Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can haz gold?

Panzergishi just finished up Duskwood last night, dinging 33 when he turned in the Embalmer quest, after killing the Embalmer’s wife. I have to say I like the lore in Duskwood, but I hate the running back and forth. At least you can fly over to Westfall for an easy journey to the west side of Duskwood, but it’s still annoying.

Holy smokes…..I just got over 10,100 gold on Demon Soul last night, and I only have 5 lvl 40+ characters on there. I have about 7,700 gold on Daggerspine, and buying Void Crystals and Large Prismatic shards on the Ally auction house with my 300 gold worth of Elixir of Giant Growth sales, bringing them thru the neutral AH, and selling them on the Horde AH, got me to 2000 gold on my new Horde account on Darrowmere. My Toons there range from 2-12, but I like to make gold first, level later, so I’ll always be able to afford anything I need/want. Since he’ll be getting to 35 soon, and unlocking the 225-300 level of Blacksmithing and Engineering, I’m going to need to level Gwiddonyon to level 35 soon, so she can transmute the 60 arcane crystals and Thorium ore she has saved up in her bank, making 60 Arcanite Bars. That’ll powerlevel her to 300 Alchemy I’m sure, and give Panzer plenty of Arcanite to make Arcanite Rods with. I also need to level Clockwrkmage to 35, so she can get her Enchanting up to 300. I’ll be needing a lot more high level enchants on my level 40+ toons, and I don’t feel like tipping to get them done.

Panzer is almost out of well-rested, so it’s probably time to send him over to Southshore, since he only has 171 fishing, and I need 225 to get the fishing quest at level 35. I also need to make sure to talk to the fishing and cooking trainers in Ironforge at that time, to get the travel quests to Nat Pagle and the cooking quest guy in Tanaris. They’re not needed to get the quests, but it’s an easy 1000 xp each.

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