Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Engineering got hit by the nerf stick


That Green Dragonscale Breastplate recipe is hard to time. On Darrowmere, Wartraveler got it yesterday at 6 pm, and again at 9 pm. Either someone else (Alliance probably) is buying it, or the recipe only sticks around for 10 minutes at a time or something. However, I do have 3 to sell now, so I’ll be able to rebuild Clockwrkmage’s fortunes. I dropped 40 large by buying 4 Fel Iron Toolboxes at 10g each on the AH, since they were reasonably priced, and a further 25g by buying a Bag of Many Skins (24 slot LW) for Gavelofpain, since he’ll be my LW. I’ve been making a good profit by buying Elixir of Giant Growth on the AH for 1g, and selling it on the Neutral AH for 8-10g.

That darned patch……they changed the ability to summon 2 attack pet trinkets at the same time. I’m hoping that’s the only change, because it would suck to limit you to one trinket at a time. You should at least be able to use one attack pet, and still be able to use the Goblin Death Ray or any other engineering trinket that you like.
I wonder if it’s because of me? I designed that macro that would cast both the chicken and the dragonling at the same time, and equip the Death Ray. As long as you used it before you got into combat, you’d have both pets out, and the Death Ray was only 30 seconds away from activation. Fight the enemy for a little bit, then bubble up with the Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, and blast them out of their steel plated boots. Perhaps it was decided that engineering gave too much of an advantage over other players? I believe it does, and that’s why most of my toons are engineers. You have the choice to have all farming professions, which will get you lots of gold, or taking up crafting professions, which will sometimes get you decent amounts of gold, or taking up Engineering, which will rarely get gold, but gives you a lot more damage potential to monsters and enemies.

…..Rarely get gold…..well, unless you’re me. I’ve regulated the Demon Soul economy to the point where people expect to pay about 15 gold for a Sniper scope, whereas Daggerspine and Darrowmere both have people who consistently post Sniper scopes at 8 gold.

I’ve also dinged 2000 gold on my level 41 Tauren Warrior Bullkathos, on Demon Soul. After the patch, I figured the price of Arcanite rods would drop drastically, but I was still able to sell 2 of them for about 60 gold each. I’ve given up on trying to sell Steel Weapon Chains in the AH, since it costs too much, and people rarely buy them. But, it’s a good recipe to have, since I can use it for Bullkathos as well as Thrillkiller, to shorten the duration they’ll be disarmed. Even if it’s on the off-hand weapon on Thrillkiller, the effect still works. And since the off-hand weapon rarely hits, you might as well put something useful to the character on it.

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