Friday, February 20, 2009

Patch 3.08 Death Knigget Explosion


Patch 3.08 should be hitting the servers this morning, so it’ll be time to make a new Death Knight this afternoon. I’ve been wanting to play with Francois and his wife on Lightbringer, but really, really, haven’t wanted to level up any toons. This will allow me to have a 55 toon on that server, and since they haven’t gotten their DK’s past 60, we can all level together.

I think I’ll go with a Night Elf female. I like gnomes because of their passive +15 engineering racial ability, but at 55, a DK has the opportunity to have up to 375 engineering automatically, if you powerleveled them. Besides, this is a care-bear server (PvE), so I won’t need engineering to help prevent being ganked. I figure I’ll go Mining and Skinning up until 60+, then drop skinning for engineering once I get to Outlands. Same plan as Pallormortis on Demon Soul, just less pressure, since I only have to worry about mobs killing me. So for that reason, I’ll go with Night Elf, since Shadowmeld will have uses throughout the game, whereas the +15 engineering won’t.

In other news, Tsuris is now level 38 ½!!! I spent a bunch of time leveling him over the weekend, and now he’s going to be my highest level Leatherworker. Along the way of leveling, I dinged Exalted with Stormwind, since I had done so much questing there, plus a lot of quests give rep with them anyway. I had originally started both Tsuris and Preyonyou with the idea of grinding rep with Darnassus, to get the Nightsaber mounts, but this happened along the way. I did most of my questing in Dustwallow, and didn’t bother going back to Exodar for my level 30 Totem of Air quest until level 37, since I wanted to get Exalted with SW and get my horsies. Yup, Horsies, plural. I bought all four of the Stormwind mounts, and later on, I bought all three Darnassus cats. I also made a macro to randomly select what mount I’ll use, so it’ll keep it interesting.

/castrandom Pinto, Black Warhorse, Spotted Nightsaber….
You get the idea. Not sure if I named the mounts correctly, since I’m doing this off the top of my head while at work.

I also looked up upcoming profession quests for Tsuris. Of course, I know about the engineering spec quest, but the leatherworking ones will be new to me. Apparently, there’s two. Wild Leather, available around level 30, and your actual specialization quest, available at 40. Wild leather is like the blacksmithing quests, where you have to make a bunch of items and turn them in to receive additional recipes. A good amount of Thick Leather is needed, and TONS of Turtle Scales (considering I only have 7 in my bank). It looks like Ryoushigishi will have to brush the dust off his gun, and get to killing turtles in Tanaris. He’s level 37 I believe, and the turtles are around 40, so that should be good XP as well as turtle meat and turtle scales for Tsuris.

Also for Tsuris, I’m going to be doing the opposite of what I do with paladins. Since I want the Pet Bombling minipet on a least ONE toon on each server, I’ve decided to have my Shamans go Goblin first, get the Goblin Dragon Gun and minipet (not the Goblin Mortar, since he won’t be able to reload it), and respec to Gnomish. Yeah, it’s kinda a pain, and expensive, but……what else do I need to do with my gold? I’ve gotten a bunch of epics off the AH, I’ve gotten most if not all all recipes I’ll need in the foreseeable future, and….I got the gold and the time.

Surprisingly, my Ally account on Daggerspine has the most toons over level 35 now. Only Doomslinger (19 twink) and Preyonyou (26 Priest) are under that level. On Demon Soul, Burizadokyan (27 Priest), Morticide (26 druid), and Kukoshakaku (28 Shaman) still need to be leveled.

Recap on Gold: Demon Soul is about 50.3 K, Daggerspine is about 42K, and my baby account on Darrowmere is just over 16K. I attribute most of the gold to level 300 enchanting recipe scrolls on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, as well as my ruthless manipulation of the Glyph market on all servers. People have a natural tendency to try to sell items at any price, and usually end up driving the market down. For the people who rely on the AH for materials, rather than grinding for them, that’s a good thing. For the sellers, it’s a bad thing. So, for example, if I see some of the glyphs that I normally sell for at least 20+ gold being sold at 5-8 gold, I’ll price my regular 4 glyphs (since I only make 4 at one time, since it’s not wise to flood the market) at a high price, like 30-35 gold. By the next day, the lower priced glyphs have been sold off, and people are undercutting my high priced glyphs, leaving me free to undercut them, still at a nice profit.

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