you can, because next week is Children's Week, which has the dreaded achievement "School of Hard Knocks." I'll take the orphans out on all 30 of my toons to work toward Veteran Nanny, but I'll only concentrate on the toons that are high enough for Utgarde Pinnacle to do the School of Hard Knocks.

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