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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Questing, the 13th step


Well, I got Misericorde on Darrowmere to level 20, and took her over to Silvermoon City to learn her level 20 skills, learn Polearms, and pick up the Blood-Tempered Ranseur quest. I need her to skill up engineering by using only trainer taught recipes, and especially by making Gyrochronomatom, since Gavel needs a whole bunch to make the Mechanical Dragonlings for everyone.

A buddy of mine on Demon Soul just leveled an undead warrior to 70, giving him at least 4 level 70 toons. Troll Rogue, Undead Warrior, Tauren Druid, and Belf Shadow Priest. I, on the other hand, have 30 level 20-45 toons, say, level 30 average. So, 30x30 equals 900, whereas 4x70= 280. I just spend way too much time leveling their professions and secondary professions, and not enough time questing. But, I am getting better. I only have a level 14 priest and level 13 druid on Darrowmere to level to 20, and then ALL my toons (except twinks) will be a level 20 or above. I’ve got 23k gold on Demonsoul, 13k+ on Daggerspine, and about 5k on Darrowmere, so I don’t really need to worry about money anymore. If I can wean myself off the AH, and only sell things, and not worry about getting bargains on mats, that will free up at least a couple of hours a night.

An Addict's checklist


I’m getting burned out on the whole making money on the AH thing. With 3 of my own servers to check, each with 1-2 people that sell stuff on the AH, and have a whole laundry list of things to check for cheap prices on, it gets really time consuming. For example, I have Bullkathos & Kukoshakaku on Demonsoul as my main sellers. Kukoshakaku is my LW, who will check for cheap prices on Shadowcat hide, spider’s silk, Large Fang, Heavy Hide, and Heavy Leather. He also puts up 1 Arcanite rod at 75-90 gold, and a Sniper scope at 25-30 gold, to provide a high price for Bullkathos to price multiples of the same item and undercut Kuko’s prices. Bullkathos will check gobl (anything goblin), gnom (anything gnomish), mech (for the mechbuilder’s overalls and mechanical toad recipe), and dragonl (to see if the Arcanite dragonling recipe is being posted, or if the actual trinket is posted). He also scans parts, items, and explosives under the trade goods section, to see if there’s anything posted at a cheap price. Then I type elemental (for fire/air/water/earth), essence of (fire/air/water/earth/undeath), Core of Earth, Heart of Fire, Living essence (for my next engineer who hits lvl 35, so they can powerlevel using the mechanical toad recipe). I also look up simple gems, since that’s all I’m using at the current time, paying particular attention to the Star Ruby and Arcane Crystal prices, since I make most of my gold from Sniper Scopes and Arcanite Rods/Bars.

Same thing with Clockwrkmage and Tsuris on Daggerspine, and Clockwrkmage on Darrowmere is my only seller. I open all my mail from the previous day, repost stuff that didn’t sell, and make stuff if I have the mats assembled. Then, I go to the opposite factions AH, using Kevin’s account, and do pretty much the same thing. I can get home at 5, and maybe finish up with checking the AH by 8 pm. It’s no kind of life, especially since I don’t really need gold much anymore. I’ve got packed guild banks to draw upon (3 tabs on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, 2 on Darrowmere), I’ve bought most of the 1-300 level recipes for ALL my toons, and yet it’s still hard to stop checking for bargains. I originally started this because I wanted to have enough to buy mounts at level 40 for all my toons on Demon Soul. Well, now that they’ve lowered the price to 35 gold for training, and about 8 g for the mount, I’ve got about 15x25=375 mounts (G15,000).

It HAS worked out for me getting recipes that weren’t posted on my own factions AH, like the Steel Weapon Chain BS recipe. I’ve gotten that for both Daggerspine and Darrowmere from the opposing factions AH, because it’s never offered on my own. I still want the Thorium Shield Spike recipe for those 2 servers though, because it’s so cheap to make, and makes it very easy and cheap to level from 285 to 300 Blacksmithing. Not to mention it’s almost as damaging as the Felsteel spike, and way….way…way cheaper to make.

Onto giving updates on my toons. I’ve gotten 2 level 44’s on Demon Soul, and 2 lvl 42’s on Daggerspine. I also went down the list and got all of my toons to at least lvl 11 on Darrowmere, having them each run to TB when they hit level 10, so they could get all the weapon masters and waypoints along the way, do the quest for the Kodo hide bag recipe, and then fly to Ratchett to powerlevel engineering to 150.

I have it down to a science now. Do about 40 rough stones to get to about 30+ engineering, then do about 80 copper bars to make 80 copper bolts (needed to make target dummies). Make enough copper tubes (usually about 5 or so) to level up enough to make copper modulators, and make them until you get to 75 engineering. At that point you have a choice. You can either make 20 Coarse stones into 20 Coarse Blasting powder, or continue making copper modulators. Either way, continue until you can make Target dummies, then start cranking them out. I usually end up with about 20 target dummies at level 105 engineering. I usually make some bronze tubes or EZ-throw dynamite (for my priest) or small seaforium charges at this point, in order to level up to 125.

At 125 you can make Heavy Blasting powder, and then turn around and use it in making Heavy Dynamite. That pretty much takes you up to 150, where I’m able to equip my Green-Eye Goggles (the ones that give +8 stamina and spirit), which provides a big boost to any level 10 character, no matter the class.

The Addiction multiplies!!


It’s been a while, but I haven’t had a lot of time to write. The last week before I came out to training in Phoenix, I was out in the field, so I didn’t have a lot of time to post like I did while I was at the office. Once I got to Phoenix, it was either classtime, or WOWtime. A classmate/buddy of mine lets me use his account, so I made some toons on Darrowmere, Daggerspine, and Demonsoul, of the opposite faction.

Now I can finally get most/all of the faction specific recipes for each server I play on, rounding out my collections. On Demonsoul and Darrowmere, I’ve already gotten the Red Whelp gloves and Herbalist glove recipes, as well as doing the leatherworking quest at level 8 to get the Moonglow vest recipe. I also ran my level 8 Night Elf toons up to Arathi, to get the Raptor Hide belt recipe. All of these have been safely transferred over to Horde side.
I only need to do the Blacksmithing recipe quests in Ironforge, then go out to Redridge to turn in the Gearing Redridge quest and get my Ironforge Breastplate recipes, as well as buying the Black Whelp Tunic recipe in town, and getting the Black Whelp Cloak recipe up in the hills. Finally, down to Duskwood, to get the Bright Yellow shirt pattern, and I’m done.

On Daggerspine, I’ve already gotten the Savory Deviate Delight recipe on Gwiddonyn, since she’s my alchemist, and I’ll be getting the Elixir of Giant growth recipe from the Horde Auction house. I’m also getting the benefits of 3 Auction House scans, being able to find good deals on Horde/Neutral/and Alliance, and then transferring/keeping the results to the side I actually play on.

A few observations: If you’re going to do this, do it in a few stages. You don’t want to have a lot of time running around, so make a few alts. Send the first one to Booty Bay immediately, so you can sell your shirt/item to your main account for some startup capital. I’d usually transfer over some recipes at that time too, so I can sell faction specific recipes on the opposite sides AH, and eliminate the middleman buying them off me in the neutral AH. For example, I can get Elixir of Giant Growth for 1-2 on a Horde Auction House, since it’s a Barrens only drop, and there’s a lot of questing for level 10-20 toons in the Barrens, so it drops quite often. On Demon Soul, I put 2 of them up for 50-60 gold in the Alliance AH, and sold them out almost immediately. Yet, on the Neutral Auction house, I was lucky if I could sell them for 8-9 gold each. I’ve gotten 300+ gold on the Darrowmere recipe account, and 130+ on the Demon soul recipe account, just by selling faction specific recipes.

On actually leveling, I’ve gotten Aosdanasaoi on Daggerspine to level 40, and gotten my first Nightsaber mount. She spent a bit of time in the Dustwallow Marsh spider cave, but since I had gotten so much Mithril Ore when Kishigishi was in there, I didn’t have to spend much time there to get to level 230 mining, where I could smelt and mine Truesilver Ore. I sent her back to Darnassus to get the Nightsaber and her skills, then did some mining around the Charred Vale while I was killing harpies for the Reclaiming the Charred Vale quest, then went on to Nijel’s Point. She had run out of well rested by that time, so it was time to have her chill in the Inn.

On Demonsoul, I’ve been leveling Clockworknyt, since she’ll be my Goblin Engineer. On the forums, it says that if you read the book Soothsaying for Dummies BEFORE you drop engineering, you won’t run in to the problems I have with Kishigishi, I.E. not being able to renew my G.E.E.K. card, and not being able to get the pet Bombling schematic. So I’ve renewed it at 2g per pop about 5 times with no luck, but I renewed about 12x yesterday, so we’ll see if I get the Lil’ Smoky schematic.
Edit 5/12/08: Still couldn’t read the Soothsaying for Dummies book before dropping engineering, so I made the same mistake as Kishigishi, and read the book once I got up to 200 engineering again. I think my last Paladin on Darrowmere will drop engineering, read the book, THEN take up engineering again.

The Spirals of Addiction


Darrowmere is very, very low pop. I have Morticide on Demon Soul camping the Darkmoon Faire, and I have my level 1 Gimmershred doing the same on Darrowmere. Morticide can log in at any time, and always find other people camping the 2 vendors, hoping for motes to spawn. I don’t really care, they’re a bonus, but I’m usually camping it for the herbs/scrolls/potions anyway. On Darrowmere, it’s a ghost town. Are all the people on there new to WOW? Not that it’s a bad thing, I have free rein over buying everything, I’m just wondering how well the motes and gems (Living Ruby, Talasite) will sell, if I want to do so.

Maybe it’s just that I’m stuck at work doing boring self-study reading, but I always have an anticipation of how great it will be to get home and start playing WOW. Then I get home, and get dragged down into my endless circle of checking my toons auctions, and reposting what didn’t sell. I need to quit that, and just get out and level, and have fun! On Daggerspine, Clock has 1100 gold, Panzer has 1600 gold, Tsuris has 1000 gold, Hang has 400 gold, Gwidd has 300 gold, Prey has 170 gold, Kishi has 150 gold, Ryo has 80 gold, Aos has 50 gold….even Doom has about 20 gold, and she’s only level 19.

On Demon Soul, Blood has 300 gold, Bull has 2600 gold, Bane has 200 gold, Kuko has 800 gold, Thrill has 50 gold, Mort has 300 gold, and my level 19 twink neutral auctioneer Sansetsukon, spending time in Booty Bay, has amassed 400 gold.
I think it’s time for a break from making gold, and just start leveling. It’s a lot more fun, even though I’m still finishing up grey or green quests, and I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile (virtually). I have been examining my gear on Bloodshrike and Bullkathos, and made them slightly more battle ready. On Bull, I replaced the Green Iron Helm with a level 42 plate helm, and decided to buy 12 stamina, 12 str plate leggings that had a +30 stamina and 12 Agi armor kit on it, for 65 gold. The cost of the kit itself was about 50 gold on the AH, so it wasn’t that much more for the leggings. Plus, getting a level 60 to attach it can become annoying. So, Bull will have those leggings for a loooong time. He’ll need better weapons too, as his are from level 37, and he’s 42 now.

------- Brainstorm!!!! (multiple exclamation marks, sure sign of a deranged mind). I’m thinking of turning my Twinks into Engineer/Jewelcrafters, or at least the ones on Daggerspine and Darrowmere. That will delay me having to have someone else take up the Jewelcrafting profession for a while, and I think I might actually have Doom be the permanent JC on my Daggerspine account. That will let Preyonyou continue to be a miner. Maybe, maybe not. I do want my priests to have some sort of attack trinket, but you don’t get to use it until level 30 anyways…. so many choices, arrggghh.