Friday, February 20, 2009

Of Tabby Cats and Faires

What have my toons been up to lately? Morticide on Demon Soul had been camping the Dalaran Spellscribe in Silverpine Forest, hoping for the Black Tabby Cat to drop. The cat is usually sold for at least 200-800 gold on Ally side, since Allies can’t kill the Spellscribe, and he’s the one mob that usually drops it. It only dropped once before the Darkmoon Faire started, and since my druids are usually the ones that have herbalism/engineering, they usually don’t have a lot of stuff in their bags, since all herbs go directly to the alchemist or scribe on that server.

So he’s camping the Faire, getting all the herbs and motes he can. I’m also getting the Wood frog and Tree frog non-attack pets from Flik, though it’s annoying to have to chase him down. I’ll try to start collecting Dark Iron Ale mugs from the AH, since that’s the only way for someone to get Jub Jub, the other non-attack pet available there. They were about 25 gold each on the AH though, so I’ll wait until the faire goes away, and the price will probably drop.

But with Abyss Crystals, Francois can buy them, sell them to me, and I can just sell them directly, no need to craft anything with them. At 130-200 gold a pop, that’s easy money!

Gimmershred is doing the same thing on Darrowmere, but I have Misericorde still camped in Silverpine, killing the Spellscribe. I’ve probably had about 5 of the cats drop for me so far, though I’m waiting for Francois’s toons to actually have a sale of one on Alliance side. 300-400 gold isn’t that much, rite rite? :p

I’m glad of another thing with the Wrath expansion. Abyss crystals!! For a while, Void Crystals were my main way of moving gold from Horde to Ally side, or vice versa. But after a while, the price dropped from about 40 gold each to about 2-4 gold each. Not worth Francois stocking up on, and not worth me taking the time to sell. Luckily, on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, I’ve gotten both my mages up to 300 enchanting, so they can do Crusader, Lifesteal, Fiery, Icey, Unholy, and Major Health (100) to chest. Those sell very nicely on the AH after I’ve put them on vellums, and it’s easy for Francois to get the mats for them and have me buy them on the Neutral AH for 1 copper a stack of Greater Eternal Essence, Illusion Dust, Large and Small Radiant/Brilliant shards, and other things. Francois’ toons try to get a bargain on them, but it doesn’t really matter that much, since the gold they’ve made on the opposide side of the server cost me a few silver or gold, and it all gets sold for 100 or 1000 times its original price.

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  1. I'd give you 2k for such a cat. None ever in the AH... :-(

    (Nor the black nor (*shudder*) emerald whelp)

    What's the drop rate*? Maybe I'll create a DK. It can't be worse than grinding for the ozz...

    *) Yeah, I can look it up on wowhead. I'm hoping for some motivation. :-)