Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How do I love thee 4.0.1? Let me count the ways...


Despite the Cog of Doom bug, and the inevitable addon disruption, I really, really like the new patch.

For a player who doesn't raid, and only does heroics, it allows you to get high level gear in a relatively short amount of time. 95 Frost Badges for a piece of gear? That took me over a month and a half to earn at 2 badges per day. When Brewfest rolled around, my toons doubled their earning power to 4 Frosties per day. Wahoo!!

I haven't even run any heroics yet, the only instance I've set foot in since the patch is the daily to kill the Headless Horseman, but according to MMO-Champion, the average amount of Justice Points you'd get per heroic is either 23, or 39, if you're adding together the Heroic dungeon and Heroic boss. Not sure.

You get 24 Justice Points for killing HH each day, and say if you got 23 JP for each random dungeon.....1100/23 = 47.8 heroics to earn enough JP to buy my ilvl 264 chest piece, which, you guessed it, took me over 47 days to earn previously.

I'm probably a bit OCD in that, if I can only do something once per day, I MUST do something once a day. Remember the Arcanite transmutes, where you could only transmute every 48 hours? Yeah, I had about 90 of them saved up before they changed it.

So, for a casual player like me, the changes with the patch allow me to run heroics til my eyes bleed if I really want a piece of gear, then just let my toon do nothing, and be free to go play my other toons without worrying about "missing out" on opportunities to get better stuff on my main.

I have to say though, it's gonna make me lazy. With the previous Triumph and Frost badge division, I would run heroics for Triumphs to get me to the 232-245 level of gear, while waiting for enough Frosties to slowly, agonizingly slowly, replace piece by piece of gear.

Now? My mage Banesidhe is in Frostsavage Battlegear, with the BOA chest and shoulders. I'll replace my level 187 pieces with level 251-264 pieces, or if some level 200 pieces drop, I'll go for them in the meantime. With heroics being tuned for Wrath talent trees, we are way OP for heroics nowadays, so I doubt my lower dps will really even raise an eyebrow, or get me kicked.

I'm a patient person, and I just don't see the point of spending 591 JP for XXX, or 935 JP for YYY, when I could run a few more heroics and get ZZZ for 1100 JP.

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