Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Addiction multiplies!!


It’s been a while, but I haven’t had a lot of time to write. The last week before I came out to training in Phoenix, I was out in the field, so I didn’t have a lot of time to post like I did while I was at the office. Once I got to Phoenix, it was either classtime, or WOWtime. A classmate/buddy of mine lets me use his account, so I made some toons on Darrowmere, Daggerspine, and Demonsoul, of the opposite faction.

Now I can finally get most/all of the faction specific recipes for each server I play on, rounding out my collections. On Demonsoul and Darrowmere, I’ve already gotten the Red Whelp gloves and Herbalist glove recipes, as well as doing the leatherworking quest at level 8 to get the Moonglow vest recipe. I also ran my level 8 Night Elf toons up to Arathi, to get the Raptor Hide belt recipe. All of these have been safely transferred over to Horde side.
I only need to do the Blacksmithing recipe quests in Ironforge, then go out to Redridge to turn in the Gearing Redridge quest and get my Ironforge Breastplate recipes, as well as buying the Black Whelp Tunic recipe in town, and getting the Black Whelp Cloak recipe up in the hills. Finally, down to Duskwood, to get the Bright Yellow shirt pattern, and I’m done.

On Daggerspine, I’ve already gotten the Savory Deviate Delight recipe on Gwiddonyn, since she’s my alchemist, and I’ll be getting the Elixir of Giant growth recipe from the Horde Auction house. I’m also getting the benefits of 3 Auction House scans, being able to find good deals on Horde/Neutral/and Alliance, and then transferring/keeping the results to the side I actually play on.

A few observations: If you’re going to do this, do it in a few stages. You don’t want to have a lot of time running around, so make a few alts. Send the first one to Booty Bay immediately, so you can sell your shirt/item to your main account for some startup capital. I’d usually transfer over some recipes at that time too, so I can sell faction specific recipes on the opposite sides AH, and eliminate the middleman buying them off me in the neutral AH. For example, I can get Elixir of Giant Growth for 1-2 on a Horde Auction House, since it’s a Barrens only drop, and there’s a lot of questing for level 10-20 toons in the Barrens, so it drops quite often. On Demon Soul, I put 2 of them up for 50-60 gold in the Alliance AH, and sold them out almost immediately. Yet, on the Neutral Auction house, I was lucky if I could sell them for 8-9 gold each. I’ve gotten 300+ gold on the Darrowmere recipe account, and 130+ on the Demon soul recipe account, just by selling faction specific recipes.

On actually leveling, I’ve gotten Aosdanasaoi on Daggerspine to level 40, and gotten my first Nightsaber mount. She spent a bit of time in the Dustwallow Marsh spider cave, but since I had gotten so much Mithril Ore when Kishigishi was in there, I didn’t have to spend much time there to get to level 230 mining, where I could smelt and mine Truesilver Ore. I sent her back to Darnassus to get the Nightsaber and her skills, then did some mining around the Charred Vale while I was killing harpies for the Reclaiming the Charred Vale quest, then went on to Nijel’s Point. She had run out of well rested by that time, so it was time to have her chill in the Inn.

On Demonsoul, I’ve been leveling Clockworknyt, since she’ll be my Goblin Engineer. On the forums, it says that if you read the book Soothsaying for Dummies BEFORE you drop engineering, you won’t run in to the problems I have with Kishigishi, I.E. not being able to renew my G.E.E.K. card, and not being able to get the pet Bombling schematic. So I’ve renewed it at 2g per pop about 5 times with no luck, but I renewed about 12x yesterday, so we’ll see if I get the Lil’ Smoky schematic.
Edit 5/12/08: Still couldn’t read the Soothsaying for Dummies book before dropping engineering, so I made the same mistake as Kishigishi, and read the book once I got up to 200 engineering again. I think my last Paladin on Darrowmere will drop engineering, read the book, THEN take up engineering again.

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