Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brikkabrikkabrikka breakdown of how to run the AH

You know, I really don’t have a choice BUT to be flipping recipes on the Auction house in order to make gold. I’m going to need such a large amount of copper and bronze to level engineering on my new toons on Darrowmere that I wouldn’t have any to spare for the AH. Luckily, I don’t have to really farm for stuff to make money on, I just spend about 30 seconds every few hours to check vendors. Wartraveler sold a Blue Dragonscale recipe for 30 gold, and has sold off a few Deepdive helmet recipes as well. He’s up to at least 40 gold, even after sending 20 gold to Clockwrkmage, since he’s my main buyer. I sent him all the Blacksmithing recipes that Clock had saved up, so he can take over buying them, and it would free up a lot of room on Clock.

It’s really funny how much people will pay, when they don’t take the time to research how easy it is to get these recipes. “Ooooh, the Deepdive Helmet recipe is in Azshara, that’s too high level for me to go to, so I’ll buy it on the AH for 6 gold.” It’s freakin easy to get there! Go to the east of Orgrimmar, and follow the coastline into Azshara. It takes a while, but you can just watch TV while you’re waiting for your toon to get close to the lighthouse. Once you’re by the lighthouse, you’ll probably get killed by a monster, but so what? Run back from the spirit healer, and corpse jump if needed to get you close to the rocks in front of the lighthouse. You can get up them, it just takes practice. If needed, just die on those rocks, and rez inside the lighthouse. Boom, you’re there, ready to stock up!

The girl goblin sells Engineering supplies and the Deepdive helmet, and it refreshes quite rapidly, at least every 30 minutes or so. I’d recommend stocking up on about 12 deepdive recipes, and buy all the coarse blasting powder too. You’ll have several full 20 stacks that you paid (48 copper x20) about 10 silver for, that you can easily sell on the AH for 2.5-3 gold. The Deepdive helmets will definitely sell for 5-6 gold, and they only cost 36 silver. Just have an alt post one at a higher price to simulate competition.

The Blue Dragonscale Breastplate recipe is 2gold each, but you can easily sell them for 20-30 gold, even on a low pop server. Have an alt post one at a higher price to simulate competition, if needed.
The Chimeric recipe that Blimo sells…..it’s only 1.2 gold, but it doesn’t sell very well. I wouldn’t bother picking it up unless it’s for your own use.

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