Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Third Auctioneer

Wow, I wasted a bunch of time yesterday. I had added the name of the toon that jacked my stuff to my Ally alt, so I could track if he was still camping the neutral AH in Booty Bay. Well, Jijucali, a level 6 Night Elf Priest, was still online and in Booty Bay when I logged on. I didn’t feel like losing anymore items, so I figured I’d ask Francois to take his level 37 troll Hunter over there, and see if he could bring some “pointed” arguments to leave my stuff alone. He gets over there, and /targets Jiju. According to the “See target of target” UI, he was targeting some auctioneer I had never heard of. I was used to Auctioneer O’Reely by the mailbox/bank/Gbank, and Auctioneer Graves over by the Engineering supplies vendor, but I wasn’t aware there was a 3rd one. Well, there is! As you go down the ramp towards Old Man Heming (fishing supplies vendor), turn left, and go into the building. There’s an auctioneer, with about 3 Booty Bay guards surrounding him. Jijucali was /sleeping behind him, in a little hollow created by a bookshelf on the right, and a bunch of boxes to the left. In that position, you are so out of sight, your name actually doesn’t show up in the room. It actually projects thru the wall, and shows up outside the building. Not all races can get into that position though. The troll hunter was too tall, and couldn’t walk down into the hollow, but I had no problem with my human paladin alt.

So, I actually have to thank Jiju for teaching me something. It cost me a 20 stack of Truesilver Bars, 10 Essences of Fire, and 1 or maybe 2 Large Seaforium Charge recipes (the same thing had happened to me a while back while transferring stuff, and it may have been Jiju). Bonero /bowed to him for showing me the hiding spot, then told his pet to stay, ran and jumped off the dock, and told his pet to attack. Apparently he wasn’t far enough out that the guards couldn’t get to him, so he got slaughtered. But, Jiju was dead, and stayed dead for a while.

I didn’t want to start transferring yet, fearing he would come back and make my transfer complicated, so Francois took the hunter up to Grom’Grol, and went over to the engineering supplies vendor to the south of the Mosh’Ogg Ogre mound. He picked up the Mechanical Dragonling and Deadly Scope schematics, then flew back down to BB and started some engineering powerleveling. Bonero had gotten to 240 before coming over to BB, so he was able to train the Sniper Scope recipe. He made about 10, before realizing that he wanted to make Dense Blasting Powder at 250-260, since that’s the only stretch where you actually get points for making it. He made about 50+ of them, since it goes green at around 55, to finally get to 260 engineering.

After that I checked to see if Jiju had popped up again. He had, so Francois killed him again, then started my transferring. I’m 99% sure he’s a bot, because a real player would probably pop up again soon after I killed them. Not too mention, he snapped up my auctions within seconds of posting them, and I had my other computer ready to hit refresh with the name of the item typed out already. Some script kiddy or gold farmer running a bot designed to scan the neutral AH for low or ridiculously low bargains, then buying them hyperquickly. Oh well, live and learn, and now I know the best place to bring my toons for transferring, so I consider it money well spent.

I brought over about 6 sets of Ally cooking recipes for his AH alt to sell at 10-12 gold, so we’ll see how that goes. He’s currently at about 1800 gold, with another 400 on my Ally account that I could change into Void Crystals and bring over, so that’s a nice little nest egg for him to have.

Finally, I was able to play MY characters. I decided to run Bloodshrike (Darrowmere Belf Hunter) up to Darkshore to get my Ghostsaber. No problems, didn’t see a single soul out adventuring. After making laps around the main valley, and collecting 7 cat statues, one finally spawned a level 19 Ghost Saber. I had already tossed down a freezing trap before opening the statue, so I quickly abandoned my trusty level 19 Dragonhawk, and set about taming my new friend. I got him, hearthed back to Thunder Bluff, renamed him DarkGhostnss, and logged out.

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