Friday, February 20, 2009

To make inordinate amounts of gold or not to make inordinate amounts of gold, that is the question;


Bloodshrike1 hit 61 last night, still in Azeroth. I’m trying to get thru the quests in my log, even though a lot of them are grey, just because I’m stubborn. I think I’ve gotten all the Zul’Farakk quests for Tanaris assembled, as well as the Sunken Temple quests (since there’s a Hunter quest that’s in ST). Now I have to see if I’ll be able to solo them at 61, with my AOE gorilla keeping all the aggro on him.

I’ve definitely slacked off on my gold frenzy, letting a couple of days lapse between logins of my AH toons. It just takes too much time out of my day to try and keep up, leaving very little time for actual questing. I can log in at 5 pm, and still be posting stuff at 7 or 8 pm. There’s just a lot of work involved in posting. With Scribes, you open up all your mail, accept the 100+ gold from the glyphs that sold (my usual average), make additional glyphs to get you back up to 3-4 of each minor glyph that they know makes a profit, and then go to the AH. Click on each glyph to see what other people are selling them for, then undercut them. Then, select Trade Goods and type Ink or Pigm, to see if I can pick up any that are low priced. Since I’m in Trade goods anyway, I usually select Jewelcrafting/Parts/Devices/Explosives to see if there’s any bargains. If the Scribe is the only one who’s going to log in on that server that day, I’ll usually check recipes for BS/Engineering/Tailoring/Enchanting to see if AckisRecipeList sees anything that my toons can learn.

But, I am making about 5k gold per month with Demon Soul AND Daggerspine, since they both have Enchanters/Blacksmiths that are 300, and can provide Arcanite Rods and high level enchants for the AH. And on my Horde accounts, they usually have the Ally cooking recipes to sell on the AH, providing 10-15 gold each. Multiply that by 5-12 per day, every day, and it comes up to a lot of gold. Demon Soul now has over 56k (even after buying my level 60 land mount and training for Bloodshrike), Daggerspine has about 49k, and Darrowmere is probably around 21k.

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  1. I'm also making tons of gold with Inscription.
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    Sparky's addon is awesome: after you scan the AH with an AH addon, it keeps records of how much each of your tradeskill items sells for.