Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! I mean, gold.


It's been a while since my last post. I just haven't really felt like I had anything noteworthy to talk about. However, this happened.....

So, as to the title of the post, yup, I dinged 1 million gold on 8/18, despite paying out a crapload of gold to my guild members in Wraith Flight (lvl 12). As a matter of fact, I'm at about 1,075,000 gold right now, only a few days later.

In contrast, Warshrike on Daggerspine just dinged level 8, and I've gone from about 230k gold there, down to about 125 k. I'm not as vigilant about posting, usually only once every couple of days with glyphs and enchanting scrolls. Plus, my scribe Doomslinger is only level 60, so I haven't gotten to the Northrend Research recipes.

Psychrometrics on Darrowmere is level 3, at 160k gold. I'm usually burnt out after doing Horde stuff on Demon Soul, so unless the fishing or cooking daily is something I need for their respective achievements, I don't bother.

BTW, there are several members in all three guilds at between 6 to 12 million guild xp. At my ratio of 1 gold per 1k guild xp, that's between 6 to 12 thousand gold that I've paid to each of those members (excluding Mysscia, who has adamantly refused payment).

So, now what? What would YOU do with a million gold? My main Bloodshrike is a 525 alchemist and 525 Archaeologist, and after a mind-melting 40 hours of digging up fragments, he haz the Sandstone Drake recipe. I already made one for myself, and am saving it for my 100th mount, since I'm currently at 98.

Buying weapons/armor? Since my warrior Bullkathos is level 85 with 525 Blacksmithing, why would I pay for weapons when I can make them myself if I stop being a lazy altoholic and actually run dungeons for Chaos Orbs?

I already buy all my non-mage alts the Dalaran Teleport rings when they ding level 80, but since Burizadokyan just got to 80, I only have 3 more alts on Demon Soul to get it for. I don't buy the rings for the achievement, I get them for the ability of traveling back to Dalaran, then to Orgrimmar, while allowing me to set my hearth someplace else.

I could buy them all the Mammoth vendor mount, for the ease of selling and repair when running dungeons back to back. However, the Guild Page is a pretty cheap pet AND vendor at 300 gold, AND you can summon them inside dungeons if needed.

Seriously, I am looking for opinions on what you would do with the gold. Give huge chunks of it away to low levels? Make up contests in your guild with cash prizes? Offer a prize in Trade Chat to the person with the highest total engineering recipes learned for their level range? (I've already done something similar to that when cleaning out AH alts on other servers).

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