Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bringing the Lightning, bringing the Pain


Patch 3.2 hit today, while I'm at work....cough cough. Hmmm, maybe I should go home? :)

Well, since I can't talk about the new patch yet, I'll talk about powerleveling engineering. Being a gnome rox for engineering, recipes give skillups longer, and your crafting max limit is +15 of the normal cap, allowing you a taste of the level above you.

I made 9 Arcanite Dragonlings while skilling up, as Clockwrkmage was the first toon on Daggerspine to hit 50, and able to advance engineering past 300. I never make an item without getting a skillpoint for it, if I can help it, and this recipe got me from 330ish to about 340 (I think).

Remember that warrior that attacked me in Felwood? I think he had around 2500 health, way over my 1900 health. Well, I'd do a heck of a lot better in a fight against him now, being able to have my Stamina Trinket, 4K bubble shield, and my new stamina/crit/SP goggles. From 1900 HP to 3k HP, in three easy steps!!!! (and a few hundred hard steps, and a few K gold, but who's counting?)

I could have made this for my goggles, but I don't care about the spirit that much, and I had already made my goggles of choice for right now.

Oooh, I wants! Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite. And, requiring 420 engineering to make, but only 390 to use......Noise Machine. 375 engineering + 15 racial max skill cap = 390 engineering. Gnomes get the coolest toys.

Well, since I don't have my two favorite burst damage items (Gnomish Lightning Generator and Hand-Pyro Mounted Pyro Rockets, I shall have to make do with an old favorite of mine. Gnomish Death Ray. One of the main reasons I took up engineering, and my favorite trinket for any newly minted level 35ish alt. Cloth wearers don't get to use the Harm Prevention belt, but they can use the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt.

However, if you open up the comments on the Death Ray, the consensus is that you actually DO want to take damage while charging it. I usually would use the Harm Prevention Belt to absorb the damage, but I noticed I wasn't getting more than 900 damage or so when doing so, so I had stopped using the Death Ray. I think my new strategy will be to use the Death Ray, THEN pop the Nigh-Invulnerability belt to deal with the incoming damage from the mob/player I'm fighting.


  1. Right now I'm really green with envy at all your engineering gadgets. Still, I wouldn't get engineering on any character. Too much work for a lazy bum like me.

  2. wait until your "mains" get into northrend. level 80 raid naxx ready goggles at like 72? yes please.

  3. oooooh, and i farmed up Jeeves schematic yesterday. mats list is expensive, but man he rocks.

    finally engineering gets some love. engineering only auction house in dalaran, portable mailboxes, repair bots, and now a guy who can get stuff from your bank once an hour no matter where you are.

    my guild GM already started using mine. pre-raid last night, he gave me a couple stacks of enchanting mats and flasks to put in my bank. doesn't take up anyone in the raid's bag space, and if we ever need it - pop Jeeves.

  4. @Darth -
    I don't know, you've put in a lot of work on your toons. The only hard part of engineering is deciding what trinket to use in what situation. :)

    Oh yes, I'm already experiencing that with level 70 goggles ready at level 62. My Warrior and DK can make tanking and dps ones to fit their mood.

    Heh, I've been feeling the love for engineering for a while, especially after realizing how awesome some of the Master level trinkets are.