Friday, September 18, 2009

Questing in Northrend


From the last post until now, I've changed my mind a little bit. I took a simple travel quest Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary to the middle of Sholozar Basin, to just meet the legendary Hemet Nesingwary and to do the Ghostfish Daily fishing quest for Dalaran. At least, that was my intention. So, I introduce myself to Hemet AGAIN, even though I've already done bucketloads of his quests in Stranglethorn Vale and Outlands (that dwarf has a memory as bad as my own), and run on down to the River's Heart to catch the elusive Ghostfish.

After I catch the fish, I look around, and I notice a ! over Tamara Wobblesprocket's head that I hadn't seen on the other few times I had done the Ghostfish daily. So, I accepted her Part-Time Hunter, since it seemed like it would be close, and I should be easily able to solo whatever mob I needed to. That led me to the Frenzyheart questline, and then I started doing the Nesingwary questline, since I now had 2 (two) tanks ready to soak up and deal out damage. As long as you keep Hoofing It, you've got a pocket tank with Zepik the Gorloc Hunter. As a hunter, I already had a tank, so this made questing SUPER easy. I got thru 39 out of the 75? quests in Sholozar before I stopped. And, I stopped because I dinged 77, and could learn Cold Weather Flying. :)

So, there is a bonus from spending time past 68 in Outlands, at least on your first toon on the server. I only really spent about 1 level stuck on a ground mount in Northrend, before I could fly again. With only 2.5 levels to go to 80, I'll probably ding 80 before Pallormortis, who is currently 67 and doing Netherstorm quests, will need or want to start to start flying in Northrend, so I'll be able to provide the Bind on Account Book of Cold Weather Flying.


  1. I think it's the famous dad in Northrend and the son (Jr.) in S.V.


    Just thinking off the top of my head.

  2. @rainmyst - true, true. :)
    I was just poking a little fun at how NPC's will have no memory of us sometimes. Jr. in STV, Dad in Northrend and Outland, I believe.

  3. also note you can get exp in pvp now. even if you're not into pvp. while questing alts now, i queue AV. on my server it's a 10-15 minute pop. mid quest, take the queue when it pops, hit an AV for some HK's and exp.

    then when the bg ends, you pop right back out where you were in the middle of questing.

    a good solid AV win will net you 5-10% of a level.

    [you read that right]

  4. So I take it that you don't already have a 80 main?

  5. @Hokie - hmm, 5-10% of a level? That's not bad. I've only done Warsong Gulch, and that's only with my former twink Doomslinger on Daggerspine.

    @Darth - Bloodshrike is my highest at 78, with Pallormortis at 67. No leveling going on right now, since I'm concentrating on Brewfest.