Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Questing, the 13th step


Well, I got Misericorde on Darrowmere to level 20, and took her over to Silvermoon City to learn her level 20 skills, learn Polearms, and pick up the Blood-Tempered Ranseur quest. I need her to skill up engineering by using only trainer taught recipes, and especially by making Gyrochronomatom, since Gavel needs a whole bunch to make the Mechanical Dragonlings for everyone.

A buddy of mine on Demon Soul just leveled an undead warrior to 70, giving him at least 4 level 70 toons. Troll Rogue, Undead Warrior, Tauren Druid, and Belf Shadow Priest. I, on the other hand, have 30 level 20-45 toons, say, level 30 average. So, 30x30 equals 900, whereas 4x70= 280. I just spend way too much time leveling their professions and secondary professions, and not enough time questing. But, I am getting better. I only have a level 14 priest and level 13 druid on Darrowmere to level to 20, and then ALL my toons (except twinks) will be a level 20 or above. I’ve got 23k gold on Demonsoul, 13k+ on Daggerspine, and about 5k on Darrowmere, so I don’t really need to worry about money anymore. If I can wean myself off the AH, and only sell things, and not worry about getting bargains on mats, that will free up at least a couple of hours a night.

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