Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Attack of the 50-foot Gnome

I didn’t get much done last night, just checked my auctions and leveled Aosdanasaoi in engineering, up to level 262. I ran out of Elemental Earth for making Truesilver transformers, so I had Clockwrkmage bid on about 4 10 stacks of them. After I make about 10 Truesilver transformers, I’ll make a bunch of Lifelike Mechanical Toads, and power level up to 280-290 that way.
Clockwrkmage on Darrowmere was successful in selling a Green Dragoncale Armor recipe for 19 gold, bringing her to about 150 gold. Not bad for a level 4 toon! :)

I really need to run out of crafting materials for my toons. It brings me money, but I need to go out and level, so I can get to level 35, and unlock the next portion of the profession. I have yet to get a Leatherworker above the 225 level, and I’d like to see what items they can make that will benefit my higher level toons.

I sent Aosdanasaoi a Gnomish World Enlarger, and it really is very funny. I used it while I was powerleveling engineering in Tanaris, and I shrank to Barbie Doll size. She’s a Night Elf, which are pretty tall, but she shrank to being tinier than a gnome. I’m going to challenge the next one I see to a duel, and see what happens when I use the Gnomish shrink ray on them. Hopefully it’ll backfire, and cause them to grow to enormous size. Then I can run from them screaming “Help! Help! Gnomezilla is going to stomp on me!!”

After Aos powerlevels engineering, I’m going to have her do the Shimmering flats goblin quests, then do the Fishing quest for Nat Pagle. Ryo needs to do the Shimmering flats quests too, because I want him to have the quest “Dream Dust in the Swamp” where you have to kill the green whelplings in Swamp of Sorrows. I think they drop Green Whelp scales, and it would definitely make killing those things worthwhile, since they have a lousy drop rate on the Dream Dust. Then he can camp the Draenai vendor for the Green Dragonscale breastplate recipe, and kill the stealthed panthers for Shadowcat hide, which Tsuris can use to make Shadowskin gloves from.

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