Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gone Fishin'


The Darkmoon Fair Island is awesome!!! Not just because of the rewards from the vendors, not only for the chance to gain rep with the faction easily, but because of the fishing opportunities. You can literally just fish the Shipwreck Debris pools to farm mats for all professions. Embersilk cloth drops a ton, plus Heavy Savage Leather, Pyrite, Obsidium, and Elementium ore. You even get Cataclysm herbs from them too. And btw, don't bother buying the items needed for the eating/drinking Achievement, you'll get more than plenty from the Sealed Crates. Clicky clicky, check the drop rates....34% chance to get 8-12 Embersilk Cloth per Crate? Yes please!

Hey, if you try your luck at open water fishing, you still might come away a winner. Ghostcrawler promised me a pony is not only an achievement, it's the literal truth. Just steps away from from the petting stables, you come to open water. While you'll mainly catch Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and other vanilla fish, you have a verrry slight chance of getting an adorable pet, the Sea Pony.

If you are fishing from the pools of Shipwreck Debris, be aware that they ring the entire island, as well as being located at each of the smaller islands shown on the map. Elixir of Water Walking, Path of Frost (DK), Water Walking (Shaman), will help you make fast circuits of all the pool locations. BTW, the Elixirs of Water Walking will sell extremely well on the AH, at least 20 gold for a 5 stack.

Edit: I got my Pony, and the Menagerie achievement along with it!! I was mistaken, apparently you can get them in the pools of Shipwreck Debris too.


  1. I am loving the new Fayre.

    Whilst I'm still making all sorts of cards & am at 18k revered with DM, this should nicely finish off the rep on my first alt.

    And great minds... I also did a full circuit of the island, courtesy of the elixir searching for the crates. Think I got 4 in one circuit with lots of nice loot. No Sea Pony yet though but not really tried too hard.

    And my first DM "doh" moment... not realising there was a guy that would port you back to the cannon starting area. Guess who rode back each time until she realised??

  2. Only 4 crates? Darrowmere seems like it's camped harder than Demon Soul. I can get at least 20-30 crates in one circuit if nobody has been around.

    I got the Sea Pony after my last circuit, and the bag that's shown is my second bag, since the first one was full of crates. Had to throw some beer out to be able to loot it. :)

    Hehehe.....I confess I didn't realize that you could be ported back for a few trips as well.