Tuesday, May 22, 2012

20 Days of...WoW Blogging Challenge - Day Five

Day Five - Favourite Item in the Game

I'm a sucker for items that DO something for you. Not for me the vendor trash grey items with humorous text, no sir! They either have to make my character look different, or have some useful function in the game. I'd have to say that the Dalaran teleport rings were/are my favorite item of all time. Wayyyy back in Wrath of the Lich King, they introduced these nifty little rings. Not only were they exceptionally handy for getting to the main hub of activity at that time (Dalaran), they also could be instantly upgraded to almost best-in-slot itemization for your character. All it required was a mere pittance, maybe 10,000 gold or so, to go through the upgrading processes, and you got a great ring with killer stats that allowed you to warp back to Dalaran every 30 minutes. And, since Dalaran had portals to all the capitol cities, the world was open to you. Need to get to Silvermoon City from Thunder Bluff? No worries mate, port to Dalaran, and take the portal to SMC; no need to track down a mage, or spend time on a windrider, then wait for a zeppelin.

The other great benefit of having the ring was the multitude of options it allowed you in setting your hearthstone. Since you had an easy way to get back to a capitol city with an AH, you could be more choosy in setting where you wanted your hearth. You wanted to pick up an easy 200 honor per day in 5 minutes? Set your hearth to Conquest Hold/Amberpine Lodge in Grizzly Hills, and do those 4 PvP quests around Venture Bay, then use your ring to get back. Or maybe you were working on your Netherwing rep out in Shadowmoon Valley, and really didn't enjoy having to spend 5 minutes flying out there everyday. Hey hey, set your hearth at the Sanctum of the Stars, and you could do your dailies and egg hunting, then zip back to Dalaran.

Nowadays, we have our guild cloaks, but even the epic one has a cooldown of 2 hours, which is still a long time. I enjoy my engineering warp items, but the Dalaran ring is always useful.

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