Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm counting my rocks.....

Chris Rock -
No one cares when you get outta school-
"I just got outta school! Got my masters!"
"So what- dont come around here with all that readin and shit- see I can count too 1,2,4,9 So- what! You be countin these rcks byotch!"
"but I got my masters!"
"So what you my master now???"


Whew, Mastery of professions is expensive! I finally got around to leveling Bloodshrike on Demon Soul in his professions, since he’s 55. Alchemy probably took 200 gold to powerlevel, and it would have been higher, but I had a ton of herbs saved up from Morticide camping the Darkmoon Faire for herbs and motes. I haven’t picked Potion or Transmute as a specialty yet, and I haven’t researched where/when to do that. You probably have to be level 60 or something, but I’m an impatient little sod, and want to powerlevel professions as soon as I can.

Bloodshrike’s Engineering is probably around 330 right now. I’m torn between making Arcanite Dragonlings, since I had Bloodshrike learn it, and it turned yellow at around 320 engineering, or making Health Potion Injectors, since he made a ton of Super Health Potions while leveling up Alchemy. Or, I could make Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robots, since I learned that at 325, and those should sell for a good price. Aaaaugh, too many choices!
Arcanite Dragonlings are super expensive to make. 1 Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, 8 Delicate Arcanite transformers, 6 Thorium Widgets, 10 Enchanted Thorium Bars, 6 Enchanted Leather….. I could probably sell one for 500-600 gold, and come out about even on mats. Since I’m making 9 of them for my toons, it’s cost efficient for me to make them first, and worry about selling them later. If I do sell enough of them, it won’t be a problem to come back and make more of them for myself.

Tsuris is now level 34 1/2, waiting for me to come back and finally get him to level 35, and be able to finally powerlevel my first toon past 225 leatherworking. I think I’ll probably go Dragonscale LW, since he’s Enhancement spec, and I like doing DPS rather than healing.

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