Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hindsight is always 20/20

To Kring, HokieJayBee, and David....

I'm kicking myself right now for not investigating the event more thoroughly. I should have looked up a strategy guide for the event, or even posted sooner, and all this would have been avoided. I originally wanted just the Elekk, and only after a couple of days had passed (and I had already gotten the Elekk on all toons on Demon Soul) did I start thinking about getting the achievement.

But, as has been pointed out, it's not necessary to drink each Brew of the Month to get the achievement, you just have to join. So, if I only get my toons enough tokens to join this year, I'll just wait for next year to see if my toons are high enough to warrant getting the other 350 tokens for the clothes, as well as killing Coren, thus getting the title at that time. Or, I could just hang on to the tokens that I get this year, wait til next year to get to 350, and follow the advice of buying the clothes, wearing them in Dalaran, returning them, and THEN buying the membership. I dunno, I'll make up my mind at the end of the week.

Wish me luck on getting some of my toons enough tokens this year that they won't have to repeat the hell of running kegs ad nauseum next year!


  1. The first year they said that you will be able to buy the mount at a later year and keep the tokens. This lead to a massive cry on the forum when they changed that.

    So, last year, the token were only valid for 21 days and decayed after that. You were not able to take any token from brewfest 08 to brewfest 09.

    The tokens this year do not have such a validity but I assume this was changed because WoW couldn't really handle them.

    (You could, e.g. mail non-BoP items to an alt and when the alt took it out of the mail the duration was refreshed. This was fixed by disconnecting and destroying the item when the alt took it out of the mail. Sucked, because you couldn't mail your gnerds around from hallows end.)

    So, this year the token, and many items from the vendor have a line:

    "Requires Brewfest"

    I assume these items disappear when brewfest ends. I would not recommend trying to take tokes from one year to the next.

    You can always only buy one or two pieces of the gear and get the last part next year.

    And, you should read more blue tracker. Kisirani more or less confirmed that it is possible to sell the cloths back. :-)


  2. I think I'll have to make do with the membership this year and buy the tokens the next. In moments like these I hate Blizzard lol.