Tuesday, December 23, 2008

April Fools post

I’m giving up engineering, it sux, and doesn’t make any money. Matter of fact, I’m giving up WOW altogether…….April Fools!

Aosdanasaoi hit level 35 finally, so I leveled her engineering in Ironforge by making 8 Catseye goggles to give to every engineer alt except Doomslinger. I figure she’ll make her own once I start leveling her. These will be useful to keep in my bags for leveling in Stranglethorn Vale, Hillsbrad, and Ashenvale, since that’s where most of the ganking happens. I’m also going to make sure that all my toons have the Mind Control cap, as it would be a fun way to kill an enemy, by making them attack multiple mobs, or leading them into one of my cities, telling them to stay, and waiting for them to come out of “pet” status and getting beat down by the NPC’s.
After I got Aos up to 240 engineering, and bought the Death Ray and Battle Chicken recipes, I went over to Tanaris, since it’s so much easier to level engineering there. I figure I’ll powerlevel her by making Truesilver transformers and the Lifelike Mechanical Toad, since I had picked up that recipe the other day for only 3 gold. Kishigishi can use the transformers to finish up leveling to 300 engineering, since she’s at 295 right now, and the Goblin Jumper Cables XL are still green at that level.

What happened this weekend? I bought the Thorium Shield Spike plans for 12 gold for Bullkathos, and that allowed me to powerlevel from 285 to 300 BS, and the recipe is still orange to me. Even if the spikes don’t sell on the AH, my toons can use them, and it made powerleveling a heck of a lot cheaper. I was also able to learn all the 300 level recipes I had stashed in my bank, which freed up at least 10 spaces. I also got the Purple Smoke Flare for 5 g on Darrowmere, which will help me powerlevel engineering in about 2 years, once I get a toon up that far.
I also picked up the Robes of Arcana recipe for Banesidhe for 50 silver, when it normally is 50-60 gold. So, those were the highlights of my weekend. Lifelike Mechanical Toad, Thorium Shield spike, Robes of Arcana, and Purple Smoke Flare, all purchased for low low prices.

I also found out that I better level Kishigishi pretty fast, as once my Goblin Engineering membership expires in 14 days of play time, I’m SOL for getting the special Goblin schematics. Blizzard still hasn’t fixed that bug, even in the new patch. The same will go for Clockworknyt, once I get her to level 35.
[Edit 12/23/08] You can still get the spec specific recipes, even after you respec from Gnomish to Goblin. The only thing you can't do is get the Goblin Pet Bombling recipe, since you have to renew your membership card to get it.

For paladins, I’m going to set up a macro that will activate the bubble shield and cast the Death Ray at the same time, since those 2 actions work well together. Using the Goblin Flamethrower is better coupled with the Gnomish Harm prevention belt, since it gives you a set amount of damage that it will absorb (400), instead of the few seconds that the bubble shield gives you. Otherwise, enemies will start hitting you when the bubble shield gives out, reducing the amount of casts from the Flamethrower.

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