Monday, September 28, 2009

What Price Sanity?

I've been meaning to post, I just haven't had the time. Why? Brewfest. More specifically, getting the pre-requisites done for Brewfest NEXT year. Bloodshrike on Demon Soul is the only toon even close enough to being able to get the Brewmaster title this year, but, since he didn't join the Brew of the month club LAST year, he still wouldn't able to get the title until next year anyway. So, I decided to take all of my toons and camp them in the brewfest grounds, all to get the Pint-sized Pink Elekk and the Brew of the Month Club done in the 2 weeks that Brewfest lasts.

Let's break down what that entails. 100 tokens for the pet, 200 tokens for the membership. Not too hard to do with one toon, although a bit tedious. Times 30 = mind-numbing insanity.

One-time quests:
There and Back Again = 10 tokens.
Chug and Chuck = 10 tokens
Catch the Wild Wolpertinger = 0 tokens, but gives you the Wolpertinger pet and achievement.
Pink Elekks on Parade = 40 tokens.
= 60 tokens so far.

Daily Quests
Bark for the beer vendors = 15 tokens, 4 minutes or less completion time.
This One Time, When I was Drunk = 10 tokens, 10 second completion time, and you can have all your alts complete it since the gear sticks around for 10 minutes after you've defeated the Dark Iron Dwarf attack on the camp.

Semi-Daily Quests
Remember the guy that had you pick up 3 kegs? Talk to him again, and he'll offer a semi-daily that you can do every 18 hours, to get as many kegs as you can with a diminishing timer. I can usually get 14-16 tokens from Horde side, but up to 30 tokens on my Ally server. Horde side is almost a straight shot, whereas Ally side takes you thru trees, but I guess the apple barrels are placed more strategically, because I hardly ever have my ram get exhausted.

So, as it stands, all my toons have the Elekk, and are working on the 200 tokens for the membership. Bloodshrike already got it, so he's going to see what pieces of the Brewfest regalia he can buy before the fair ends.

P.S. I got all the toons on Demon Soul the Elekk on the first day, with about 30 minutes needed for each toon to get 100 tokens. After that, it slows down, with only the 3 dailies to give you tokens. 10 + 15+ 16(or 30 for allies) = 42-50 average per day (and about 15 minutes needed), if I was able to do all toons every day. I've just been mostly doing the This One Time, When I was Drunk turnin, then seeing what toons are lowest, and focusing on them.


  1. You only need the membership to get the title, drinking the bear are just 10 more points.

    You need 350 token for the titel which is very easy to obtain. (Especially in the US where you get the pink elkk quest for the 40 token which is not available in Europe :-)

    You buy the chest, shoes and hat. Port to Dalaran and get the achievement.

    Return to the vendor and sell your items back for a refund of the 350 token.

    Buy the membership (200), the thing to get the "have keg, will travel" (2) and you still have 148 token left which are more than enough for the pet.

  2. They also moved an apple barrel for alliance. Last year it was a bit more difficult, but the route was also a little bit shorter.

  3. yep, kring is right :(

    you could have gotten the clothes and danced drunk in dalaran for 350 tokens, then sold them all back to the vendor [in under an hour].

    then purchased the membership and pet.

    you've got to post more so we can help!

  4. Depending on how many tokens you're sitting at with each toon right now, it may not be too late to get the title for several of your toons this year. At 40 tokens per day, you should be able to get 200 more over the rest of the festival, so if you've managed to accumulate at least 150 already from running the dailies, you should be fine. Just follow the instructions in the posts above!

  5. Stupid me I rushed to buy the pet before I knew that you can return the clothes. Dammit. I think I won't make Brewmaster this year.