Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cog of Doom!!!!!! ...... Or, how a mouse-over throws a wrench in the works


Hallow's End is upon us, and I was looking forward to getting my Loot on with the Headless Horseman, especially since I only managed to do the event once with Bloodshrike last year.

Instead, I've only managed to become like Ichabod Crane, dumped unceremoniously from the instance when I zone in. When you get in the graveyard, directly in front of you is a pumpkin, which you almost are invariably already mousing over. Unfortunately......there seems to be a bug in the 4.01 patch, which will frequently cause WoW to freeze up when mousing over or clicking on almost anything that shows a cog. Mage tables, flags, anything of that sort can cause problems.

I had thought that some of my addons were causing the problem, as I noticed Deadly Boss Mods message load, then WoW immediately froze up. But after poking around the forums, it looks like it's on Blizz to fix it.

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