Friday, February 20, 2009

Gold? I got a guy for that.


Well, I’m helping out another friend at work with gold. My dispatcher Steve is a fellow player, but like most normal people, doesn’t worry overly much about making gold. He just hit 64 with his main Mage, and noticed he was starting to have a tough time taking down mobs. I told him to start buying armor and weapons on the AH, and he said he couldn’t. He only had 40 gold at level 64……….

That’s a bit of a shock to me. My level 20 characters are regularly raking in at least 100 gold a day, after only 5 minutes of reposting items. I couldn’t let that situation continue, so I offered to help him out. I started 2 Orcs, ran one to Booty Bay and the other one to Orgrimmar (well, I flew from Ratchett, after making some coin), and logged out. His level 3 warlock ghost ran down to Booty Bay from Elwynn, and then his main bought 12 Fillet of Frenzy and 12 Clam Chowders (since he was by Auberdine), then he did about 5 flips of the Recipe: Kaldorei Spider Kabob. He sent them to the warlock in BB, my Orc bought the recipes, and sent them to the Orc in Orgrimmar. I posted 2 each of the Frenzy and Chowder recipes for 16-18 gold each, and the Kaldorei recipe for 90-99 gold.

I checked back an hour later, and they were all sold out. I put up more of the Frenzy and Chowder, and another Kaldorei for 99-110 gold. It sold almost immediately, as I was checking for enchanting bags on the AH (Steve has 240 enchanting at level 64, which is pretty decent, but his entire bank was full of enchanting mats, with only one bag slot bought, and no bag in it.)

After another recipe sold, I had enough for a 32-slot Mysterious Bag (enchanting bag). I checked back later, and I had enough to buy a Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight at 150 gold. We did the swap at Booty Bay, and after selling the Savory recipe on Ally side for 399 gold, he now has about 430 gold, plus ALL of his mats in one bag, and a lot of empty space in his bank.

On a side note, I took yesterday off sick since there wasn’t any service calls, and as I was finishing up transfers from Ally to Horde side on Demon Soul, a level 80 hunter asks Thrillkiller, my level 44 Rogue, if I wanted a free run of Zul’Farrak. I was like “sure, let me clear my bags and get the quests, and I’m ready.” Well, it took a bit of time to get it organized, since we were waiting for other people, but once it started, it was pretty fun. We knocked out most of the ZF quests you can get in Gadgetzan (along with Gahz’rilla from Shimmering Flats), and only when I logged into Bloodshrike later did I discover that there’s a couple more quests that Thrillkiller hadn’t picked up. Oh well, I don’t really mind. I just want to do dungeons once, or maybe do them solo at 80 for the achievements.

After we had run ZF a few times, the level 80 said we were going to go to Blackrock Depths. Wow, that’s a huge instance. The biggest one I’ve seen so far has been Wailing Caverns, but BRD is WAYYY bigger. Pretty cool, even though I died multiple times because I was trying to help the hunter’s gorilladin on DPS, and ended up grabbing aggro. I’m sorry, I just can’t put myself on follow, and sit on my ass doing nothing, like the hunter/mage/druid that the level 80 hunter was rushing. The hunter was getting knocked down to 10% of his health on a lot of these encounters, and so I’d run in with a Fel Iron Bomb and an Advanced Target Dummy to distract some of the mobs, and hurt them a lot. Since the druid was with us, it wasn’t annoying to get killed, since I wouldn’t have to run back from the Spirit Healer outside. He got killed, but luckily my Goblin Jumper Cables XL worked, and we were able to continue on. In the ZF runs, a couple of the other guys got killed, and I tried the jumper cables, but there was no reaction. I think it was because they had already released their spirit to the Spirit Healer. When the druid died, I immediately said “Don’t release!” and when I selected him and hit the cables, the channeled Defibrillate showed up on my screen, and it rezzed him. Gogo engineering!!

After an hour or so of running around BRD, we had had enough, so they ported back to UC, and I teleported back to Gadgetzan. Level 47 3/4ths, after only 4 hours. Pretty cool, though now I’m out of well-rested XP.

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