Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Account summary

Back from training in Phoenix, so it’s back to posting. Since my buddy let me use his account to buy the faction specific recipes, I’ve made a ton of money from the Alliance cooking quest recipes. I’ve gotten up to 7k gold on Demon Soul, 6k on Daggerspine, and 1.3k on Darrowmere (my newest account). I post the 12 recipes for 4-5 gold each on Darrowmere, and log back in a few hours later to find them all sold out. I’ve also made all of my accounts into their own guilds. Demon Soul has Wraith Flight, Daggerspine has Warshrike, and Darrowmere has Psychrometrics (it’s a term used in heating and air conditioning).

I’ve also narrowed down the amount of items I sell. I only do big ticket items now, like Arcanite rods for 65g, Sniper Scopes for 16g, and since I just made my pally into a Goblin Engineer, she can make Goblin Jumper Cables XL for 70-80g.

It’s hard to find cheap mats for the blue items in Leatherworking now. Large Fangs are going for 1g each, Small lustrous pearls for 50 silver to 1g, Spider’s Silk for 1g, Heavy Leather for 3-4g a stack…It’s not economical to make Toughened Leather Gloves, Barbaric Bracers, or Shadowskin Gloves very often.

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