Friday, April 19, 2013

Pet Battles - Fire Spirit leveling vs. wild pet battles

On my previous post, I had come up with a way to gain levels for pets at a decent rate, while battling Aquatic pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. However, just after I had posted that, I noticed a post by BigBearButt, in which he was talking about battling the Fire Spirit in Townlong Steppes for super-duper fast leveling of pets. I'm always a fan of new information, so I took my level 86 paladin out there to try it (Goblin Glider ftw to fly over to the rock). I did one battle with a level 5 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and my Anubisath Idol, and the Dragonling dinged level 12! Woot, new favorite spot for leveling!

However, the next day I told my friend Mysscia about it, and she ran into a string of bad luck, with the first pet Crimson killing off her Anubisath Idol due to misses. She sounded kind of discouraged about it, so I decided to run some tests to see for myself which spot is better for leveling pets, as well as alts.

Townlong Fire Spirit -
With a level 5 Dragonling and a 25 Idol.

1 - Win, level 12 from 4813 xp. 31 rounds
2 - Idol died to Crimson.
3 - Idol died to Crimson.
4 - Win, level 17 from 5198 xp. 31 rounds
5 - Win, level 20 from 4648 xp. 30 rounds
6 - Win, level 22 from 3988 xp. 31 rounds
7 - Win, level 24 from 3410 xp. 32 rounds
8 - Idol died to Crimson
9 - Win, Level 25 from 1339 xp. 25 rounds

Total = 9 Battles, and probably 7-8 bandages, since you want to be at full health on Anubisath before engaging Crimson. I also got 106,700 xp for my well-rested paladin per WIN, so 106,700 x 6 = 640,200 xp towards leveling. 180 rounds over......oh wait, I'm forgetting something. When my Idol died to Crimson, those were rounds too. Estimate at least 10 per failed battle, so let's say 210 rounds over 9 battles.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms Aquatic Battles -
With a level 5 Shimmershell Snail and a 25 Moth.
1 - level 7 from 924 xp
2 - level 9 from 1012 xp
3 - level 10 from 990 xp
4 -level 11 from 1045 xp
5 -level 12 from 1045 xp
6 - level 13 from 982 xp
7 - level 14 from 968 xp
8 - level 15 from 949 xp
9 - level 16 from 924 xp
10---------------------894 xp
11- level 17 from 963 xp
12- level 18 from 858 xp
13---------------------817 xp
14- level 19 from 817 xp
15---------------------770 xp
16- level 20 from 847 xp
17---------------------798 xp
19- level 21 from 718 xp
20---------------------743 xp
21- level 22 from 743 xp
22---------------------597 xp
23---------------------597 xp
24- level 23 from 682 xp
25---------------------528 xp
26---------------------528 xp
27---------------------528 xp
28- level 24 from 528 xp
29---------------------454 xp
30---------------------454 xp
31---------------------454 xp
32- Level 25 from 253 xp
Total = 30 + battles for the same result, a level 25 pet. However, each battle usually only took an average of 10 rounds. 32 Battles x 10 rounds each = 320 rounds. Since it takes 180+ rounds (without dying) vs the Fire Spirit, it would require 14 more battles in the Vale for the same result. But wait, there's more!

It's a lot less aggravating to battle those aquatic pets. You really don't even need to bring bandages, since by the time your first moth has been killed off, and you've started using your 2nd moth, your free bandage in the pet journal is ready. You also have a chance for rare Battlestones to drop from these battles (I've had 2 rare Aquatic ones drop back to back), which I'm not sure drop from battles with the Fire Spirit.

Another fun fact, my well-rested level 86 Shaman who was doing these battles got almost the same amount of xp per battle as my paladin did. The xp varied between 101,365 and 106,700, with 101,365 being the norm. So, 101,365 x 32 battles = 3,243,680 xp. Considering you need 15,080,000 to level to 87, that's not a bad chunk of xp.


  1. There are four tamers that I like to do every day (as well as the fabled set) but I decided to try the Fire Spirit again yesterday.

    I'll be happier when the fabled tamers are broken up in the next patch though. More chance at stones, etc :)

  2. 4 tamers, not 5? I'm guessing you skip Major Payne. :)

    Yeah, it'll be nice when the fabled tamers are broken up.

    1. Hehe, yep.

      I tend to stick with the Pandarian ones, so Aki, Nishi, Flowing and the one next to our quest hub in Dread Wastes.

  3. You could always make Alliance alts on Daggerspine, or Horde alts on Darrowmere, and I'd fly you out to the Azeroth/Outlands/Northrend tamers. Easy battlestones for you, xp for leveling my guild for me. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Cymre does Fire Spirit increased your trained skill in a permanent way ?