Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out of Phaze

So, Bloodshrike, and ONLY Bloodshrike, will be going for the Loremaster achievement. I'm not going to put myself through the misery of slavishly trying to complete all those quests again on another character. I'll do the rep grind for certain factions if they have recipes that that toon needs for their profession(s), but I'm done with being a perfectionist.

I guess this whole thing kind of spun off from me doing the Icecrown quests. I'm currently about 104/140 on them, and I grouped with a BE rogue for a few of the group quests. One in particular was kind of funny. See, I only really got into Northrend at about level 76. I did all of the Sholazar Basin quests by level 77, then came back to Northrend for the Storm Peaks, and I know I got 80 before finishing the quests there.

When I finally started in Icecrown, I went straight to the Argent Crusade, did the intro quests, then became an Aspirant. I did those quests for 25 days, becoming "Champion of ..." and "Exalted Champion of .." at the same moment, since I was already exalted with all the home cities. It wasn't until about halfway thru Revered that I realized that the OTHER quests in Icecrown probably would help boost my Argent Crusade rep, so I wouldn't only rely on the dailies for the rep grind. Doh!

Needless to say, when I finally hit Exalted with the AC, I had over 180 tokens to spend. The first 50 went for the teleport Tabard, and another 120 went for my clothies to level up in style.
I also spent about 10kg for another teleport, though this one actually helps me kill stuff faster.
So, between the tabard, ring, 3 engineering teleport devices, and my hearthstone....I'm almost a mage!

Anyways, back to the original story. The BE rogue and I were about to kill the dogs and the casters for the Guardians quest, but when he came to join up with me, I couldn't see him. We could both see the monsters, but since we were in different phase stages of quest chains, we couldn't see each other. It was quite interesting to coordinate attacks on the monsters, especially since I'm a suspicious basterd, and don't trust that people are pulling their weight unless I actually see them fighting. But, we got it done with only 2 people, so it was a lot better than trying to solo it. I had tried before, and died twice while only killing one of the mobs. But, since we had also done Basic Chemistry and Coprous the Defiled, that finished my list of group quests that I need, except maybe the Banshee's Revenge. Ahh, I'll be happy to get this zone over with.


  1. i know you don't raid. but if you did, you'd find that phasing issue, on people on different stages of icecrown quests, to be quite fun trying to get two people working together at the ICC summoning stone.

    well done blizz.

  2. Putting phasing in a zone which is packed with group quest is really stupid as it makes it impossible for friends to help you on your quests.

    Everyone who thought Shadowmoon Valley was bad learned that there is nothing Blizzard can't do even worse.

  3. @Kring - What was wrong with Shadowmoon Valley? That was one of the easiest for me to get the necessary zone quests for Loremaster.

    @Hokie - Yeah, I'm sure that would be loads of fun.

  4. It was full with group quests which required 5 people, which sucks, because you have to bother 4 friends.

    These quests were on long chains, therefore you couldn't share them. The other 4 people got nothing from helping you.

    These long chains had tons of single quests first which ensured that everyone started the chain alone and then needed help.

    SMV was far away so the 4 people who helped also had to fly a long time.

    Group Quests are just a fail concept in my eyes. The non-instanciated world is designed for single players. Group quests are like having a 25 man raid boss at the end of a 5 man heroic.

  5. Ahhh, yeah. At 80, it wasn't a big deal. Maybe my other characters will solo the group quests in Icecrown at 85 when Cataclysm hits.

    Yeah, group quests can be a bugger sometimes, especially when I always come late to game content.

  6. Even if you are not late it's annoying if the single tank in the guild has to fly out every single day to do the quest.

  7. heh, I take it that you were the tank?

  8. No, at least not in the beginning of the expansion. Nevertheless, it's hard to ask the same person for the same favor for your 5th alt. :)

  9. Yeah, I see your point. I hate begging or owing favors, so I just pay for help when I need it. It makes it simpler.