Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, they robbin' everybody out here!

Blaaargh.......that's how I feel. I don't check the log on my guild tabs that often, because only the officers (me) and GM (me again) have access to the guild bank. Or so I thought. Apparently, over the past week, 2 members of the guild took advantage of a glitch that must have happened. I know I double and triple-checked access for each rank on the guild tabs before I first started inviting people into the guild, but I just found out that Veteran rank had access to all tabs, and were able to withdraw 2 stacks a day. Dasoidon and Demolisher exploited that to the fullest, taking out whatever they pleased. The gold cost of it all doesn't worry me that much, it's the availability of the quest items that is fucking annoying.

I scanned the AH for a long period of time for deals on some of those items, especially the Arcane Tomes, and for someone to just blatantly take them ALL? There's no excuse for it. You'd only need about 60 of them to go from neutral to exalted, I believe, so they just took them to sell.

I can't explain what happened. I know I AM a forgetful person, so I cope by checking and re-checking things that are important to me. I can't believe I would do something so stupid as to leave one rank with open access. Besides, as I recall, I think you'd have to actively enable that, and I know I didn't do that. All I can think is that they either found out a hack to get in, or there was a glitch in one of the patches that enabled that rank to have guild access.

Demolisher had earned over 1.75 million guild xp, and had been paid 1,750 gold for doing that. Dasoidon had earned 250 k guild xp, and had been paid 250 gold for that. Not only that, but since Dasoidon had invited Demolisher into the guild, another little bonus I offer is that if you recruit someone, and they get 1 million gxp, you get a 500 gold bonus. Dasoidon had been paid that.

I just feel betrayed, and angry. It's like inviting neighborhood kids to your house to do work for you, paying them triple what they would normally get, and then you find out that they stole your coin collection to go buy some Mountain Dew. They have no idea what you went through to get it, what it's even worth, they only know that it will get them a little bit of satisfaction.

UPDATE: I talked to Demolisher in-game about it, and he said he was planning on surprising us by putting epic items back into the guild bank, since he had used the items he got out to level his Blacksmithing. I've never asked for ANYTHING from guild members though. You keep your items, and I keep mine, and everyones's happy.
In retrospect, I see he took out stuff that he could use for his profession, but like Mysscia said, he should have known to ask before taking out the truesilver bars and tons of volatiles. I wish him luck in his next guild, and am sorry that this episode happened.


As for Dasoidon, in my mind, there's no excuse for what he did.


  1. I think some time ago a bug opened the guild bank for full access. At least our guild also had an open tab which was normally locked and the GM said he didn't change it.

  2. I just hope Blizz sort it for you. I think I actually helped Das or Dem with their Northrend party quests which I didn't mind doing, but still... .

    What decent player thinks that they have free reign to someone else's bank which they haven't contributed to in any way without even checking or asking, or thinking that its an automatic one way street?

    I know you're looking at achieving guild progression through offering gold for xp earned, but with hindsight, I would keep valuable items out of the guild bank & put them into personal alt banks to avoid temptation. After all, the primary motivation of these guildies (myself aside as I just like your company & never started this with you for monetary reward) is to get gold. It sparkles, my precious...

  3. @Kring - Yesss, I knew I wasn't crazy! Validation! hehehe

    @Mysscia - Well, it's normally not a problem. Most people accept that the guild bank is locked, and NORMALLY it is. Since Cataclysm, I've migrated all my toons on each server back into one guild, so I don't have alt guild banks to store stuff in. As for the personal banks of my alts.....the madness of my collecting mats doesn't stop at the guild bank. Most of them already have a stockpile of mats that they're waiting to use, or they're hoarding recipes in anticipation for another alt getting his profession high enough to use those recipes.