Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Spirals of Addiction


Darrowmere is very, very low pop. I have Morticide on Demon Soul camping the Darkmoon Faire, and I have my level 1 Gimmershred doing the same on Darrowmere. Morticide can log in at any time, and always find other people camping the 2 vendors, hoping for motes to spawn. I don’t really care, they’re a bonus, but I’m usually camping it for the herbs/scrolls/potions anyway. On Darrowmere, it’s a ghost town. Are all the people on there new to WOW? Not that it’s a bad thing, I have free rein over buying everything, I’m just wondering how well the motes and gems (Living Ruby, Talasite) will sell, if I want to do so.

Maybe it’s just that I’m stuck at work doing boring self-study reading, but I always have an anticipation of how great it will be to get home and start playing WOW. Then I get home, and get dragged down into my endless circle of checking my toons auctions, and reposting what didn’t sell. I need to quit that, and just get out and level, and have fun! On Daggerspine, Clock has 1100 gold, Panzer has 1600 gold, Tsuris has 1000 gold, Hang has 400 gold, Gwidd has 300 gold, Prey has 170 gold, Kishi has 150 gold, Ryo has 80 gold, Aos has 50 gold….even Doom has about 20 gold, and she’s only level 19.

On Demon Soul, Blood has 300 gold, Bull has 2600 gold, Bane has 200 gold, Kuko has 800 gold, Thrill has 50 gold, Mort has 300 gold, and my level 19 twink neutral auctioneer Sansetsukon, spending time in Booty Bay, has amassed 400 gold.
I think it’s time for a break from making gold, and just start leveling. It’s a lot more fun, even though I’m still finishing up grey or green quests, and I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile (virtually). I have been examining my gear on Bloodshrike and Bullkathos, and made them slightly more battle ready. On Bull, I replaced the Green Iron Helm with a level 42 plate helm, and decided to buy 12 stamina, 12 str plate leggings that had a +30 stamina and 12 Agi armor kit on it, for 65 gold. The cost of the kit itself was about 50 gold on the AH, so it wasn’t that much more for the leggings. Plus, getting a level 60 to attach it can become annoying. So, Bull will have those leggings for a loooong time. He’ll need better weapons too, as his are from level 37, and he’s 42 now.

------- Brainstorm!!!! (multiple exclamation marks, sure sign of a deranged mind). I’m thinking of turning my Twinks into Engineer/Jewelcrafters, or at least the ones on Daggerspine and Darrowmere. That will delay me having to have someone else take up the Jewelcrafting profession for a while, and I think I might actually have Doom be the permanent JC on my Daggerspine account. That will let Preyonyou continue to be a miner. Maybe, maybe not. I do want my priests to have some sort of attack trinket, but you don’t get to use it until level 30 anyways…. so many choices, arrggghh.

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